Friday, April 30, 2010


Well today was the usual: BORING

In Spanish we did nothing, but I did say something quite offensive since my school is full of minorities, what I said was “The world needs more stereotypes towards minorities”. Yeah I was like what did I say because like the ENTIRE class like was like what the fuck and I was like WHAT THE HELL DID I SAY!?!

Then I worked on a media project that is due Monday and while working on it I say an article in the school paper about what the school thinks about having a same sex couple at the Prom, and at least 97 percent of the student body would be okay with it, but that was only from 117 students so who knows what the results would have been if it was all students.

So I also had a Math quiz and I really fucked up the first part because I did not read the directions, but I corrected it and I did well so I think I did well. Then I did the homework that is due on Monday in class.

Then I had weightlifting, I walked home, read some of “The Kite Runner” which was actually quite interesting although nothing has really happened yet.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week of Fun Comes To A Conclusion (Almost)

Well I do not feel like blogging today. It was just kind of hectic and stressful.

I had science where I was like HOLY SHIT, I was like that because I read the wrong part of a chapter for a quiz, but it ended well because I looked at someone’s study guide and I got it all correct and passed.

Then I learned I am reading “The Kite Runner” in English and then I wrote an essay for the Spring Writing Assessment.

Then I had a test in History which I think I did well on and then we learned about the Cold War and Crazy Stalin, or Paranoid Stalin.

Yeah that was it other than weightlifting and other stuff, but I do not feel like blogging a lot today, but not a lot happened anyway, so yeah.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

T,T,Q,QT,Q oh and my Interview

So today I figured out I have an examination everyday this week.

M: Test-Science Tu:Test-English W:Quiz-Spanish (will get to that in a minute) Th:Quest-History F:Quiz-Math

Yeah there is a reason this week is called hell week.

So today started out with Spanish where I took a quiz and got a 30/38 and that is pretty good because I would have failed if I did not remember the stupid (only because it just sounds stupid) song that made me remember all of the irregular preterits.

Then I had my interview and I was SCARED SHITLESS! I had to go FIRST! Like holy shit that was the most stressful thing I have EVER done…and I did it well apparently. They asked me a bunch of questions that I really just answered straight up, even though I should have connected it to Media Arts, but I did not. So I continued and I eventually started to answer questions better and it got a little easier and then it ended (THANK GOD!)

So I got back to class and started to work on a digital portfolio of what I have done during the year, and I was doing well until one of the other classmates called me over to watch John Stewart do 13 minutes of Glen Beck impersonation, and it was hilarious!

During lunch i was loaned out to an awesome girl who is really cool and sweet as her bitch temporarily and the n when she wanted to use me for something else Kathryn nearly fought her for me because she was going to the office and wanted me to go with her.

So then I had math, where I was called into the office to talk about what summer school classes I want to take at the local community college over the summer break. And after class I went to find Kathryn and she was with Pete, but i did not get to talk to him, but I did with Kathryn (don't worry I did catch a peek at him) (even though i know nothing is ever going to happen EVER), bt I do want to talk to him sometime,but that has yet to happen, if it ever will. So yeah I talked to Kathryn and then I left for home.

So I walked home, watched Glee again, and did my homework. So that is pretty much it. So sorry my posts are really boring but not a lot has happened, but if there is ever anything interesting I will blog about it, but my life is usually boring (yeah I do not have much of a life even though I wish I did, I just wish I and more friends and not people that decide to eventually just ignore me, but I am used to it and this is becoming almost a rant, so yeah will end this HERE)

Life Putters and Wanders,


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I just finished watching Glee and can I just say what and amazing episode it was.

So to the beginning of my day. It started with me being shit tired even though I went to bed earlier. I had science first where we went over the organ systems of the body. Then in English I took the Unit test which I think I did well on. In History my class finished Schindler’s List which was just so amazing and I am sure that is we watched it all at one time EVERYONE in the class would have been bawling, it was just so sad and moving, but a greatly done film!

I then had weightlifting which was not that bad.

So I am currently addicted to “A House is Not a Home” and “One Less Bell to Answer/ A House is Not a Home” from tonight’s episode of Glee, they are just so amazing and Chris Colfer is just so cute and has an amazing voice and Kristen Chenoweth is just such a great singer!

