Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pride Part 2 and Challenge Day 5 or 6 IDK!

Time for Pride Part 2!

So I left home at 12:30 expecting to get to the BART station at 1:15 and get on a train and leave for San Francisco and get there around 2! That did not happen! The ride there was fine, but when I got to the Fremont station I could not find parking and searched for over 10 minutes. Thankfully when I parked in the back, the BART was still on the platform. I made sure I still had everything and left to get a ticket and everything.

I buy my ticket, go through the gate, and walk up the stairs. When I get there the BART has left, fuck. The board says that the next Richmond train was in 20 minutes so I hung tight and texted Rik that I got to the station while taking some pictures.

The train arrived in 15 minutes and I got in the front of the first box…no section…no ugh whatever they are called…and just sat there and waited for the train to start. As the train started moving a group of 3 girls and one cute gay guy come into the car and talk a lot of gossip. Since I have nothing else I want to listen to I eavesdrop…hey who knows they could have talked about a gang or something IDK lol.

As they continued to talk they got to sex stuff and the cute as hell gay guy said he has done nothing, not even…uh-ha, or touched an…uh-ha (that is really how they asked him and he reacted, I am not making any of that up lol). Then the girl’s starts to say what they have done and wow two of them were total sluts lol, but it was fun listening to them for that while.

At the Bay Fair station I have to transfer over to the Daly City train and that took 10 minutes. I then got on the train and was once again in the front of the car when the same group came into the car lol. They did not sit near me this time, but I did get the cute gay as eye candy lol. This train took around 30-40 minutes but I got off at Embarcadero and I was in San Francisco.

I am going to end that there. Umm I don’t think I have time to write about today, but let’s just say I had a lot of fun at my internship today and football was good.

When I came home I watched D-List 3x it was so good tonight! I talked to Erik, who is awesome, if you have not started to read his blog, DO IT NOW! Please. I then talked with CJ actually I talked to him A LOT today, and I love talking to him! I told him today that he should consider doing on one date with his DM because he clearly cares for CJ, but is just expressing it in a stalker way lol, but yeah I hope he does, but I think he really likes getting off, so IDK! I then talked to Rik for like 3 texts then he disappeared, which makes me wonder… I finally talked to Matt and he describes me as, wow I hope no one or him is offended if I quote this lol, “you're one of the best people to talk to I’ve come across…, truly, some people are infuriating to talk to, but I haven't found you that way yet haha” yeah I was really embarrassed but honored that HE SAID THAT LOL (fuck caps lock lol).

I then walked my dogs at 12 and stated to write this, but decided to masturbate because I was horny all night!

Now my challenge post: stranger!

Dear Stranger,

Hi! Nice to meet you! If you are a girl no vagina talk, but we can gawk and compare men lol. If you are a guy and straight, then let’s talk about football and stuff. If you are a guy and gay or bi then we can talk about anything unde3r the sun (and even hidden from the sun usually). I hope you like me and know that I can be bluntly honest at times, so am as blunt and honest with me as possible. I hope to meet you soon I guess.


Well I am not going to be late for my internship today; I was late yesterday by 30 minutes.

Life Putters and Wanders,


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  1. Dear Robert,
    Turns out I'm a gay guy, so we have a lot of things we need to start talking about! Blunt and honesty is fine, in fact good traits, so we'll talk straight away. Also I like your blog so I now added it to my list and will be checking up here. *smiley*

    Hoping you are hard (I mean good),

    PS. YOU'RE cute.


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