Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Short Post, I Am Getting Better

Okay I am kind of tired an I do not want to post much.
I just want to say I had an AWESOME time talking with WhyCantI tonight, he is just SO awesome!
I also want to congratulate GayAndy for getting his 200th follower, your blog is awesome and I love your blog and I know you already know that.
Rhythym the author of the Lottery was Shirley Jackson

Okay so that is pretty much it for me. If you truly want to know what happens during my day go and look at my twitter, sorry tman, it is the best way to know what i up with me and I usually update it at least 10 times a day or more.

Life Putters and Wanders,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Still Sick, Boring Day

Okay I was tied when I woke up still sick, but good enough to go to school. In science I learned I have a lot of homework to do by Thursday. Then in English I had to quickly read a short story called the Lottery, which as about a crazy tradition in a small town and people getting stoned. In history I learned about the atomic bombs and that I have a giant test in that class on Thursday.

Also today I was talkig with Katie and Swiss and we went into A LOT of discussions about vaginas, sorry if you despise that word, and I could NOT be myself because there were a some other people there, so that was annoying. Also Katie was talking about going to gay bars in San Francisco, but this was to one of her friends who does not know I am gay, but I know she will not care one bit, so I am hoping to go with them if they decide to go because…well…I would be like the ONLY gay person that would go with them! Lol

Okay not much to talk about, and please send em your ideas for what I should do for my 50th post, I want to do something special.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Monday, March 29, 2010 and today

Sick and bored so ask me anything

Okay so not a lot of stuff happened today and I am going to add this post to my previous one today.

Oh and please ask me some questions I love them, and it is so much easier having other come up with the questions than coming up with them myself.

Okay so the big thing today for me was that apparently when I am goig to New York City, I have no idea if I posted that I an earlier blog post, I am going to be in the audience for Live with Regis and Kelley, so if you want to possibly see me watch it on April 14th and you might catch a glimpse of me.

And for those wondering how my sickness is, well I stayed home today, and it REALLY helped, so I think I should be good for when I go to New York, so I am happy.

Life Putters and Wanders,


P.S. I am nearing my 50th post and I am wondering what I should do, so if you have any ideas comment or email me them, okay? Thank you.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Okay my throat has been killing me all day, and I have had a GIANT headache, but today was still ok.

I really am just tried, but have a few things to share. I love that my twitter has kind of blown up because I really like being connected even further to the gay community that is around my age and around the world.

Now today I was looking at this new blog called hornynhard gay boy and I was reading about his coming out experience and there was a point where his dad was in his hotel room wanting to know if he was gay, and the dad was furious, and that was before he even told his dad. And his dad said

I opened the door mum threw her arms around me and dad closed the door behind him. Right what the fuck is going on dad demanded mum growled at him. " That wee cunt Gary Stewart told our John that you tried perv him up is it true " Dad more shouted than asked. I did not know what to say I just held my head in my hands. " Look if your a fucking queer just admitt it" Mum lost her rag and told him to get out of the room and wait in the car. Dad stormed out of the room slaming the door. I broke down crying like a two year old…”

So this is exactly what I am fearing for when I come out. If the situation remotely gets close to that I would just not be able to do anything. I just can NOT handle if that ever happened I just completely fear anything like that ever happening to me.

No on a lighter note I want to share a bit of an AIM conversation I had with Katie. In it I am trying to get her to try and like math, even though that is never going to happen:

Katie: ewwwwww

me: what???????????

Katie: I hate math

me: yeah but love it and I am willing to teach it to you

think of me as a matchmaker for you and math

math is the shitty looking guy

who has the BEST personality

but you only see his personality once you get to know him

like knowing how 3x5 equals 15 gets him got and bothered

and then you learn that 5^3 almost makes him want to go and ravish you all night long

: hahah

oh god HMG...

how the hell did u come up with that


: my own dirty mind LOL

Katie: oh of course *Heart*

me: I know, okay if you want a visual of math’s personalities I will give you them

Katie: hahha

thanks =)



Geometry and Trigonometry

and finally the stud

Mr. Calculus

Katie: ahahahhahaaha

oh god HMG

me: LOL so katie if you keep going you will eventually meet studly Mr. Calculus

Okay time for the new photo of the night:

Life Putters and Wanders,



Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Hate Sore Throats!