Speaking of Kristen Chenoweth I finally was able to listen to her “Taylor, the Latté Boy” and it reminds me so much of Kathryn, like it is so her. So Kathryn if you read this watch the video below!

So I have a mock-interview tomorrow, so I better be rested so good night!

Life Putters and Wanders,


Monday, April 26, 2010

Tiring Day

Today I had all my classes so I am dead tired.

I had a test in science I forgot about, I had boring English, I had a boring History, I had a boring Spanish, I had a boring Media, and I had a slightly fun math today.

Then I had weightlifting and running, which was TIRING.

After that I came home to find I had a Skype message from a certain Dominik, and I was kind of pissed I was unable to talk to him, but I was at school when it happened, so there was nothing I could do. Then I taked with Nic to a bit! Then I watched Top Gear and did some homework. Finally I talked with Dzyan and I am now going to go to bed. Goodnight.

Life Putters and Wanders,

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Blog List Blog Post

SO today I was talking on Skype and somehow I eventually got to talking about my blog list and how I it evolved and read more and more blogs. So I figured I should share that with you all.

So I should first give some preliminary information about this matter. Around a year ago I was contemplating whether I was Gay or Bisexual. I first decided I was Bi-leaning toward men. Then I decided I was just gay. So then a few months later I was doing something and found a link to Doug’s blog, and I just loved it, it was just so interesting and just greatly written. Then I moved on to Confessions of a Superstar who I really connected with because he is also a virgin, well was, and he was also a great writer (actually most bloggers are good writers, although I might be an exception, what do you all think?) The third blog that I read was Tyler’s (the Canadian one) and he was the first blogger around my own age also in the closet, and I just connected to his blog, it was so well written and great, but sadly he was pressured or something by others I think and he has privatized his blog :-( ! From there I got hooked on closeted gay/bi teenagers and college guys and that is where my blog obsession came from, which I think is what drove me to start this blog, to inspire others and let them know you are not alone and that we are a community that is here for you!

Now here is a list of the blogs I read in order I have them on my iPod Touch, this may have been rearranged at one time, but it works for what I want to show. All blogs I note here I have read fully from the first post they posted to their current one.

1. Doug’s blog

2. Confessions of a Superstar

3. Tyler’s (the Canadian one)

4. AJ’s Ramblings (Although I have kind of jus skimmed them I am not really interested anymore in his blog)

5. Frat Closet Case ( I will admit I loved his raunchy stories)

6. A Popular Dude’s Secret Life (No idea why I follow his blog, I just do not remember)

7. Gay Mid-Schooler (still surprised he was in middle school when he came out)

8. My Gay Teen Life-Love, Boys, and More! (I love that eh is a theater geek and he is a great writer one of my favorite blogs)

9. Coming Out (One The Internet) (I miss this blog, I hope he is doing well, his blog was so good)

10. Benny

11. scream bloody murder (I miss his blog, where did you go Arodomon if you are reading this?)

12. Thoughts of a gay teen

13. Halfway out : a gay teenager

14. Confused yet Honest (Awesome blogger, awesome person, I wish him luck when he graduates and when he gets to see is boyfriend)

15. Secrets of an All American

16. Peter's Blog (he is cute, although he does not believe he is)

17. Getting it off my chest (Nic is soo awesome and so nice (and REALLY CUTE (Dominik do not kill me please, you are way cuter than him, at times)))

18. A twisted faith•

19. That Boy's Ramblings

20. Tick, Tick, Boom!

21. Carwin's Closet (This one is probably my favorite blog I have read, he is so honest, smart, cute, cool, and just an all around great guy, if you have not read his blog I STRONGLY urge you too, it is the best I have read and I truly think Jason is an amazing person!)

So for those that do not see their blog on here that is becaue

1. I did not read it early enough to be using my iTouch to read your blog

2. Or I have notread through your blog completely (but this I ONLY one blogger, the other was a faker and written by a 40-year old)

Life Putters and Wanders,


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quick Post

Summary of what I did today
  • eat
  • talk on skype
  • go shopping
  • eat
  • talk on skype
  • go shopping
  • do nothing
  • go to chili's
  • text with people

That is what I did to day good night!
Life Putters and Wanders,

Friday, April 23, 2010

Not Alot To Blog About

Not alot to talk about today, the big thing was that I had a big math test that I did great on, I think.

