Monday, June 14, 2010

Pissed Some People Off

Well today was a mix-bag of partial downers, but was better than yesterday for sure.

Today started with me waking up at 9 and staying in bed until 10. I then went down and watched some Party Down and then the World Cup: Italy versus Paraguay. Yeah Italy really sucked in the first half of that game I mean it was like how my football team was this year, always coming back in the end, Italy was just lucky that Paraguay was not too amazing.

From there I decided that now was the time to show Tyler my birthmark, which is on the head of my penis lol. He was a little weirded by it for some reason or at least that is what I got lol. I then decided that since I have had a few other Twitter followers ask about seeing it so I decided that I would put the picture up on yfrog for one minute. I posted a tweet with the link and one minute later deleted the picture off of my profile for yfrog. That did nothing and the link still worked (it is actually still working). So I then deleted the tweet, but if you use Echofone it caches the tweet lol. The final thing I did was file a pornography report of the picture and in 12-24 hours it should be removed.

After doing that I tweeted that if you really wanted to see the picture you have to tell me and let me know that you really want to. This one person Martin Wisser I think left a comment on my blog asking to see it. I have no idea who he is, so I looked him up and found that he is a 46 year old man. I was creeped out and got a big pedo ding on my sexual predator-dar. So I tweeted being creeped out about the 46 year old man asking to, basically, see my penis. To that tweet Peter suggested privatizing my Twitter so I decided to remove, not block, every follower that I was not following, but I now have a system as to whether I will let you follow m if you apply to. If the person is under 30 I will automatically let them follow me provided they are not spam. If the person is over 30 I will put it to a vote with my followers, if the person gets three “Follow” votes or if they get 2 and I like what they tweet about he/she can follow me, but if they do not get 3 votes or only get two but I do not like what they tweet about I will decline their request to follow me. So request if you want to follow my tweets, you will most likely get approved, but just because you follow me does not mean that I will follow you, but it also does not mean I won’t at sometime.

Later Tom, a new person to Twitter, was inspired by my photo and decided to do a nice little photo shoot and post the pictures on Twitter. They are amazing pictures lol. I then played MW2 and listened to this week’s AWESOME Nerdist podcast, it is so worth listening to. I then went and had dinner and watched this week’s Lie to Me while texting Rik and CJ and doing my laundry.

I have my driver’s test tomorrow so I am going to finish this episode of 24 and go to sleep.

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. Hey, not trying to sound too gamer nerd-ish but since I play MW2 quite a bit too, what's your fav gametype map and weapons set up. I love P90 paired with the akimbo glock 18's + lightweight/marathon.

  2. My current one that I am using is AUG HBAR w/ Holographic Sight, SPAS-12 w/ Silencer, Semtex, Flash Grenades, Marathon Pro, Hardline Pro, SitRep (to get it Pro), and Final Stand.
    And my favorite map is either Derail or Carnival.


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