Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pride Part 2 and Challenge Day 5 or 6 IDK!

Time for Pride Part 2!

So I left home at 12:30 expecting to get to the BART station at 1:15 and get on a train and leave for San Francisco and get there around 2! That did not happen! The ride there was fine, but when I got to the Fremont station I could not find parking and searched for over 10 minutes. Thankfully when I parked in the back, the BART was still on the platform. I made sure I still had everything and left to get a ticket and everything.

I buy my ticket, go through the gate, and walk up the stairs. When I get there the BART has left, fuck. The board says that the next Richmond train was in 20 minutes so I hung tight and texted Rik that I got to the station while taking some pictures.

The train arrived in 15 minutes and I got in the front of the first box…no section…no ugh whatever they are called…and just sat there and waited for the train to start. As the train started moving a group of 3 girls and one cute gay guy come into the car and talk a lot of gossip. Since I have nothing else I want to listen to I eavesdrop…hey who knows they could have talked about a gang or something IDK lol.

As they continued to talk they got to sex stuff and the cute as hell gay guy said he has done nothing, not even…uh-ha, or touched an…uh-ha (that is really how they asked him and he reacted, I am not making any of that up lol). Then the girl’s starts to say what they have done and wow two of them were total sluts lol, but it was fun listening to them for that while.

At the Bay Fair station I have to transfer over to the Daly City train and that took 10 minutes. I then got on the train and was once again in the front of the car when the same group came into the car lol. They did not sit near me this time, but I did get the cute gay as eye candy lol. This train took around 30-40 minutes but I got off at Embarcadero and I was in San Francisco.

I am going to end that there. Umm I don’t think I have time to write about today, but let’s just say I had a lot of fun at my internship today and football was good.

When I came home I watched D-List 3x it was so good tonight! I talked to Erik, who is awesome, if you have not started to read his blog, DO IT NOW! Please. I then talked with CJ actually I talked to him A LOT today, and I love talking to him! I told him today that he should consider doing on one date with his DM because he clearly cares for CJ, but is just expressing it in a stalker way lol, but yeah I hope he does, but I think he really likes getting off, so IDK! I then talked to Rik for like 3 texts then he disappeared, which makes me wonder… I finally talked to Matt and he describes me as, wow I hope no one or him is offended if I quote this lol, “you're one of the best people to talk to I’ve come across…, truly, some people are infuriating to talk to, but I haven't found you that way yet haha” yeah I was really embarrassed but honored that HE SAID THAT LOL (fuck caps lock lol).

I then walked my dogs at 12 and stated to write this, but decided to masturbate because I was horny all night!

Now my challenge post: stranger!

Dear Stranger,

Hi! Nice to meet you! If you are a girl no vagina talk, but we can gawk and compare men lol. If you are a guy and straight, then let’s talk about football and stuff. If you are a guy and gay or bi then we can talk about anything unde3r the sun (and even hidden from the sun usually). I hope you like me and know that I can be bluntly honest at times, so am as blunt and honest with me as possible. I hope to meet you soon I guess.


Well I am not going to be late for my internship today; I was late yesterday by 30 minutes.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pride: Part 1 and Today (6/28/10)

It is 10:55 and I am going to walk my dogs soon, but right now I really want to talk about what I did leading up to leaving on BART to San Francisco!

I woke up at 8 or so and checked tweets and everything and then Rik texted me so I started to talking to him while I fed the dogs and everything. I then decided that now was the time to go to Target and drove there while still texting Rik (I actually just texted him most of the time until I got to SF. So I went in and go searching for v-necks and instantly find them. I go and try them on and decided that I look really good in a large black with teal stripes small v V-neck, but I also buy one in navy blue and some more Cargo shorts or whatever they are called. The total is $40 and I leave happy. I then get home and have a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with banana while watching the latest Doctor Who; it was the Van Gough one that was really good! After that I had to clean up some more Sampson diarrhea, it was way easier this time because I knew what I was doing, oh and I think he did it in the middle of the night.

After that piece of shit part of the day I went an took a shower an shave a bit, even a tiny bit of my chest (which I will do fully sometime lol) I then got ready in my clothes. The tight skinny black skinny jeans that show off my ass according to Kathryn, the V-neck (which I love), and a normal belt. So yeah that is where dressing malfunction one occurred. SO this beautiful rainbow belt I bought from Hot Topic is apparently too small by one size lol. So I am now determined to slim down and wear it by next Pride. Now dressing malfunction number 2. The jeans I was wearing (first pair I ever remember wearing) have hole in the middle, small but enough for someone to see my boxers if I am sitting down lol, so yeah. I then pack my bag with the directions to the BART station, the Kodak camera, some gum, some spare clothes, and my phone, iPod, wallet, and car keys. I was ready to go.

Now going to walk the dogs and continue my erotic story I am creating for CJ!

I have now decided to post about Pride in parts so that was Part 1. Also if you want to see what I wore I am willing to put it back on and take a few shots of it depending how many people are interested in seeing it. There needs to be at least 4 interested and there are currently 2, but if I get 6 I will take 3 pictures and post them, so comment if you want me to do that! Now onto yesterday (it is now 1:21 AM),

I woke up at 5 because I could not sleep well and I watched a bunch of Futurama, got the dogs out and fed them early, took a shower, and read the tweets. I then had a bagel and some fruit for breakfast and left at 10 for my SAT diagnostic. It took 4 hours, but did not feel that long lol, and all I really did was literally take the SAT, but as practice. So in between sections during a break I decided to text Rik because earlier we were texting a bit and apparently his grandmother was feeling weird and stuff so I helped him a tiny bit. So I asked if she was okay and we just talked for a bit over texts, which is always fun.