I guess one other thing is that I envy Nic and Dominik, see I spelled it correct this time so he does not have to come over here and cut my balls off.

Well that is it, so Life Putters and Wanders,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summary of Twitter Today (With a Little Added Extra)

I was contemplating whether I should actually write this post or not, but I decided to because not everyone follows my twitter.

Today really started at school, like it always does. I was in science and I have this British substitute that I had on Tuesday. Really just did nothing in that class except be on twitter the entire time.
Then for English I had to write an in class essay that was kind of suckish because I needed more time to actually complete it. And for History I had to present a Genocide presentation to the class and it went well for not having had a lot of preparation.

Oh and sometime in between Science and English Kathryn told me that the entire school expects and thinks I am gay, so I guess my school has some good gay-dar or I am way more stereotypical than I thought.

Then I had weightlifting where I did some running before, but we had a while in between the running and the weightlifting, so the football guy that knows I am gay and I went to this smoothie place around the school and while on the way he made a lot of gay jokes. I do not know if that is a form of acceptance, but I do play around with the jokes sometimes so I don't know.

Then I weight-lifted and went home. I watched some naughty stuff thanks to a naught person. Watched 30 Rock and this weeks Lost.

That is pretty much it for me today.
Life Putters and Wanders,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

That's Number 4!

Today I had Spanish which involved having my teacher come up with a crazy weird verb song. Then I had Media where I quickly typed a 10-minute resume because I procrastinated doing it on Monday. Finally I had math where I suddenly got a headache that kind of killed em and pissed me off because it is really from the stress of this project I have to do for my history class about genocide.

After school I was just hanging around on my own hoping that my head ache would go away enough that I would be good to walk home when one of my football buddies came over and asked me to go with him to Starbucks because when he “goes alone, [he] feel[s] like a loner.” So I went with him and he mentioned how I did not deny to the other football players being gay, which is kind of true, so he asked me if I was and I...said....nothing, I neither affirmed nor denied to him that I am gay, but he clearly now knows that I am.

So after Starbucks I walked back with him to the school, don't ask me why. From there I just did random stuff with random people at school and the I left for home. Where I did homework and that is really my day.

Umm is there anything else I want to day, um I am going to see Margaret Cho in September which is awesome! I am also addicted to the Power of Madonna and the American Idiot original cast recording, they are just both so awesome!!

WWMD/Life Putters and Wanders,

P.S. The football player treats me no differently and I don't think he is the type to tell the world that I am gay, but I guess it is cool to have another person know, which brings my total to 4. OOHH I just figured out that one person in each grade at my school now knows I am gay!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


WOW so today was just a day, kind of like yesterday.

Did a lot of random stuff in science, some more random stuff English, then watched Schindler's List in history.

Then before weightlifting I was pressured again to come out if I was gay, but I used my logic reasoning to convince them I was straight. Oh and of course the reason was because of Glee.

Speaking of Glee I am currently watching the Power of Madonna episode! My new personal motto is not WWMD, take a guess what it means? Yeah dudes have I told you all how much I absolutely love Jonathan Groff, yeah he plays Jesse St. James, he is gay in real life and I personally think he is just so cute. Also he has such an amazing voice!

Umm trying to think about what else happened today. Oh I watched “Another Gay Movie”, the first gay film I have ever seen, ironically, and it was quite good and funny, all but the “Edge of Seventeen” parody guy were quite cute.

Finally the last thing that happened today was that I finally got to talk to Whycanti16 again after a few days of not talking and I am pleased to say that the Small Town Twink, a nickname I came up for him, now has a new boyfriend who sounds awesome.

So that episode was so awesome and amazing I am currently watching it again! God “Like a Prayer” was just so awesome!

Life Putters and Wanders,

Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Day with Great Guesses

Well today was cool, it started with me learning that the ever awesome Nic, posted a recording of me and him talking as an extra on his podcast. If you do not know Nic, I truly recommend his great blog Getting it off my chest because his blog is just so great, and he and his boyfriend are just SO cute!

Next thing that happened was that I correctly predicted that my science teacher would not be at school today because she is in labor from a pregnancy, that I guessed about first. So we had another sub tell us about the male reproductive system, at least she was an old sex ed. teacher, so it was okay for her I think.

