Thursday, June 17, 2010

So You Think You Can Cut Hair

Well I think I have a long post to write tonight. It is currently 1 AM and I have been watching Season 2 of 24 and I am on the penultimate episode. So I will probably watch the finale while writing this post and I should hopefully be done by 3 AM.

Okay now this morning. So I woke up at I forget, maybe 8:30 or something and I was able to see the end of whatever World Cup game was on at that time. I then watched an episode of 24 I think and got ready to take my grandma to the doctor. At 10 we left and it was my first time driving anyone alone that was not a parent. So I had no idea where I was going and I did some quick maneuvers to avoid accidents, but we made it there alive and well. The place I took my grandma was a doctor’s office because she currently has bronchitis and needed breathing treatments. So while she was getting her treatment I read Dead in the Family and listened to some music. It only took around 30 minutes in all for her treatment. We then went back to the car and we drove home. The way back had way fewer mistakes and we got back quickly.

When we got back it was just in time watch the South Africa versus Uruguay game on ESPN. The game was really good; I think that Uruguay is definitely in the next round. I then had some lunch and watched Youth in Revolt which was actually a pretty good movie. I absolutely adore Jonathan B. Wright; I mean I even loved him though he played a giant asshole.

So here is a picture of the gorgeous Nicholas Hoult because in the previews for other movies on the DVD there was A Single Man and it looks really good and interesting, so i am going to get it on Netflix. But before that I decided to research the movie and found the hunky and awesome Nicholas Hoult is a supporting character in the movie! Go Tony Stonem (though Maxxie is WAY better)!!

So at 3 something I decided I would go and get my hair cut. The drive there went well and I stopped to get gas at a Rotten Robbie’s. While I was filling up I had the clip that makes it so the gas keeps flowing on. Usually when I get gas the thing stops quickly and does not take too long, but this time it went on forever. In the end I got 16 gallons of gas which cost $50 and I just stopped it to end because I was afraid it would keep on filling the tank and overflow. From there I drove to Fantastic Sam’s and got my haircut, it sucks shit. So I go in and no one is in there today…because they are fucking scared their hair will get ruined by these cr4azy bitches that run the place…. so I get help instantly. They start by washing my hair and asking me how I want my hair, I really still do not get how to correctly get a haircut where I actually understand what they are asking. So I am asked how long I want it. I say short. From there they go into a barrage of questions about shit I have no idea about, “Scissors or clippers?” “Round or square?” “Malformed pussy or Chlamydia?” Yeah I was confused. So I eventually get the hair cut and I feel it is too long still but also just looks like shit. I really need a gay barber or hair dresser whatever they call that occupation lol.

After getting the haircut I called my mom and asked if she needed anything for the house. She said that we need milk and cheese, so I went across the street and went to Lucky’s and bought the cheese and milk. While there I saw they had Vitamin Waters on sale for $1 for I bought 4 of them and I also bought some really cheap curry powder to try.

I then drove home and waited for mom to bring home some Thai food for dinner. I had the Thai food and then it was 8 and So You Think You Can Dance was on. Tonight’s episode was amazing; my favorite is still Billy Bell though Alex is really amazing. In the middle of the show I started to talk to Erik, a guy I met on the GYC. While talking I learned that he has a blog that he just started, here it is. In the middle of talking to Erik, Shaun started to talk to me and he is possibly going to buy mea present that I will not disclose on this blog but it is hilarious and I would be in amazement if he can actually get it for me. And in the middle of those two conversations this guy in Tasmania started to talk to me. He is 15 and an amazing photographer. So he started to talk to me and he called me cute, so I said he was cuter (he is). We then talked for a bit then he asked if I was horny and I said yes. He asked me to send a picture; I played a game with him where if he can guess where my birthmark is on the first try he gets a BM picture and a picture of my face, but if he gets it wrong he only gets the BM. He guessed correctly, so I sent both. His response to the face picture was, “That dosent look like ur dp.... ^__^” I am guessing that is good because of the face, but I took it in a bad light. So he then asked to see my full penis. I said, “No!”, but he asked, “Why?” and I responded, “Because that picture was lucky it does not show my belly or that I weigh nearly 250 pounds, it does not show my ugly ass face or body and it does now show my small 5.5" cock!” Yeah he took that badly lol. He responded with, “=/ Your very negative.” And that was the end of him responding and then I think he took me off of his Skype lol, yeah well I guess I pissed him off with being truthful, it happens, but lol I was fine after that. I mean when I sent that message I felt like shit, but then after I was like lol ;p I think he is scared (I think he IS scared) but yeah just lol. I scared a horned up 15 year old with negativity LMAO!

Okay well it is 4:07 AM and I am tired, but I am now onto Season 3 of 24. Okay so good night, and Nic sorry this is a little (hour) late!

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. Nicholas Holt is SOOOOOO hot its not even funny. Honestly its disgusting how attractive he is- and that he's not gay. I guess we can hope for a leaked sex tape tho #perv

    I totally agree about needing a gay hair dresser. I wish there were like an online registry or something. And the big part of the problem is I don't know how to describe how I want my hair cut. Nor do I really know. Ive gotten the same hair cut since i was a kid, and while I would like to change it up a little-- i dont know how and im scared to risk it.


  2. Nicholas Hoult is seriously hot and I am seen him in the flesh. Lucky me. He got a nude scene in his new film. Not seen it but ca't wait to see more of him. lol

  3. Nicholas Hoult Yea I fucking would. I wanked myself silly to him when he was in Skins.
    Eddie xx

  4. @Timmy

    Wa-wa-wa-what!!!? Nude scene *blows load from reading this*!! wow what movie? and how did you see him? and how can I time travel, kill you to take your place, and then get to see him myself?! :-)



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