Monday, June 28, 2010

Short SF Pride, longer to come!

Tonight’s post is a short summary of Pride that will become a full post.
I was excited, I bought my v-necks, I watched Doctor Who with an amazing moment on television, cleaned up more of my diarrhea dog, showered, got dressed, left late, arrived way late, got on BART with a bunch of fag hags that were very sexually active and their one gay who was cute and very virginish lol, texted Rik, arrived in SF, walked to find where everything was happening, suffocated, saw my first nude guy (why did he have to be 67…BLEH!), texted Rik again to meet up, my phone fucked up so message did not send, texted Kevin, hung with him and his two girl friends who were really nice, “danced”, saw Kevin shirtless (he is really cute in my opinion, went to the Cat Scratch Club (that’s where I work, I dance!), went to Union Square and just hung with Kevin and his girls, got a rainbow bracelet, Kevin left, texted Rik, called Rik, lent my phone to this 15 year old swearing girl and her mom who offered me Tequila, felt really sad I was unable to see Rik, got on BART, texted with Erik for a bit, almost cried, saw the cutest gay couple, saw they weren’t a couple, almost cried, got a text from Cj and we started talking, almost cried, got attacked by bugs, figured out I have a BIG crush on someone that is the worst candidate for many reasons, cried 3 tears, got a text from Rik that confirmed why we never met, arrived at my BART station, could not find me car, nearly died calling the towing people, checked with the information desk and was told to go to the other parking lot, find my car, drive home, walk dogs while telling CJ a story, wrote this.
Now pictures, they are not numbered so if you want a caption just describe it and I will comment with a caption.

OMG I nearly forgot about Erik’s challenge, today it is siblings.

Dear Rosie,

I love you but also find you really annoying you have been way less of a bitch since you have gone to bolder. Also I am happy you got a cute nerdy boyfriend, yay! Stop trying to make me drink, smoke pot, and just do stupid stuff.


Life Putters and Wanders,

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  1. I love going to pride parades. Everyone seems so happy and carefree. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.


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