Then in English we were talking about new philosophers, well actually two of them. And my first guess, to be funny, was the Wonder Twins, which of course was wrong. Then I had to think of another funny one and I came up with Batman and Robin, AGAIN to be funny, and I was half-correct! It was actually Batman and the Joker, but still I guessed a fake funny pair and getting half correct was just so awesome I think, so I have had some pretty good guesses today.

Oh and while waiting for weightlifting to start I told one of my football buddies that he can now make fun of me for watching Glee, and when I said that one of the upperclassmen on the team said, “Dude if you are gay just tell everyone, I won;t judge you on it, just don't wait and lie, we will accept you. I don't want to force you out, but if you are you should just come out.” Well of course I chose to lie and wait because I really am not ready to come out to everyone, just yet because I just don't want to be cast out by the rest of the school just yet.

Well now onto music because I just got two AWESOME albums from iTunes,
The first is the Glee the Music-The Power of Madonna Album . It really has its best song in “Like a Prayer”, so if you decide to not get the album, I recommend just getting that song because it is so epic.
The second is the American Idiot (the Original Broadway Cast) because it is just like album American Idiot and 21st Cebtury Breakdown, but it has more singers that are also just so amazing. My favorite songs from it, weel they are all so amazing, is Before the Lobotomy, Jesus of Suburbia, Know Your Enemy, 21 Guns, and Letterbomb.

Well it is getting late, so goodnight everyone.

Life Putters and Wanders,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Same Old, Same Old!

All I did today was Skype for a few hours with that hotty NtotheItotheC. I also did homework.

Well goodnight!

Life Putters and Wanders,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Skyped All Day

Just Skyped slot today, had alot of fun, thanks too all the Birthday wishes.

For those wondering the cake was a guava cake.
Life Putters and Wanders,

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Present To My Readers

I start this post by saying thank you to everyone that commented Happy Birthday to me on my last blog post.

So I am now 16, and I still feel like I am 14...wait 13....maybe I forget what it feels like to be 12, so I will go with 13. Yeah I mean I know I am older and everything, but I just don't feel it so much. So yeah I am just happy to be older though and able to drive soon.

So as presents I have received $170 and a netbook, which I love.

And as a present to all of you I will give you all my name, it is on this pic of my cake, if you cant read it I will put it under the picture.

If you can't read my name is Robert.

Life Putters and Wanders,

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Shit I hate doing this on an iPod.

So I am home in California, I had a safe flight home.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I am turning 16. I said something else in my first try of writing this, but I forget what I wrote.

Life Putters and Wanders,

- This was HMG from my iTouch

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today and Whycanti16

Short post and like all the other days.
  • Was in the audience for Live with Regis and Kelly, did anyone see me?
  • Saw the Addams Family musical, it was okay
  • Saw the new Glee and it was amazing, Jonathan Groff is amazing
  • Got $100 as a birthday present from my crazy uncle
  • Saw Phantom of the Opera, AMAZING
  • Columbia
  • Fly home
Life Putters and Wanders,

P.S. Whycanti16 told me to tell everyone he is good. He is over band leader, but he is now on to a skater boy why is fucking it up because he was "tempted" by another guy. He wont be able to post for the next month though because of band so that is why I am giving you this update.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don't Want To Be An American Idiot

Wow I really am tired, but I will do what I did yesterday.

· Toured Pace, it is on my list just not above NYU

· Took the subway back on my own and eventually got lost in NY and it was totally fun, I mean NY is just so awesome that even if you are worried you won’t find your way back, you will have fun

· Saw some cousins

· Went to the BEST musical EVER, well maybe not best but top 10

This musical was called American Idiot and it was just so great, I mean it was just such an amazing show, if you are ever in New York it is a MUST see, I mean please it will but be so great, and let me tell you John Gallagher Jr. is amazing, and hot, but also a great actor and singer!


· Regis and Kelley

· The Addams Family Musical

· Whatever random musical I decide to see tomorrow, must likely the, now PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING musical, Next to Normal!!

Well that is it. Life Putters and Wanders,


Monday, April 12, 2010

I Think I Am In Love...

