Friday, June 11, 2010

Wow it is 4:40 Right Now!

Wow well I guess it is time to write about my first day of summer.

So I woke up at 8:30 and started to read tweets until 9. At 9 I decided that I wanted to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 because I bought the last two map packs last night. So I start to look for it and I cannot find it in my stacks of DVDs and games, so I start to check my two DVD holders, but I can only find one and it does not have it. So I start to look all over my room for it and eventually find it, but MW2 is not in there :-( ! So I figured it was on the floor, but my floor is covered in clothes and trash, so I went on a cleaning spree and picked up all the trash and useless stuff (sadly the clothes are still in a pile on the floor, I need to get rid of them). It was still nowhere in sight, but I decide to check a stash of school stuff I put in a random place. I found two other games for my Xbox and a bunch of cases for DVDs (I know I am a mess/slob), but no MW2. I then was pissed but decided to organize my DVDs and games in case I missed it somewhere. In the middle of looking I decided to look in a place where I looked three times before. I was expecting nothing and what I found astonished me, MW2 was there, I was amazed because the whole search gave me a really good reason to clean my room and organize my DVDs. One other side-effect of going through all that trouble to find MW2 was that I entered into a really good mood.

As a part of my good mood I did as Nic asked and finally completed my prediction sheet for the World Cup. Each time North Korea came up; okay actually let’s stop that train of thought for a minute. Umm so I have been wondering about this, but is North Korea only there so we can show them how Democracy prevails? I mean really who the fuck is going to play for them? The only people in North Korea that are healthy are the ones in government high enough to actually be liked by Kim Jong-Il or else you live in squalor, but then again I guess Il wants to be a bit like Hitler and impress the world with his sport prowess, ahhahahahahahahhahahahha, yeah I do not think that is possible! Okay back to what I did for my predictions. So for each North Korea game I put them as scoring Nuke points!

So after that I played some of the new maps of MW2 and they are really fun. When I finished playing I went downstairs and had lunch and watched the opening concert for the World Cup. Following that I watched Bruno for the third time, it is such a funny movie, but the best part of it is listening to the commentary because it is extremely interesting and brings a lot of reason and insight to the movie.

I then remembered that True Blood is coming back in four nights I decided to start reading “Dead and Gone” By Charlene Harris which is the 7th or 6th novel in the Southern Vampire Mystery Series. In between chapters I checked Twitter and talked to this guy on The GYC.

At 7 my family had dinner. And halfway through Rik started to text me, so we talked until 8.

At 8 I rewatched the encore of Showmance, which lead to the introduction performances on So You Think You Can Dance. My fave contestants this season are Billy Bell, Kent, and Lauren. My fave All-Stars are Lauren Gottlieb, Kaupono, and Pasha.

Well after that I talked to Rik some more, I watched “Man Bites Dog”, and a lot of Upright Citizens Brigade, such a funny show and I love ASSSSCAT!

Well it is 4:36 and I am nearly falling asleep, so good night!

Life Putters and Wanders,


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  1. Wow thats a lot of entertainment! lol UCB is really cool-- I wish I were travelling to NYC soon, because one of my friends in HS (we werent close but worked on a few projects together) is doing some shows there. Kinda cool.

    Have a good friday, even though you'll sleep through half of it.



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