Okay so I an typing this from my iTouch, so forgive my spelling errors.
So today was kind of annoying because my throat was kind of killing me all day, I mean at this moment I am not speaking in order for it to start to heal more.

I also drove quite a bit today, but I LOVE to drive, it is just so fun, to go on a weird tangent:
Today was the day you: Almost had a truck smash into your car at 70 MPH, and think, "If only he got a few inches closer!"
Yeah I know that makes ke sound suicidal, but I think I am okay with dying as long as I do not bring it on myself, but have another bring it on me.

Oh on another weird tangent I think I am destined to die by the age of 64, do not ask ke why because I have no reasonable, logical, or understandable explination for it.

So I am kind of happy that my argument-ish like thing between me and tman is over, although it kind of turned into me expressing my hatred of child pornography.

So I still need to get Katie a present for her birthday, but has given me no reasonable suggestions, so all I can think of giving her is more condoms LOL!

Okay so that is pretty much it, I just want to explain the mass amount of pictures. They are all of the same person, a model named Dominik, who I have actually put in one of my older posts, but still I think he is DELIIOUS looking!

Life Putters and Wanders,
- This was HMG from my iTouch

Happy Birthday Katie!!!!

So today was a little boring, but also fun.

In Spanish we watched my group’s telenovela, if you want to find it, it is on YouTube, but you will have to find it. If you think you found mine send me an email ad I will tell you is you have the correct one. Then I remember today was Katie’s Birthday, it is a good thing she knew I was not going to have any presents for her today, but if she si reading this, which I doubt she is, but it is possible, Happy Birthday Katie, a small present is under this paragraph, I hope you like it…um I mean him!

So then I worked on a video in my media class for about 2 hours, and while looking through footage I found this clip of a CUTE college guy practicing field goals, AND I was not the one filming him, and the person who filmed it was a guy, actually the same guy I had the conversation with yesterday. Almost makes me wonder, lol!

So I then had a math test and I think I did well. Then I had weightlifting where I got sore and tired.

Earlier today, shit now it is yesterday, well screw it I am still awake so I am going to say it is still the 26th! So I commented on a post on Rike's Blog about how he wanted more followers and how he was comparing his followers to Gay Andy's Blog and I responded by saying how Andy has a lot of followers who might be pedophiles because of all of the pictures of cute boys he posts. And in response tman seemed skeptical, or was it outraged, well that is how I read it, so I decided to look into what I said by looking at his latest followers. He has one person with a blog with possible child pornography, and another 8 bloggers that are purely about pornography, so I just saying I may be a little incorrect, but I am also a little correct. So that is what I found.

To end this post I am going to start an area where I will write down something that happened to me today, so I will have something to remember each day I blog about by.

Today Was The Day That: I first learned that Alabama is not a great place for a gay person to be.

Life Putters and Wanders,


P.S. I am nearing my 50th post and wondering if any of my readers wants me to do anything special, but if you chose for me to do something like a 50 facts about me, that is not going to happen at my 100th post.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ear Infection

God there are some cute college guys that were randomly working out in my school’s Weight room, I mean there was a hunky, clearly ex-football player who was with an equally cute smaller, more soccer player looking latino, they were both cute and from the local community college. Let me just tell you weightlifting is twice as fun when you have some awesome eye candy!

So today for the boring part of my school day I did a lab in science, I turned in a 13 page essay on the League of Nations for English, and work on a partner research project for History, and since my partner was not a school because he barely is I stole one of the other groups members. We worked for a bit and the randomly moved onto an awesome kind of meaningful discussion about school.

In other news I have now found a safety school in New York City, it si Pace University, or is it a College, well whatever its name is I can most likely get in there and would be happy to go there.

In final news, I think I now have an ear infection. When I was younger I used to get ear infection all the time, and they are TERRIBLE. I had so many when I was young I started to get hearing problems and almost went deaf, thank god I got over all that, but I now EXTREMLY LOATH ear infections, so I am going to have a fun weekend now!

Life Putters and Wanders,


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's BACK!!