…With New York

God today was so AWESOME, but I don’t have too much time to talk I will just give a short summary of today

· Left New Jersey

· Toured NYU and LOVED it, it is now my first choice

· Saw Promises, Promises and it is a must see with the current cast Sean Hayes, Katie Finneran (who I adore), and the AMAZING Kristen Chenoweth

Now for tomorrow:

· Tour Pace University

· Random New York Stuff

· See either Next to Normal or American Idiot

So Let kme just tell you New York is totally the gayest city on earth, from what I have seen, and the theater gays are FUCKING HAWT!!! Oh and I still need to relieve myself, it has been OMFG 4 days, HOLY SHIT! Anyone know how long it takes for your balls explode from no relief?

Life Putters and Wanders,


P.S. You all should watch Wonderfalls sometime because it is such a great show, have any of my reader seen it?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Carbs, Carbs, Carbs

Well I just got back from my cousins, who are way more interesting in the way of talking, but not in the crazy shit they do. By that I mean they don’t do crazy shit anymore.

Oh and I may as well tell you I got 9 hours of sleep last night, but I was still tired all day, but whatever I handled it.

So at the cousin’s we had 4 courses, if you don’t include appetizers.

1. Salad

2. Pasta in a tomato sauce with a meatball and piece of sausage (there were also chicken and pork chops) covered in the sauce

3. Ham and Mash Potatoes

4. Desert which included Pignolis (delicious, covered in pine nuts), Vanilla Bunt Cake with Vanilla frosting, Cheesecake, Apple Pie, Chocolate-Chip Cookies, and other random candies


Well I am tired and tomorrow I move to a big hotel that is in the center of Manhattan and I am going to see NYU and possibly seeing one of the 6 shows below:

· Promises, Promises (in previews, and features Kristen Chenoweth)

· American Idiot (previews)

· Next to Normal

· Phantom of the Opera

· West Side Story

· A Little Night Music

Life Putters and Wanders,


Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Italian Relatives Are Crazy and Awesome!

Well I am here in New Jersey at the moment and I am lucky enough to have found an awesome hotel with wifi.

So my flight as cool, Jet Blue is awesome because they have TVs for each seat and that is pretty much how I spent the 5 ½ hour flight, just watching T.V.

So I got into JFK around 6:15 today and then I got to the hotel my family is staying at at 8:00ish, and I was tired, by then I had been up for almost a full day. So when I got to the room I tried to fall asleep and I got around 30 minutes or so before my legs randomly cramped up. The pain eventually went away, so I tried to sleep again, and the second I started to doze I got another cramp. That second part happened 4 more times today until I eventually decided to just stand up and do other stuff.

Then at 3 my family went to the house of one of my cousin’s where I learned two things:

1. Italian families are GIGANTIC, like everyone there was a cousin of mine in some relation, either a first cousin, second cousin, I even think there was a third cousin. I was also told that the family on my dad’s grandma’s side is trying to have a family reunion, but they can’t find a place large enough yet because there would be over 200 relatives there. I mean OMG!

2. Italian families are HILARIOUS. I mean two of my cousins, both in their fifties (one just had a hip replacement), were beating each other with plastic plates, I mean it was hilarious, and I mean just Italian people are so funny.

So tomorrow I am doing today all over again except this time it will be my dad’s granddad’s side of the family.

Well I need to sleep so goodnight.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

So today…well I do not want to talk about today. But I do want to talk about tonight.

Tonight I am going to be leaving on a jet plane to New York City, and I cannot wait for that I am just so happy that I am getting away from this town where I am at currently to go to the East Coast because it will just be such a change from where I am.

So this trip might mean that will not be blogging or twatting for the next couple of days (there goes my plan of blogging everyday), but I am going to tell you my plan for the East Coast:

· I have a 10:00 flight to JFK which is supposed to land around 7 A.M. local time

· From there my family and I are going to go to New Jersey to see family for two days

· Then we are going back tro NYC for 3 ½ days where I am going to tour NYC, Pace, and Columbia (if I can figure out whether they do tours or not), see Addam’s Family the Muscial, seeing Regis and Kelly, and whatever else comes my way while I am there.

