Sunday, June 6, 2010

Aaron you are CUUUUTTTE!!!

Wow okay I think today will be a really quick summary since I am really tired and it is 1:15

So I woke up early yesterday to go to the SAT. There was a large line there but I eventually found my room. I had a 45 minute delay, but we took it eventually, I guessed a lot in the beginning, and near the last 10 minutes I had to answer 30 questions quickly, but I got them because they were actually in what I learned this year.

I then drove home, got family, and went to a really good Dim Sum place.

After that my parents left for Santa Cruz and I was just lazy.

For dinner I made Pigs in a Blanket with the coating being made from scratch it was pretty much just a cornbread coating). After dinner I watched Valkryie and then had a giant Skype convo with Aaron from A Beautifool Chaos and he sounds cute, looks cute (still need to see face), and has a great personality. I am now watching Nip/Tuck and going to bed now.

Yes this is a picture of Aaron, cute right? If you want a nice shirtless pic of him go here (you might want a towel before you click it)

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. Hope you did ok on the SAT. The PIAB sounds good. So you are a cook, huh?

    How can you Skype with Aaron without seeing his face? He hides it from his webcam?

    Hope you are having a good Sunday.

  2. Ummmm for dinner you ate "pigs in a blanket?" omg wtf is that?? lol

  3. lol. aww.. thanks Rob. :) i'm kinda worried about this impression you have of me because i'm worried you might be beyond disappointed when u find out how i look like one day. lol.


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