Well I have some more family drama. My sister is leaving tomorrow…AND THEN coming back in a week to get he rwisdo teeth removed, so my house is going to quiet for a week. WAIT SHIT, just remembered my grandmother is moving in on Monday, okay then I have 3 days of quiet before all hell breaks loose. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

So today I woke up about 7 times before officially waking up, and what is worse is that my tongue was just about rock hard because my nose has been so congested that I could not sleep without my mouth open, and what is worse is that it ruined my throat and it has been hurting ALL day, so YAY for illnesses.

Yeah, so today I had a lot of fun with Katie and Swiss, I think Swiss and I have become a little closer lately, I mean we are a little similar in our opinions of guys, except she has a wider range for who she would go for, but that is only based on looks though, I am the type that would really need to learn a person’s true self to actually completely fall in love with them, till that time the highest love type I hold is a crush.

Well I am typing this in my family room, so I have to be careful and quick so Good Night, wish me better (again)!

Life Putters and Wanders,


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tired and can't think of a title

Okay I am WAY happier now, except for the part that I am congested again.

I am really happy that school has been easy lately because well I have absolutely no idea why, lol.

Okay wow I have a lot of stuff to not talk about because I have nothing.

God my life is boring, sorry, I really try and keep it simple because as you saw when it got complicated, I went into a depression, so clearly what I have been doing has helped.

Well if anyone wants a great band to listen to I recommend She & Him because Zooey Deschanel is awesome and their music is just SO great.

On random news my dad read a fortune cookie and it said something like “Buy someone special a loving present” and he said well we should get HMG a prostitute, and to fain my straightness I said YES!!! And my Mom like glaring at my dad after that so that was the real highlight of my day.

Life Putters and Wanders,

Monday, March 22, 2010

Still Emotionally Bad

Okay well as you can see I decided to keep posting.

If you saw my twitter I had a good day at school, what really helped me were football weightlifting and just having people around to keep me interested with what is going on in the world around me, but I am still not in my best mood.

I feel I should respond to some comments from my last post. So I have NEVER said that I plan to come out to the football team, who do belittle gays, I have no idea where tman got that because I never said that. I am just scared that if the school learns or extremely suspects that I am gay, then the football team will treat me differently.

This really is just a short post, but I do want to thank all of those of you who took our time to wish your well regards for me, I really appreciate it.

If anyone ever wants to talk to me you know my email, or should know my email, or my AIM, or MSN. I know it is hard to start a convo, but all you have to say is “Hi, I am _____, I read you blog…” and that works okay.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Sunday, March 21, 2010


Okay so today was kind of boring, so I have decided to talk about, as some might say is an irrational fear, but I feel it is the most rational thing for me.

So I am going to talk about my complete and total fear of coming out.

Ever since I have figured out I have feared coming out to two main groups of people. The first group of people is my football. I find this to be completely rational because of the way that the always call people “Jews” or “Gay”, somehow they have kept away from “Faggot”. SO I am really only fearing the idea that they will treat me differently, like if they fear me, and completely avoid me, I truly cannot handle that happening. It would ruin me, and my want to stay on the team, so I would then me losing one of my ways of letting out y stored up anger and other emotions.

The other group that I just CANNOT tell is my family, I really just cannot and I have a few reasons for that. The first is that I know they are disappointed in me already, I am not the best in school, but I am not the worst. I have never had too many friends, and I think they think I am weird for not having many. Also I really feel that they just do not care for me, I know they do, but I just don’t, it is just weird, I just feel weird about them. I also do not want my current dynamic to change, I really just do not think I can emotionally handle if my life ith my family changed at all. That is exactly why I plan to go to the other side of the country for college.

I really want to go to a college outside of the west coast because I NEED to get away from my family I know I will be better and more myself if I go to where I really want to go, New York. I know a city is never like you think it is, but I feel that New York would be as large of a change I can make and still feel okay with moving there.

A List of how New York is different than ________, California

1. New York is urban

2. New York has a prominent LGBT scene

3. New York has Broadway

4. New York has schools that have the majors I possibly want to major in

5. New York is near the part of my family I never know

6. It snows in New York, and is cold, I love the cold

7. New York is practically the center of the world

Okay Well screw it I had a bad day, but I think I am going to really say that my life is going to hell the second my Grandmother moves in. I know I am not going to have fun with her in the house and I just really have the a GIANT headache right now. God I am sorry I just really am going to HATE my life, GOD I wish I could just FUCKING move away now, I need to get away I need to really get away from my fucking family. This really is not helping okay, I really do not want to stop posting or just close this blog, but I really might although that might be the exact opposite of what someone who is getting help through this should do, I just really am in a fucking terrible mood I am sorry I hope this picture makes up for my shitiness today. I really hope I can convince myself to stay.