When I was done I drove over to Q-Cup and got a delicious (nearly orgasmic) Thai Pearl Milk Tea, ugh so amazing! And I drove like 20 minutes through the same areas to find the Yasioo to get a gyro, mmmmmm amazing. And I got home I planned on starting this post, but that never happened lol. Instead I talked to Erik for a while and he is always fun to talk to! Yeah also he is cute, though he picks one of the worst ones for his profile picture lol. The other thing is that that is his smile lol yeah I think it is the braces (he is SO ready to get them off lol, I mean no one usually smiles that big with them on lol jk!) We talked about a lot of stuff and he is just awesome, go read his blog! I then left for football at 4:53

I had football, we worked out and everything and my stomach started to feel weird, I am starting to think it is because I have been eating way less than normal, which is actually a thing I think, but the pain was annoying! We then ended and we start practice and I have now learned I have been moved to Left Offensive Tackle (DAMN I loved being right, but who knows things change!) We then just practiced for a while and when it was over two players I am friendly with asked for rides, so of course I obliged (BAD BOY!) and I drove them and one of them, Ohio (a nickname we gave him because we came from Ohio for his freshman year), mentioned Pride was this weekend and that apparently people were shot. I think he had a bit of contempt in his voice, but was very matter-of-fact. He also said that it was, “a 17 year old and his partner.” I had no idea this happened and I was really sad inside, but tried to show as little of it on the outside. And I think the couple even died, I will check but that is so sad, and I am so happy it is going down as a hate crime! Okay this is the story, wow that is sad!

I then came home, ate a delicious shrimp salad with Thousand Island dressing and starts to watch Lie to Me. I think I started to talk to CJ first and we just talked about nothing until later which I will get to. Then Matt started to talk to me and we started talking about Skins after I talked a bit about Pride, and it was fun talking to him about Skins, I think Netflix is now the best thing ever! We eventually got to talking about Isaac whom I like talking about with him because if I help him I do feel better and I know that it is always nice to have someone to talk to when you are feeling down. Then Erik started talking to me and we really talked about nothing, but I we did argue about relationships because he has a boyfriend who he has only talked to online, and I feel that you cannot be in a relationship with a person until you have at least met them lol. Then Rik texted me and that convo kind of died quickly lol... But I am so jealous that he has a boyfriend, but I mean it sucks for him because he is moving to LA for what sounds like a year, so that really sucks for him!

At 10 CJ asked me to continue my story. Now I don’t really want to introduce it here, but let me tell you it is an erotic story that actually just got to the sexual part, but I a texting him, so I am a little scared, but whatever it happens lol. I mainly got to the sexual part while walking the dogs. At 1 I was asked to stop because he was really tired but could not see anymore, but the problem was that I was real near the money shot, so I guess I will have to re-tool the story a bit to make that part longer lol. Oh yeah I also now have a compromise with him, if he cums while reading what I wrote, he HAS to take a picture of it, so I guess if he cums on his body get a picture of cum on his body lol. Oh and you want to know the craziest part about the story I am texting him, I have NEVRR done any of the sexual acts mentioned in the story LMAO!

Now for my letter to my dreams.

Dear Dreams,

I love you guys you are amazing and make my nights a bit more interesting. If you ever want to make a long running story where I have a boyfriend and stuff, I am totally ready! Also if you can please give me a wet dream, I will love you even more! One last thing, why is it that the only dream I completely remembered from you is the one where I had to kill my science teacher because he was a terrorist?


Well that is really it because right after that I wanked and then went to bed.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Monday, June 28, 2010

Short SF Pride, longer to come!

Tonight’s post is a short summary of Pride that will become a full post.
I was excited, I bought my v-necks, I watched Doctor Who with an amazing moment on television, cleaned up more of my diarrhea dog, showered, got dressed, left late, arrived way late, got on BART with a bunch of fag hags that were very sexually active and their one gay who was cute and very virginish lol, texted Rik, arrived in SF, walked to find where everything was happening, suffocated, saw my first nude guy (why did he have to be 67…BLEH!), texted Rik again to meet up, my phone fucked up so message did not send, texted Kevin, hung with him and his two girl friends who were really nice, “danced”, saw Kevin shirtless (he is really cute in my opinion, went to the Cat Scratch Club (that’s where I work, I dance!), went to Union Square and just hung with Kevin and his girls, got a rainbow bracelet, Kevin left, texted Rik, called Rik, lent my phone to this 15 year old swearing girl and her mom who offered me Tequila, felt really sad I was unable to see Rik, got on BART, texted with Erik for a bit, almost cried, saw the cutest gay couple, saw they weren’t a couple, almost cried, got a text from Cj and we started talking, almost cried, got attacked by bugs, figured out I have a BIG crush on someone that is the worst candidate for many reasons, cried 3 tears, got a text from Rik that confirmed why we never met, arrived at my BART station, could not find me car, nearly died calling the towing people, checked with the information desk and was told to go to the other parking lot, find my car, drive home, walk dogs while telling CJ a story, wrote this.
Now pictures, they are not numbered so if you want a caption just describe it and I will comment with a caption.

OMG I nearly forgot about Erik’s challenge, today it is siblings.

Dear Rosie,

I love you but also find you really annoying you have been way less of a bitch since you have gone to bolder. Also I am happy you got a cute nerdy boyfriend, yay! Stop trying to make me drink, smoke pot, and just do stupid stuff.


Life Putters and Wanders,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pride Tomorrow!

Well I am going to focus and write this post in one try and not tomorrow morning.

So I woke up at 9 and read all the tweets until 10 lol. I then worked on my blog while waiting for the US soccer game. I completed it during the game and started to play with myself while watching it.

During the game I started talking to this guy on Twitter, he is cool and has made me do some sexual stuff for him lol. The only problem is that he speaks very broken English so I have to speak my broken Spanish lol. I was also talking to Erik for most of the day, he is awesome, and also he has an amazing body. One other thing I think I have a BIG thing for Asians, so if you are Asian and not over the age of 19 call me lol.

