Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pride: Part 1 and Today (6/28/10)

It is 10:55 and I am going to walk my dogs soon, but right now I really want to talk about what I did leading up to leaving on BART to San Francisco!

I woke up at 8 or so and checked tweets and everything and then Rik texted me so I started to talking to him while I fed the dogs and everything. I then decided that now was the time to go to Target and drove there while still texting Rik (I actually just texted him most of the time until I got to SF. So I went in and go searching for v-necks and instantly find them. I go and try them on and decided that I look really good in a large black with teal stripes small v V-neck, but I also buy one in navy blue and some more Cargo shorts or whatever they are called. The total is $40 and I leave happy. I then get home and have a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with banana while watching the latest Doctor Who; it was the Van Gough one that was really good! After that I had to clean up some more Sampson diarrhea, it was way easier this time because I knew what I was doing, oh and I think he did it in the middle of the night.

After that piece of shit part of the day I went an took a shower an shave a bit, even a tiny bit of my chest (which I will do fully sometime lol) I then got ready in my clothes. The tight skinny black skinny jeans that show off my ass according to Kathryn, the V-neck (which I love), and a normal belt. So yeah that is where dressing malfunction one occurred. SO this beautiful rainbow belt I bought from Hot Topic is apparently too small by one size lol. So I am now determined to slim down and wear it by next Pride. Now dressing malfunction number 2. The jeans I was wearing (first pair I ever remember wearing) have hole in the middle, small but enough for someone to see my boxers if I am sitting down lol, so yeah. I then pack my bag with the directions to the BART station, the Kodak camera, some gum, some spare clothes, and my phone, iPod, wallet, and car keys. I was ready to go.

Now going to walk the dogs and continue my erotic story I am creating for CJ!

I have now decided to post about Pride in parts so that was Part 1. Also if you want to see what I wore I am willing to put it back on and take a few shots of it depending how many people are interested in seeing it. There needs to be at least 4 interested and there are currently 2, but if I get 6 I will take 3 pictures and post them, so comment if you want me to do that! Now onto yesterday (it is now 1:21 AM),

I woke up at 5 because I could not sleep well and I watched a bunch of Futurama, got the dogs out and fed them early, took a shower, and read the tweets. I then had a bagel and some fruit for breakfast and left at 10 for my SAT diagnostic. It took 4 hours, but did not feel that long lol, and all I really did was literally take the SAT, but as practice. So in between sections during a break I decided to text Rik because earlier we were texting a bit and apparently his grandmother was feeling weird and stuff so I helped him a tiny bit. So I asked if she was okay and we just talked for a bit over texts, which is always fun.

When I was done I drove over to Q-Cup and got a delicious (nearly orgasmic) Thai Pearl Milk Tea, ugh so amazing! And I drove like 20 minutes through the same areas to find the Yasioo to get a gyro, mmmmmm amazing. And I got home I planned on starting this post, but that never happened lol. Instead I talked to Erik for a while and he is always fun to talk to! Yeah also he is cute, though he picks one of the worst ones for his profile picture lol. The other thing is that that is his smile lol yeah I think it is the braces (he is SO ready to get them off lol, I mean no one usually smiles that big with them on lol jk!) We talked about a lot of stuff and he is just awesome, go read his blog! I then left for football at 4:53

I had football, we worked out and everything and my stomach started to feel weird, I am starting to think it is because I have been eating way less than normal, which is actually a thing I think, but the pain was annoying! We then ended and we start practice and I have now learned I have been moved to Left Offensive Tackle (DAMN I loved being right, but who knows things change!) We then just practiced for a while and when it was over two players I am friendly with asked for rides, so of course I obliged (BAD BOY!) and I drove them and one of them, Ohio (a nickname we gave him because we came from Ohio for his freshman year), mentioned Pride was this weekend and that apparently people were shot. I think he had a bit of contempt in his voice, but was very matter-of-fact. He also said that it was, “a 17 year old and his partner.” I had no idea this happened and I was really sad inside, but tried to show as little of it on the outside. And I think the couple even died, I will check but that is so sad, and I am so happy it is going down as a hate crime! Okay this is the story, wow that is sad!

I then came home, ate a delicious shrimp salad with Thousand Island dressing and starts to watch Lie to Me. I think I started to talk to CJ first and we just talked about nothing until later which I will get to. Then Matt started to talk to me and we started talking about Skins after I talked a bit about Pride, and it was fun talking to him about Skins, I think Netflix is now the best thing ever! We eventually got to talking about Isaac whom I like talking about with him because if I help him I do feel better and I know that it is always nice to have someone to talk to when you are feeling down. Then Erik started talking to me and we really talked about nothing, but I we did argue about relationships because he has a boyfriend who he has only talked to online, and I feel that you cannot be in a relationship with a person until you have at least met them lol. Then Rik texted me and that convo kind of died quickly lol... But I am so jealous that he has a boyfriend, but I mean it sucks for him because he is moving to LA for what sounds like a year, so that really sucks for him!

At 10 CJ asked me to continue my story. Now I don’t really want to introduce it here, but let me tell you it is an erotic story that actually just got to the sexual part, but I a texting him, so I am a little scared, but whatever it happens lol. I mainly got to the sexual part while walking the dogs. At 1 I was asked to stop because he was really tired but could not see anymore, but the problem was that I was real near the money shot, so I guess I will have to re-tool the story a bit to make that part longer lol. Oh yeah I also now have a compromise with him, if he cums while reading what I wrote, he HAS to take a picture of it, so I guess if he cums on his body get a picture of cum on his body lol. Oh and you want to know the craziest part about the story I am texting him, I have NEVRR done any of the sexual acts mentioned in the story LMAO!

Now for my letter to my dreams.

Dear Dreams,

I love you guys you are amazing and make my nights a bit more interesting. If you ever want to make a long running story where I have a boyfriend and stuff, I am totally ready! Also if you can please give me a wet dream, I will love you even more! One last thing, why is it that the only dream I completely remembered from you is the one where I had to kill my science teacher because he was a terrorist?


Well that is really it because right after that I wanked and then went to bed.

Life Putters and Wanders,


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