Monday, April 4, 2011

Bursting into Blog

God I do not kn....wait let me redo that

Mythical creature that will be presently refered to as "God" I do not know what I am doing. Life is hectic, but it isnt. My life is boring, but it isnt. I have no time EVER, but I ALWAYS have time. My brain is the brain of a normal human and I just let it use its wahtever measly percent to order me around.

Right now I SHOULD be working on this script for an Alien Screenplay my Swiss friend, Raph and I are writing for English, but I am a procrastinator (through I prefer the term "procrastating") and I am instead watching gay videos about gay love, or reading abotu gay love because is fucking love and what does love mean....well nothing...or everything....or something minuscule that is meaningless in the normal context, but the most important lesson a person can learn, self-respect.

This is the last week before Spring Break or as I call the Second to Last Week Before I Can Legally See R-Rated Films Because The MPAA Sucks and Rated the Kng's Speech R Because Americans Are So Fucking Conservative Compared To The Europeans or in the short form SLWBICLSRFBMSRKSRBAFCCE aka the week before the week where I turn 17 [fuck only 13 more years, I feel like Donald Trump's hair except happier and not stiff as a board...well at least not everywhere ;-) (shit now I have to use brackets because of the smiley face)]

Next week I am going to DC to watch the US Government shut down, see two shows, meet a special person all of you better know, and got to Gettysburg and then celebrate with family (why cant I just have a gay weekend instead, wait no that is for next year when certain thing are

So yeah I am just going to say I cannot wait for DC, I will be meeting Sam from Confused?...yet Honest if things go as planned, if not whatever, but if so then hell to the yay!

Okay well that is enough procrastinating, back to doing my homework.

Robert BP