Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 2! HELP! Wait maybe not anymore lol!

I am going to try and write this quickly today because not much happened.

I woke up at 8 something and started on my blog. I got side tracked a bunch. The first time was to check tweets and tweet. I have now reached my 4,000th twat, YAY! The second was to wank, yeah I know but hey the cum was A-MAY-ZINGGGGGGG!!! UGH so good, yeah right near my face lol, but I mean that is what Eddie’s blog does to me! The third was because my parents called and we talked for a bit. I then finished my post while watching the Spain versus Chile match and posted it at like 1 lol.

At p……9l9;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;/p lol I think I feel asleep and at sometime attacked my keyboard lol. At 2 I went grocery shopping with my grandma to PW and Trader Joe’s. Nothing interesting happened until we were checking out of Trader Joe’s where we got the cute guy lol. He was really cute and we started talking to me and of course I was shy as fuck lol. He asked about football and that helped (I had my football shirt on) and he was just cool. But damn he was cute lol.

I then came home and unpacked and got ready for football. We did the usual and practice ended at 7 because he had to get gear. It took an hour and then I headed home and ate some dinner. I started to talk to Erik and Matt and I then figured out I have no idea what to wear to SF Pride. I was talking with Erik mainly about it and he says to very tight black jeans (I have never even worn jeans) and a v-neck (I knew I should have shaved my chest), Nic says to wear the jeans and a colored top, and Peter says dress like I normally do, but I REALLY need your guys’ help!

Okay well I think that is it for today, now for Day 2 of the Challenge Erik made; the crush.

Dear Abner,

Why are you so cute? I know that you are not a stud but that is what I am looking for you have a great face I love your stubble), you have amazing eyes (especially when you wear glasses, I love your accent though it seems like a combination of many accents. I cannot believe that you are tri-lingual; I mean you speak Spanish, French, and English! Your videos and pictures are beautiful, I still love that art you made with the shadows of the recycling bin and the trash can, I mean that was so amazing. Oh and just so you know when we first talked (thank you Kathryn) I have already been wondering who you were and why you are so amazing looking. I don’t know much about your personality but I can tell you are extremely and nice and just cool! Also I you know I love Sweeney Todd as well! I know you will never read this Abner, but I mean of you, please talk to me, and if I act really shy keep trying, and yeas I know you are probably straight and like WTF but still.


Life Putters and Wanders,


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