So I did nothing until 6, yeah not even eat lol. I then came down and did the cat litter and dog poo, made corn, and then ate dinner. At 7:40 I left to go to the mall and I kind of failed a lot in my driving to get there. I just made all of the wrong turn’s lol but I eventually got to the mall. So I was searching around for an hour for the clothes and could not find anything, so I texted Rik, Erik, and Kathryn. None of them were of help so I continue wandering around when I start to feel thirsty, so I decide to one of those pretzel places and get lemonade. While waiting for it this woman comes up next to me and she looks familiar, but I just can place her. I then think she looks like Kathryn so I ask, “Kathryn?” It takes her a minute to place me, but she eventually realizes it is me and we are both like OMG, It was funny I mean I was just looking for her help and there she was lol. She was working one of her two jobs and she was running errands before the job ended. I waited for her to end and she agreed to help me go shopping. We decided to get the pants first so we went to Hot Topic. In there she knew the people at the counter and asked for them to help me, and they really did. They gave me a pair of skinny jeans to try and I showed them to Kat and the others and they said they looked good so I decided to buy one. I then wondered if I should get a belt, Kathryn advised it, so I got an awesome rainbow belt, ugh love it!

We then went looking for the v-neck, but all of the shops were closed so we met up with her dad and went to the Cheesecake Factory and got a seat at the bar, since I was not too hungry I decided to get a fire-roasted artichoke and water. During that Kat and I caught up and talked a lot, I love hanging out with her! When we were done I went to my car and drove home, this went smoothly and I got home, checked out the GYC, checked Twitter, and then walked the dogs. After walking the dogs I went and started my laundry which I figure I will finish tomorrow morning. I am still talking to Rik right now and I now know I am going to meet this guy who I have a bit in common with during Pride, so I guess it is really good I am going to Pride lol!

Now time for the challenge, parents.

Dear Parents,

I love you both, but you know you get on my nerves sometimes, but now that I can drive I can go away from the annoying house so I am happy. I think you are great to be so open and not strict, but I feel you needed to have some ore restrictions on me in my early days, but whatever. So umm you will never see this and I will hopefully never come out to you both unless I get a boyfriend, but I guess if that is soon then you will know then lol.

Love you both,


Life Putters and Wanders,


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 2! HELP! Wait maybe not anymore lol!

I am going to try and write this quickly today because not much happened.

I woke up at 8 something and started on my blog. I got side tracked a bunch. The first time was to check tweets and tweet. I have now reached my 4,000th twat, YAY! The second was to wank, yeah I know but hey the cum was A-MAY-ZINGGGGGGG!!! UGH so good, yeah right near my face lol, but I mean that is what Eddie’s blog does to me! The third was because my parents called and we talked for a bit. I then finished my post while watching the Spain versus Chile match and posted it at like 1 lol.

At p……9l9;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;/p lol I think I feel asleep and at sometime attacked my keyboard lol. At 2 I went grocery shopping with my grandma to PW and Trader Joe’s. Nothing interesting happened until we were checking out of Trader Joe’s where we got the cute guy lol. He was really cute and we started talking to me and of course I was shy as fuck lol. He asked about football and that helped (I had my football shirt on) and he was just cool. But damn he was cute lol.

I then came home and unpacked and got ready for football. We did the usual and practice ended at 7 because he had to get gear. It took an hour and then I headed home and ate some dinner. I started to talk to Erik and Matt and I then figured out I have no idea what to wear to SF Pride. I was talking with Erik mainly about it and he says to very tight black jeans (I have never even worn jeans) and a v-neck (I knew I should have shaved my chest), Nic says to wear the jeans and a colored top, and Peter says dress like I normally do, but I REALLY need your guys’ help!

Okay well I think that is it for today, now for Day 2 of the Challenge Erik made; the crush.

Dear Abner,

Why are you so cute? I know that you are not a stud but that is what I am looking for you have a great face I love your stubble), you have amazing eyes (especially when you wear glasses, I love your accent though it seems like a combination of many accents. I cannot believe that you are tri-lingual; I mean you speak Spanish, French, and English! Your videos and pictures are beautiful, I still love that art you made with the shadows of the recycling bin and the trash can, I mean that was so amazing. Oh and just so you know when we first talked (thank you Kathryn) I have already been wondering who you were and why you are so amazing looking. I don’t know much about your personality but I can tell you are extremely and nice and just cool! Also I you know I love Sweeney Todd as well! I know you will never read this Abner, but I mean of you, please talk to me, and if I act really shy keep trying, and yeas I know you are probably straight and like WTF but still.


Life Putters and Wanders,


Friday, June 25, 2010

Really Late Posting

It is late but fuck it.

So I woke up at 9:05 and rushed to take a shower. I do that and then have 5 minutes to eat a bagel and leave for my internship. I get there on time and stuff and we are told to set the room up for a game show. So two other interns and I set up four chairs and 4 Lavaliere microphones for the show. We then had to wait for the intern creating the questions, who then became the host. When everything was supposedly ready we all went down and got miced. We were waiting to get started when we figured out a bunch of problems: 1. No buzzers 2. No way to figure out which category to choose 3. No way to measure points 4. No way to see the question being asked 5. No one on the cameras. We addressed these problems to the people in the booth and they resolved them after a while and we filmed. It went well but the questions were easy at times and we just joked around a lot. We ended abruptly because we ran out of questions and were told we were “cancelled” lol.

We then cleaned up and ha lunch. We got back at 1 and we talked about the upcoming weeks and filming bands. We were then told to do something I forget lol and we were all around one computer where Dave was showing us how to use Final Cut Pro and we cut up this music video a band made in the studio. The song sounded good and we cut n a clip of the drummer and when we looked at him in the closer shot, I noticed how freaking hot and cute he is, I mean I could not stop staring at him when the clip came up! We then ended a little early and I drove some other interns downtown and got ready for football.

