Friday, June 4, 2010

Last Day of Learning

Wow for such a short school day, it was really tiring.

So I got to school on time as usual. I had Science first where we pretty much just messed around for half-and-hour. I then had English where we did some grammar review and a word game where you try and get to a chair in the middle of the class and define a word. My side was really slacking off so I started to tell them the definitions after I went because you cannot go again if you have gone and got the definition correct, and the teacher caught me and put points on the board for the other side. In the end my team tied it up and we had one more word to tie it up and right after the teacher said it 3 of us scrambled for the chair, I ended up on the ground with a person from the opposing team on the chair, but it did not matter because the bell rang right then and class ended. So I then rushed to the Media room and quickly printed out my speech for History which was apparently way too short. So I quickly got to History on time and we started class which was just a big debate about what to do with China and we were in 4 groups with each group having one person that gives a speech. I was lucky that when my group came up I did not have to give a speech. So class was quickly over and we had break.

I then went to my Spanish class and again us shitted around for half an hour when break was over. I t5hen had Media where I almost finalized the Brochure. Followed by math where I got a test I was sure I failed back, yeah I did not fail one bit, I got a fucking 88/90. I was like WTF how did that happen, I mean there was a question on something I did not even learn and I got it completely correct, I was amazed! Ooh I should see if it raised my grade and made it easier to get an A. Damn they closed down the actual grades so I have no idea if it increased, also she has yet to put it in so I would not know either way, but I think I might actually be able to get an A in math now YAY!

So after that I went and finished my Brochure and it looks pretty good in my opinion.

After school I went and bought lunch from a great Delicatessen, I got an amazing Reuben and then walked home.

At home I studied for my World History SAT by doing a practice exam and studying the questions I got wrong, in the end I got a 640, but I have no idea is that is good, so can someone please tell me?

I also read some more of “Official Book Club Selection” by Kathy Griffin who I love and NEED to see again and in an actual indoor theater and not the Mountain Winery.

I then watched the Spelling Bee to see is I can spell, I did well, but some parts were impossible to get without research. I am currently watching Nip/Tuck, I just finished talking to Whycanti16, and I am now talking to a cute guy over the GYC.

Well I have to take my SAT tomorrow early so good night.

Life Putters and Wanders,


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  1. I hope you get that 'A' in math. Good luck on the SAT.


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