Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rant and Test!

Well I think today will be a bit of a rant if I can actually get to it, damn Twitter, texters, and addictive music (American Idiot Cast Recording).

So yesterday I poised of Martin Wisser because I was creeped that a 47 year old commented and really wanted to see my birthmark picture, which is equivalent to a dick shot. So I posted on twitter I was creeped out and it dinged my pedo-dar. Apparently he was only joking, but there was no way to tell that. He left no jk, no :p, nothing to show that he was only kidding. Actually let me put the comment up here.

Since you still don't follow me I ask nicely and show in this way I really want to see it

So yeah in my opinion a “:-)” does not mean that a person is joking, if it was “;-)” then actually what would have made a bigger ding I am way happy it did not end with a wink. But yeah I still stand by what I said that this really was just creepy coming from someone that is almost thrice my age, although in hind sight it was worded nicely.

So from there I posted my comment on this on Twitter and martin was offended but I stand by what I said if he was offended that happens. There is always a person offended when someone says something against a certain thing. But the real thing that came up is age. There is where a lot of the strife was, so I guess this is the real part of this rant is about. So I have nothing wrong with people of an old age unless they start to actively start to forget everything and have to repeat a lot (kill me is I get that old, PLEASE!) (Okay I might regret that but I really do not want to live to be extremely old). But when there are a lot of predos on the internet, and I know I have had to block like 5 people from following my blog because they had child or what looked like underage porn on their site. So I am cautious, and when a guy that is in his middle ages hits on a 16 year old I was just like EEWW and creeped (think “Dinosaur” by Ke$ha). But the age in combination with the fact that I do not know him, if it was Torchy I would have been okay with it because I know who he is and I have actually talked to him and know what he is like. That was really what it was, but one thing about age is that I really want experiences from those that are just out to college or out of college or have been a professional for a few years because they are the real ones that I can get advice about the modern life for a gay from. I really just feel that their info is a little out dated, but I do like getting it if it does apply. I guess that is my other big thing on age, but yeah I think that is rant over.

Now onto today. So I had my appointment for my Driver’s Test today so I woke up at like 8ish. I was reading tweets and I saw that the Portugal versus Ivory Coast game was still on so I decided to watch the rest of it for the OMG ORGASM hotness of Christiano Ronaldo, and he is like so beautiful!

I then went and had some oatmeal for breakfast while watching Lea Michele on Regis and Kelly. At 10 my mom and I left to go to the DMV, but we were way early so we went and drove around for a bit. We then got to the DMV at 10:20 for a 10:45 appointment. So we did all of this stuff and I waited in the line for the test until 11:20 or so until I got an instructor and took the test. I did well it only took around 15 minutes and it was way less labor intensive than I thought it would be. So in the end I passed with only 7 of the at most 15 wrong, so I did well!

After that I went and got an AAA card and was put on the insurance. My first place that I drove alone to was Togo’s to get lunch; it was just awesome driving on my own!

I then did a bunch of random stuff until now. I am currently watching the first episode of “Pretty Little Liars” and I kind of like it. The teacher and the British guy are really hot. Well I am tired so good night.

Life Putters and Wanders,


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