I had to pick a friend up so I quickly went home and put shorts on and went and picked him up. We got there on time and started to of the Strength WOD we were given to do, then for out workout we ran 10 100 yard every minute, on the minute. I was tired after but me and the other guy, Jeremy decided to go to 7-11 and get slurpees, they were delicious and I decided to buy an aluminum straw and some Hi-Chew. I then dropped him off and watched some TV. STYTCD was great and wow 6-3 damn the guys really are dominating this year. Also Futurama was amazing. I walked my dogs a little late last night because I was talking to Glen (Euphoria) for a bit, but he kind of went away on me :-(

Well One other thing I have decided to do is try and not JO until Pride so I can have an awesome cum when I come back from it.

One last thing. I have decided to do Erik’s letter writing challenge, so day 1 is Best Friend so here it is:

Dear Kathryn,

You are awesome and I love you, even though you are a big bitch at times, but you know it and so do we and it is just a part of your personality. I think you are awesome and I am really happy that I did come out to you, I feel so much freer knowing someone knows I am gay in real life. I think you are awesome and I hope you read this!



P.S. I still need the $100 for the Lady Gaga tickets you owe me

Life Putters and Wanders,


Thursday, June 24, 2010

This One is a Shitter

Well I am pissed right now so this blog better do what it is supposed to and make me feel better!

Okay today I woke up at 8 dead fucking tired and not wanting to wake up. But I kept myself awake and I checked the blogs and tweets. I was really hoping to see a reply from Aaron, but none :-( I then decided to get ready for the internship when Rik texted me so we started talking…oh I forgot to say that he wants to make-out with me because I am so nice to him! So we talked until I completely had to leave.

I get to the station a few minutes after 10 and he meet and Dave, my boss, tells us that we have to set up thirteen microphones and stands and cables for the (My Town) Light Opera, yeah sorry I have no idea what that is lol. So we do that and we have to unravel and hook everything up. It takes around 30 minutes. We then went up to the booth and tested them, they all worked. Then we were told to check a snake cable, so we do that and it works. After all of that we are told to go and measure the snake cable, it is 50 ft long, and mark the amounts of mics, XLR cables, mic stands, and snake cable. We do that. Then we have to put everything into three boxes for the light opera to take.

We were then ordered by our director for the week to set up for interviews again, but we were called out to lunch. Today I decided to eat with the rest of the crew. We went to the cafeteria that had some good food and I bought a gyro, it was not that great but the Tzatztki sauce was amazing. While eating we talked about random media stuff for a while, they also kept mentioning Abner aka fuck-why-do-I-still-have-to-have-a-fucking-crush-on-you boy! So they are talking and this one guy has to leave to go to a class he missed the first two days of, I was thinking that if he is still in the class it is a miracle lol. He then comes back, saying he was not accepted, but I do not give a shit because guess who is with him? Yup Abner….FUCK FUCK FUCK……yeah my heart squeezed a bit and it was fucking annoying, but he still is cute, though not as much as before. Yeah he talks, I talk to him a bit, he is so cool, I might have t eat there every once in a while to get my fill of him! He then has to get back to class and we leave to go back to the internship.

When we get back it is 1:15. We are ready to do interviews so we start. They went well; I was still on audio which I actually really like being on. A funny thing that happened one time was that a guy was mic-ed and sitting in the chair to be interviewed when his phone rang, we decided to record his whole conversation…with his mom lmao… so since I was on audio I was able to turn the audio loud enough to hear the mother lol. I was really funny and awesome; we were all dying in the booth. We then did two more interviews and I was wondering what time it was, so I check my phone and see it is 1:52. I close my phone and then go HOLY SHIT I have an SAT/College meeting to go to, so I tell Dave I have to leave and I rush out and drive to where the building is. Of course I missed it on first try, but I did get it on the second!

So I go in and talk and I get scheduled for my SAT diagnostic on Monday and have another meeting on Friday. I then drove home and saw that Shern skyped me, sorry Shern I wasn’t on and at my internship! I then watched Pretty Little Liars and then have to leave for football. It was tiring; we did some resistance running ad a part of our daily work out. I was tired by the end, but we still had the practice so we do that and it takes a while but we end at 7:45. We then go up to the team room and get out team clothes for this year. I then offered a friend a drive home because he had no ride, so I offered and drove him home, safely today. I then came home and watched SYTYCD and talked to CJ, Rik, and Matt for a while. At like 10:30 Sampson started acting weird, but I had no idea what was to come.

He decided to go into my parent’s room and I decided to follow him and caught him crapping diarrhea all over the floor! I was pissed and threw him out. I then got gloves and some bags and started to scoop it out of the carpet after I sprayed it with febreeze (thanks Matt lol). I then went and badly scooped up the shit into bags and then threw them and the tool I was using out. I then got the rug shampooer and washed the area three times and then cleaned the shampooer.

I am now really tired from writing this and everything else that happened today, also I can barely walk right now and I am nearly asleep. I will now let the shitters in. Good night!

Life Putters and Wanders,


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Interning and Football: Day 1

Well it is 11:10 and I need to walk my dogs soon, but I really want to blog about most of my day today before I do that, then I will finish after I walk my dogs.

So today I wake up at 8 something and check the blogs. One of the blogs I see that got updated is Aaron’s. He is an awesome Aussie who had a really good body and I have been trying to see what he looks like to confirm with him that he is cute, though he does not think so. Oh yeah have I ever mentioned that it pisses me the fuck off when really cute or hot people think they are not hot or cute when someone like me is clearly not cute or remotely hot! Yeah it really pisses me off!!! So I check his post (which he posted at 6AM my time) it has a picture of his face! OMG yay, but to take the goddamn picture down 15 minutes after posting it!!! :’( I was actually kind of pissed, I mean I even told him to do that, but I thought he would post it at a reasonable time where I could see it and give warning and I mean he KNOWS I wanted to see it really badly, but it just really pissed me off!! Yeah I was sad and angry!

