Friday, June 18, 2010


Well I think today was a really boring day, but I do want to start this off by saying happy birthday to Tyler and Sammi and congratulations on completing high school Peter!

Now on to my boring day. I woke up at 8:35 and got to see the end of the Greece versus Nigeria game. I then decided to go back to sleep and slept until 9:50. I then decided to take a shower. It took an hour because I decided to do some “stuff” while in there. I finished just in time to see the entire France versus Mexico game and wow France is so out now!

At 1 P.M. I decided to go to town and return Youth in Revolt and get some lunch from a local place. So I walk and put the movie in the mail and go to the café. I decide to get a Chinese Chicken Salad because they are delicious there. I then get my food and walk home and start to catch up on “Doctor Who”. After those I watched “the Joy Behar Show” because Kathy Griffin is on and she is just way too damn funny.

I then decided to read some more Dead in the Family and fell asleep after two chapters. I woke up at 9 and went and watched “So You Think You Can Dance”. I am so happy that Billy and Kent made it past this week, so sexy people! When that was over I went up to my room and started to watch some “Crank Yankers” and talked to Erik a bit (go read his blog!) and I played with the template of my blog, tell me what you think.

Well I am tired and I want to see the second half of the US game tomorrow so I guess this is good night!

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. whoa is Crank Yankers still on!? I used to love that show. Actually I love Adam Corolla -- especially on Loveline -- and Adam did a lot of the Crank Yankers work.


  2. Hey Robert :) Just found your blog and have yet to read it all,
    but looks nice so far :D Hope to get to know you.


  3. @Steve No it is not still on but all of the seasons are on Netflix Instant.

    @Wkboy Nice to meet you Warwick! And please don't bore yourself with reading all of my blog, but if you need to know who anyone is just ask me and I will answer okay. And I also hope to get to know you as well.


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