Well I don’t have a lot of time so this is it and I am going to give you some extra pics incase I don’t have internet while I am away, so here they are:

Life Putters and Wanders,

P.S. Feel free to fight over all the sexy guys

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Right now, as I am typing this I have a tear (or two) rolling down my face, next to my nose that I have just wiped off to be replaced by a new couple (I despise that word at the moment). Tonight I am crying because of the realization that two people I have been EXTREMLY open with two self-centered bastards that need to learn there are other people around that are also having issues, maybe even ones more eminent than the ones they are facing.

The first case is one with Katie, fuck it her name is Kathryn! So Kathryn is just a big bitch, and she knows it and knows that we admire her bitchiness, but the problem is that with that bitchiness comes the annoying part that she is also an idiot and self-centered. So the real reason I am just pissed at her is because of those two shitty qualities about her.

Today we were talking after school and we were talking about random stuff, and the problem was that when I stated simple facts about my life that she should by now FUCKING know, she responds with, “I did not know you were in _____” and other similar stuff that I have said a million times and even showed her I was in a million more. This just really pissed me off that she only really noticed that juicy gossipy shit about me, like he remembers I am gay (only had to tell her twice, the second time was to clarify to her I was gay and not bi) and that I have a blog which at any second she could blurt out and my life would end. And that is what really pisses me off, I just hate how she is so gossipy and unable to remember simple things about me. All of that attest to how she is self-centered and it started to get me irritated but not crying.

So what really got me crying was that I have been talking to this other guy who is also self-centered and I am fine with it I know he will grow out of it, at least he better! So I was talking to him and I was telling him how I was irritated today because of what happened with Kathryn, pretty much saying a shorter version f what I said before. And you all want to know what his reply was, and I quote, “Oh gawd.” I then reply “Yeah I know.” And then he said, “Ugh. My hair won’t get it the way I like it.” That is when I got pissed, I did not tell him, but I was. I know it may not seem self-centered to you, but it was to me because instead of trying to help me with the Kathryn situation he just moved on to his hair problem, like fuck cant you at least say, “that sucks, you should tell her you are annoyed at her ignorance of you.” But no! All I got was “oh gawd” and “my hair sucks” and that is what frustrated me and the more I thought about it the more it pissed me off and frustrated me and lead me to shed the most pointless tears in my life because I feel a little neglected and not cared for by the one friend I feel I have, though there is no way she is actually a good friend and the other a guy that is the only one of my blog readers to have actually seen my face and heard my voice at the same time, but I just fell pissed at his immaturity even though I know he is smart and should know to actually try and be a real caring person.

Okay so if you want to try and cheer me up, fine, but I think the big thing that is going to help is that I am leaving for New Jersey/New York tomorrow, so I should be able to get my mind from selfish assholes.

Life Putters and Wanders,


P.S. Kathryn and other if you are pissed at me right now well then you know why and if you feel bad about me bad mouthing you on my blog, the too bad this is my blog and I have the right to post what I want if it helps me. And I know I am being self-centered right now, but you two know I am not all the time I am just pissed at you, if you want to talk about it you know where you can find me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Media Class Was Crazy Today!

So today was kind of a good day.

In Spanish I took a GIANT test that lasted the entire period for the entire class to finish.

Then in my media class we have started this cool like business unit and today we had media professionals and we learned 3 big things today:

· The first was that in order to write a good résumé when you have not a lot of experience on your plate is to write about what skills you are good at and like to do. So we pretty much spent 20 minutes helping each other out figuring what we are good at doing (and of course playing around with other people by making fun of each there a bit, but I mean we all knew that other was joking)

· The second thing we learned about was interviewing and how CRAZY it is I mean that way it was explained was that:

1. First you call in and have an over the phone interview

2. Then you have a second over the phone interview

3. Then you either have a real interview or a third over the phone one

4. Then you either have another interview like one-on-one or you have a 5 hour extravaganza where you talk to just about everyone in the company and are interviewed by them, called a panel interview

5. Finally you either get the job or go home and commit suicide or die because of the crazy stressfulness of all the interviewing

· So am I the only one who NEVER wants to get interviewed for a job, EVER

· So the final thing we learned was networking and how to mooch off of our friends and dental-hygienists (yeah I know WHY THE FUCK would you proposition a dental hygienist if they know any companies that are looking to fill spaces in their company?) in order to get a job

That was what I learned in my media class today and I actually think it will be useful in life, unlike the natural log of a tree, jk there is no such think I don’t think.

So that is it!

Life Putters and Wanders,