I then checked my email and saw I had received and email from The GYC. So I look at it and it says that Wkboy714 has submitted an entry into my profile. So I was like wow is that really the blogger Wkboy and I look and it is! Also he has a picture up on there, he is REALLY cute, so that definitely helped me get over being pissed at Aaron. I then looked at some more emails and caught up on tweets. I then decided to take a shower and shave. Right as I was about to step in I remembered the dogs downstairs. They had not been let out and I nearly forgot about them! So I threw a robe on and let them out and fed them. I then came back in and checked to make sure they did not do anything in the house; they did nothing thank god!

I then go and take my shower and shave and take 15 minutes to figure out what to wear since today is the first day of my internship at the local television station. So I go down to have breakfast and the maid is apparently here, so I talked to her for a bit, then ate a bagel, and watched an episode of Top Gear. At 9:45 I left for the local community college. I got there and parked in the front; mistake number 1 (I think that was really the only mistake lol). So I go looking for the library and I cannot find it (though I have been in it a few times), so I asked a bunch of people and I eventually found it. I then have to ask two librarians where the studio is because I have no idea. I find it and find that there are 11 other Media students taking this internship as well. So we have to sign a few papers and stuff. We then get a meeting about what we will be doing there for the next two months and it seems really fun. Each week we are going to make a show that chronicles what we are doing there and we are going to help get sponsors and stuff, oh and record live music. So umm I doubt this will work, but if you are a band in San Jose or near there and you have appropriate songs to sing, hopefully original, send me an email if you want to possibly be recorded and get on a television station.

Okay it is 12 and I got to walk my dogs I will finish this post in a few minutes! (Like you will notice I did anything because you will keep reading!)

Back I saw this neighbor I used to have a crush on got into the car of someone who was clearly smoking weed and he was totally sneaking out.

Well back to the internship (fuck it is 12:45) so we start and we say what we are interested in doing, I forget what I said yes to lol. We were then told each week one of us will be the director and take over the filming of an episode in a show that chronicles our time there. We then were told to set up and act like we were writing on stuff for camera because they wanted that type of footage. While doing that I talked to Mark, a friend that I started t fall out with, but I think we are better now. So we were talking and he pulls out his phone and shows me a text he planned on sending to this girl (who I actually am currently acting like I have a crush on her because she actually is kind of pretty and nice and I need someone to say I have a crush on lol) and it says, “I truly believe Patch has a crush on you…” When I read that I went, “He has a crush on me?” In a surprised, but not flattered voice, but just kind of matter-of-fact way of asking voice. Mark then told me to look closer and I saw it was to Jocelyn and was like, “Yeah totally dude he clearly really likes her.” We never mentioned that I thought it was me. So umm just wondering to you all that read, but do you think I just gave Mark a serious reason to doubt my sexuality (though he does not care, also everyone is sure he is gay, but I disagree, eh is totally bi but towards men, at least that is what I think)?

After that filming I was told I was in charge of getting audio set up for a band that was coming in later in the day. So I set the audio and everything and we brought this Snake cable around the room to where we needed it. We then learned how to roll up cords in the figure-8 way that is commonly used; it is actually really hard to get, but made unraveling a cord really easy. We then set up microphone stands and stuff. We then finished and were released to go to lunch, but told to find the cafeteria on our own. So I decided to offer Mark a ride to a place for lunch, he accepted and this random senior named Nikhil came along as well. We were walking to my car and talking when one of the stuff decided to film us on our quest to the cafeteria, but they did not understand that we were driving off to get lunch instead. So we told him, but he filmed us through the whole parking lot lol. So we leave and we go to this really good Asian market that had the best Snow Bubbles, I got a green apple with green apple jelly one and it was delicious and orgasmic! I also get some random chicken that was delicious and spicy.

We then came back and I learned that when I try to scare people with the way I drive, they feel I am a terrible driver, go figure! We get back and we are told we are doing interviews of us and I am doing the audio. So I learn about that and we do that and it was fun. I then did the interview, screwed up a lot, but eventually finished and did well. I then went to do camera work for 3 interviews, but ended up back in the booth for audio and it went well and was fun, but in the end we were cut off so we could leave early.

So I drive home and get ready for football and tell my grandma what to order for dinner from a local Chinese restaurant and when thinking that football ends at 6:15. So I get ready and leave. I get there and do the workout and it isn’t that bad and we end on time, but we don’t stop, we then go to the field. We were there until 7:30, I was just lucky that I was able to call grandma and tell her not to order until I called her. So we were getting ready on the field and doing warm-ups and this guy who is always cool to comes up and puts arms around my neck and says he is tired, I actually get hose type of things a lot because I am big but he does this a lot and he is cute and I am pretty sure he knows or thinks I am gay, but I have no real idea of knowing that, but I mean I guess things will hopefully be good if I come out to the juniors (my class) of the football team because I think they will accept me, though I am still not coming out to them yet. Not until senior year.

Well we end and I am tired and I call my grandma to order the food, but this dude that I am kind of friends with and I are talking and he says he has to walk home so I go and offer to give him a ride, he is afraid I will lose my license but I tell him I will be really safe and he agrees, so we go and we are there quickly and I was really safe. I drop him off and then head to downtown and get the food and come back. I have dinner with my grandma and text Rik. I eat and finish Top Gear. I then get my netbook and I see Erik send me a message so I talk to him until he has to go to bed. Before he signs off Matt messages me so I talk to him and it sadly went nowhere, but it is cool talking to him. One thing that annoys me about all if the convos I have is that people barely ask me questions, I mean please ask, I want to answer them I love questions. That is why I also ask a lot of questions. Okay well that is enough I need sleep!

Good night, it is 1:37.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Monday, June 21, 2010

Football and Internship Start Tomorrow!

Time to blog, okay it is 10:15 and I just got done talking to this new guy I will blog about at the end.

So today I woke up at 8 and tried to wake up and at 8:20 I decided screw it and put shorts and a shirt on (backwards of course) and went down stairs and let the dogs out and fed them, got the newspaper, and went to the bathroom, by the end I was till dead, but not enough to fall back asleep lol.

So I then caught up on tweets and saw that iOS4 is out so I go and try to update my iPod Touch on my netbook, authorizing mu 5th computer out of 5 (even though it was already the third, fucking Apple). So I try to do that and it says to transfer all stuff before upgrading because it might erase everything, so I unload it and it erases everything anyways, you know just for fun. I then go to my laptop and start it there and the fucking new iTunes won’t freaking download! I then restart the computer and it works, YAY. I then put my iPod on there and I transfer purchases and do everything and I start it. The entire download and everything took around an hour and a half or so I guess maybe more. So to pass the time I was watching Season 3 of QAF the entire time. I missed the show so much lol.

Okay so I have the new iPod interface and I love it, I have everything down to one page lol, I love that. Also I just noticed the music part looks WAY better for albums! Yeah I love it. So by then it was 1:30 and I decided to look at movie times because I wanted to see Toy Story 3 I look and see one is at 2:35 so I decide to go and get some food and then leave. So I have lunch and leave at 2:10. I then drive and get there quickly and I am buying my tickets at 2:25. In line there was this cute boy with his family, yeah he had nice hairy legs, a beautiful face, and a little stubble, he was just great looking lol.

So the movie was also good definitely worth seeing, I nearly cried in the end, but I refrained but I was really close. I then drive home and watch TV for a bit. I then help make dinner, mainly the mashed potatoes. I mead them really creamy, I put a lot of milk and some butter in it, they were delicious. I then started to talk to this new guy on the GYC, his name is Daniel and he is 15 from Colorado. So we got to talking and he seemed cool, but then he seemed to be like, if this conversation goes well I have a boyfriend, he actually pretty much said that. I was really weirded out by that. We then had the usual Q and A session and it was cool. I mean he really does not care about beauty and body, but I mean even that did not sit right for some reason. He said we were so similar, but the thing is they were trivial things that were similarities; they really did not matter in the way of a relationship and building them around those situations. So it was an okay conversation and in the end he asked what I thought of him and I said, “umm well it is just REALLY weird how you want to be my bf, I have never met you, I don’t really get a personality from these types on convos and you just seem a little weird, but I guess that is in a good way.” The one thing I forgot to say was that, Daniel I hope you read this, that I feel you are a gay that really needs to get out of his shell, I mean like come out to someone or something, I just felt that you were a little constrained and needed to break out and be more yourself in real life then you will maybe be a little more well you is a complete way I would say. But yeah that was my convo with him.

Okay well that is really it, I am currently listening to the Rent soundtrack, and I love “Christmas Bells” so much! Okay I think I will go and walk my dogs and be back to talk to Matt (Rhythym Changes) and Erik, sorry I never asked if you wanted to be under a different name, but you have a bog now anyways so I guess it does not really matter anymore lol.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Sunday!

Well I have nothing to do for a bit since I have walk the dogs and I do not want to do that until 11 or past that. So I decided to blog.

Today I woke up at 8:30 and wrote my blog for last night after going downstairs for some reason. So probably an hour earlier my parents left for Italy, they are currently on their way to the Frankfort Airport to get on a connection to Italy to then drive to Pisa. They will be in Italy until July 2nd. So I wrote my blog and in the end I decided to create a new blog for my sexual experiences, well the ones I am willing to share,  had one today, but that will not be shared.

So I wrote my blog and then decided to read some more blogs and when I was done it was time to go shopping for some groceries (HAPPY SHAUN!!). So we go shopping and it really is not exciting I do not think there is anything worth blogging about in that part of my day. So we get home and I unload the car and I talk to Rik. But while talking to him, Nic send me a message saying he cannot find a link to my new blog. I respond to him and ask what’s up? He then responds by saying “I'm good…talking to Peter after what seemed like eternity.” I then respond, “Are you two on good terms now?” And we start to talk about it, I will not describe what we talked about, but Peter knows, it just seem like what we said should be private though. Also Peter if you are reading this, it was NIC that brought it up not me; I just asked a simple question. Just thought you should know if you see this, so yeah. In the end we just talked and he made me read him my blog post when he was trying to fall asleep, the FULL post LMAO. It was fun and got me really horny again lol.

When I was done with that I went and talked to Shaun who told me to watch the MMVAs. I watched like 20 minutes then I started to make dinner. I sautéed some shrimp in olive oil and garlic, I made some pasta, I grilled some corn, and my Grandma steamed asparagus. So we had the pasta with pesto sauce with the sautéed shrimp and the corn and asparagus on the side. It was so good! I then watched the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and waiting for True Blood. While watching that, I talked to Rik and Kathryn. In the middle of that this new guy started to talk to me, damn I should have asked if I can use his name. Okay well we talked and we both love TV and he is cute in my opinion. We talked for a long time and he eventually stopped talking to me. In the middle of that this girl that apparently knew me in 2nd or 3rd grade started to talk to me on Facebook and one of her first questions was, "Have you had any girlfriends?"  Nearly died lol it was so funny. I talked to her for a bit and then ended that. 
After that I checked my blogs and say Matt (Rhythym Changes) posted so I decided to read it and while doing that I saw this messenger on his sidebar and decided to say hello since it said to lol. So I do and he relies back. I was like WTF he is really there!?!?! So we get to talking and as usual, I do not know how I am so good at this stuff, I help him a bit with his current relationship problem, though more in a way for him that explains why he is so attached to Isaac. I am still amazed that I can do that at times lol. So we talk and in the end he decided to add me on Skype, he is as cute as I thought lol.

So I then watched the end of RENT and I liked it a bit, but I mean the original musical is way better and it is just too good on stage, I need to gut the RENT DVD where it is recorded live on Broadway.  I then finished my laundry. I am currently watching Futurama and cannot wait until Thursday, new season; I am SO BUYING the DVDs of it! Well I have to walk to dogs, so good night.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Made a New Blog for Explicit Stuff

Well today really started late. I woke up at 9 and started to write my blog until 11. I then decided to go down for some breakfast and apparently it was bagels, mmm I love bagels!

That is where I stopped writing this post last night to do something I will blog about at the end of the post; actually I might set up an explicit blog to put that part of the post lol.

So I ate my bagel and then got the main and found that I had received the ASSSCAT DVD, I absolutely love the show they recorded, and I NEED to go to one of the shows when I am 18 and able to go. When I was done watching that I came to my dad and told him I needed to go to Fry’s, but he is working on this thing that he says is the most minimal of a computer, ad it kind of is. It is a chip that can send Morse code if attached to a HAM radio or whatever can send Morse code. So he is working on that and does that for around a half hour.

So we leave at 1:30 and I decide I want to go to the farther away one because I have no idea where it is, it takes an extra 15 or so minutes. Halfway there my dad starts to freak out because he is saying it is taking too long, My mom and dad are leaving for Italy tomorrow and they needed to go to Santa Cruz and pack, so we get there and I buy my dad what he wants and tell him to pay for the new Family Guy DVD and the new American Dad DVD and I will subtract it from my allowance. So I am lucky and have enough money to buy my dad what he wants; an 8 GB micro SD card with adapters to make it larger and a USB SD card reader. We then leave and get home way faster than it took to get there; we got home at like 2:50.

So I got home and had a sandwich with roast beef, turkey pastrami, and Virginia ham. I then wait for my parents to leave so I can go and buy one more gift for my dad. So at 4:40 or so I leave for the Hallmark store. The second I walk in I am surprised by how much Christian paraphernalia is in that store, I never knew they were that religious of a store lol. So I go and buy an All Star Dad mug because my dad has been asking for one for a while. I also buy a stupid card; I hate cards, just send the money or give a present, cards really do nothing for me, I mean even just call me that is better than a card and I hate phone conversations with relatives.

I then drove home and I watched American Dad for a bit and then left for Father’s Day dinner. At 6:35 I took my grandma and we left for dinner at this really nice restaurant. It was really good food. I got Gazpacho, a Baby Spinach salad with prawn on top, and a Summer Squash Ratitouille. For dessert we shared a Goat cheesecake that was actually really good, I was surprised how good it was.

Okay here is where I say you all go to One Step Forward Explicit if you want to see what I wrote in there, but if not have a good day!

Life Putters and Wanders,


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Late Post

Well it is now 9:05 in the morning on the 19th of June, but it is time to talk about what happened starting at 8:30 yesterday. (Nothing really happened yesterday so you can probably skip this post)

Yesterday I woke up at 8:30 and started to read tweets, watch the rest of the U.S. game (that ref. was so blind, if he is the referee for any more games the teams should refuse to play), and texting Rik. When that game was over I was told to take a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup out of the trunk of my car (I have no idea why there was a Reese’s in the trunk of my car, but my dad was the one driving it yesterday) and get the newspaper because I wanted to look at the Friday Fry’s ad.

I then came in and started to look at the ad when my grandma came over and talked to me for 15 minutes just to end up asking to go shopping at sometime past two, that is the only thing that really mattered in the conversation, but I mean I guess that is just how REALLY old people are: talk a lot, get to the point later. When that was over I noticed Doctor Who was on on SYFY (it used to be Sci-Fi but now they decided to go all weird, yeah I do not understand the way companies think sometimes) so I decided to watch it until the England versus Algeria game started, but the episode after the one I was watching was “Silence in the Library”. It is one of the most important episodes in my opinion because in the last series of the show before Stephen Moffat took over as the head writer and executive producer because it left one story line open that will probably span the next few series and probably the next reincarnation (whatever it is called) of the Doctor. The plot line it starts is the one of the Doctor and River Song. If you do not know who she if you should watch “Silence in the Library” “Forest of the Dead” “The Time of Angels" "Flesh and Stone" to learn about her. That is actually what I did today, but I will get back to this later.

So in the middle of “Silence in the Library” Nic tweeted asking if anyone wanted to Skype during the England game so I decided to do that instead. So we talk, but really not about the game, it was too damn boring and NOTHING happened! So we just did a lot of talking about random stuff, but it was a fun conversation. While talking to Nic, I was also texting Rik but kind of forgot about him, sorry Rik! So when the game was over decided to see what was on SYFY and it was still Doctor Who, but it was my favorite episode of it “Midnight”. I really just love the episode, the writing is perfect, the story is awesome, and it really draws on real fear, the unknown, and what people will do in life and death situations. It is a must-see Who episode. While watching it Nic said that he was going to get ready for bed and then come back and talk to me before he falls asleep. He never came back, so I sent him a good night message.

At 3 I decided I wanted to go shopping now, so I took grandma and we went to PW and just bought a bunch of food for dinner, nothing really interesting happened there. We then came home and I ate a salad I bought there and I started to watch The Time of Angels" "Flesh and Stone" two-parter, but I had to help grandma cook, but I mean I like to cook when I do it, so I was perfectly fine with helping her with the manual labor lol.

At 7 my mom, grandma, and I ate dinner, waiting for my dad to come home. After dinner I watched the rest of “Flesh and Stone” and my dad came home, so when it was over we decided to watch “It’s Complicated” which was good, but I mean the best part was having the beautiful eye-candy of Hunter Parrish you know Silas Botwin from Weeds and the final Melchior Gabor in Spring Awakening. Yeah I just love him.

So after watching that, I kept talking to Rik and then this new guy on the GYC. While talking to them Nic skyped me and said, sorry. I said I really did not care because I had to go shopping anyways, but it was really nice of him to tell me sorry. I was then really tired and fell asleep. That was yesterday, so yeah talk to you all tonight!

Life Putters and Wanders,


Friday, June 18, 2010


Well I think today was a really boring day, but I do want to start this off by saying happy birthday to Tyler and Sammi and congratulations on completing high school Peter!

Now on to my boring day. I woke up at 8:35 and got to see the end of the Greece versus Nigeria game. I then decided to go back to sleep and slept until 9:50. I then decided to take a shower. It took an hour because I decided to do some “stuff” while in there. I finished just in time to see the entire France versus Mexico game and wow France is so out now!

At 1 P.M. I decided to go to town and return Youth in Revolt and get some lunch from a local place. So I walk and put the movie in the mail and go to the café. I decide to get a Chinese Chicken Salad because they are delicious there. I then get my food and walk home and start to catch up on “Doctor Who”. After those I watched “the Joy Behar Show” because Kathy Griffin is on and she is just way too damn funny.

I then decided to read some more Dead in the Family and fell asleep after two chapters. I woke up at 9 and went and watched “So You Think You Can Dance”. I am so happy that Billy and Kent made it past this week, so sexy people! When that was over I went up to my room and started to watch some “Crank Yankers” and talked to Erik a bit (go read his blog!) and I played with the template of my blog, tell me what you think.

Well I am tired and I want to see the second half of the US game tomorrow so I guess this is good night!

Life Putters and Wanders,


Thursday, June 17, 2010

So You Think You Can Cut Hair

Well I think I have a long post to write tonight. It is currently 1 AM and I have been watching Season 2 of 24 and I am on the penultimate episode. So I will probably watch the finale while writing this post and I should hopefully be done by 3 AM.

Okay now this morning. So I woke up at I forget, maybe 8:30 or something and I was able to see the end of whatever World Cup game was on at that time. I then watched an episode of 24 I think and got ready to take my grandma to the doctor. At 10 we left and it was my first time driving anyone alone that was not a parent. So I had no idea where I was going and I did some quick maneuvers to avoid accidents, but we made it there alive and well. The place I took my grandma was a doctor’s office because she currently has bronchitis and needed breathing treatments. So while she was getting her treatment I read Dead in the Family and listened to some music. It only took around 30 minutes in all for her treatment. We then went back to the car and we drove home. The way back had way fewer mistakes and we got back quickly.

When we got back it was just in time watch the South Africa versus Uruguay game on ESPN. The game was really good; I think that Uruguay is definitely in the next round. I then had some lunch and watched Youth in Revolt which was actually a pretty good movie. I absolutely adore Jonathan B. Wright; I mean I even loved him though he played a giant asshole.

So here is a picture of the gorgeous Nicholas Hoult because in the previews for other movies on the DVD there was A Single Man and it looks really good and interesting, so i am going to get it on Netflix. But before that I decided to research the movie and found the hunky and awesome Nicholas Hoult is a supporting character in the movie! Go Tony Stonem (though Maxxie is WAY better)!!

So at 3 something I decided I would go and get my hair cut. The drive there went well and I stopped to get gas at a Rotten Robbie’s. While I was filling up I had the clip that makes it so the gas keeps flowing on. Usually when I get gas the thing stops quickly and does not take too long, but this time it went on forever. In the end I got 16 gallons of gas which cost $50 and I just stopped it to end because I was afraid it would keep on filling the tank and overflow. From there I drove to Fantastic Sam’s and got my haircut, it sucks shit. So I go in and no one is in there today…because they are fucking scared their hair will get ruined by these cr4azy bitches that run the place…. so I get help instantly. They start by washing my hair and asking me how I want my hair, I really still do not get how to correctly get a haircut where I actually understand what they are asking. So I am asked how long I want it. I say short. From there they go into a barrage of questions about shit I have no idea about, “Scissors or clippers?” “Round or square?” “Malformed pussy or Chlamydia?” Yeah I was confused. So I eventually get the hair cut and I feel it is too long still but also just looks like shit. I really need a gay barber or hair dresser whatever they call that occupation lol.

After getting the haircut I called my mom and asked if she needed anything for the house. She said that we need milk and cheese, so I went across the street and went to Lucky’s and bought the cheese and milk. While there I saw they had Vitamin Waters on sale for $1 for I bought 4 of them and I also bought some really cheap curry powder to try.

I then drove home and waited for mom to bring home some Thai food for dinner. I had the Thai food and then it was 8 and So You Think You Can Dance was on. Tonight’s episode was amazing; my favorite is still Billy Bell though Alex is really amazing. In the middle of the show I started to talk to Erik, a guy I met on the GYC. While talking I learned that he has a blog that he just started, here it is. In the middle of talking to Erik, Shaun started to talk to me and he is possibly going to buy mea present that I will not disclose on this blog but it is hilarious and I would be in amazement if he can actually get it for me. And in the middle of those two conversations this guy in Tasmania started to talk to me. He is 15 and an amazing photographer. So he started to talk to me and he called me cute, so I said he was cuter (he is). We then talked for a bit then he asked if I was horny and I said yes. He asked me to send a picture; I played a game with him where if he can guess where my birthmark is on the first try he gets a BM picture and a picture of my face, but if he gets it wrong he only gets the BM. He guessed correctly, so I sent both. His response to the face picture was, “That dosent look like ur dp.... ^__^” I am guessing that is good because of the face, but I took it in a bad light. So he then asked to see my full penis. I said, “No!”, but he asked, “Why?” and I responded, “Because that picture was lucky it does not show my belly or that I weigh nearly 250 pounds, it does not show my ugly ass face or body and it does now show my small 5.5" cock!” Yeah he took that badly lol. He responded with, “=/ Your very negative.” And that was the end of him responding and then I think he took me off of his Skype lol, yeah well I guess I pissed him off with being truthful, it happens, but lol I was fine after that. I mean when I sent that message I felt like shit, but then after I was like lol ;p I think he is scared (I think he IS scared) but yeah just lol. I scared a horned up 15 year old with negativity LMAO!

Okay well it is 4:07 AM and I am tired, but I am now onto Season 3 of 24. Okay so good night, and Nic sorry this is a little (hour) late!

Life Putters and Wanders,