Sometimes Life Just Makes You Want To Die Or Go Somewhere Where No One Knows You,

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Boring Mediocre Gay-I Mean Day

Well today seemed to be just a mix pot of things, although they were mostly on the lower more annoying side of spectrum, but I am resilient and know that I can keep on keeping on no matter how sad and annoying the world around me is.

The Morning:

Today I woke up at, god I forget what time it was. I worked on getting things together for going to school to film the telenovela and going to Starbucks afterwards to hang with Katie and work on an essay. SO I brought my laptop, a borrowed school camera, and some other random homework in case I have free time. After getting the stuff ready I rushed to school and learned I forgot my tripod and went hoem to get it. When I eventually went back to the school a half hour after when we were supposed to wait, waited an hour for my partner in the project to come, and learned he had bailed on me.

The Afternoon:

Went home and found the house empty, so of course I decided to do something DIRTY, and watched the latest episodes of Skins, but eth FUCKING player I was watching it on stopped RIGHT in the middle of my favorite character, Effy’s episode, so I decided to watch some basketball. THEN my parents came home and decided that we needed to fix up the room my sister is moving into NOW so we can make it easy for her to get her stuff in there. While doing that I was able to get this GIANT desk, it is GIANT because my room is TINY, out of y room so now I actually have space to do things. Later my sister came hoe and brought a bunch of friends with her, all girls so nothing to actually talk about.


I got a message from someone who I do not want to disclose on this blog. He is gay, knows I am and he is freaking out because this guy he likes may not actually like him and because he is being clingy. If you are reading this comment anonymously unless you want everyone to know who you are then get a Google account and use it to comment as yourself.

Okay well that is it for tonight, here is your Cutie picture of the day:

Life Putters and Wanders,

Friday, March 19, 2010

So Happy I Could Die

Hey guys. So I think I have officially figured out that most days in my life come in two different parts, both based on how I am feeling.

Part One: I do not really know how to describe it, but I think melancholiness would work.

· Woke up tired and congested, you know the usual

· Kind of had to rush to get to school on time, so I forgot my iTouch at home, which is like torture for me, but I survived.

· Had Spanish and was just really bored and kind of hated the class today

· Went to see how the Lady Gaga tickets were selling at the local arena she is playing at, and saw that they sold out within ten minutes of going on sale :(

Part Two: Happiness and being content

· Filmed in my media class and had A LOT of fun doing it

· Found out I ACTUALLY got the Lady Gaga tickets, they may not be in the best spot, BUT OMG I FUCKING GOT LADY GAYGAY TICKETS!!! :-)

· Had math and did well on a quiz, so I was happy

· Hung with Katie for a while and did homework while she talked to random people

So have people been watching the March Madness tournament going on? Well I have and I just want you guys to know to root for Syracuse, because I am a big fan of them, and that cutie Andy Rautins(I say cutie because he is the hottest on the team and a stud on the court)...

This is the hottest picture I could find of him, he looks WAY better when he plays!

...and West Virginia because I have Extra Credit points riding on it.

Well happy Friday ad hello weekend. My sister is coming home so my house is going to be full of cute-ish friends of my sister, but they are mostly assholes.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Thursday, March 18, 2010

For a Optimist, I'm Pretty Pessimistic

Okay well I really am not in the best mood to blog today, and I am in this mood for no reason that comes to mind, so I will just blame my sickness.

Today was basically a boring day dominated by boring school. I did have one highlight though and that was when I gave Katie her wallet back.

So last night I made these three gifts for her, and by made I mean found somewhere and decided why not give them to her. The first was a small pouch I made from paper that says, "Katie's Tic-Tac Fund" because those are Katie's favorite things to suck on, lol. The second was this random prize I one at a carnival that was able to fit in her wallet. And the final gift was a note saying this is for you special time with someone special, and behind the note was a condom. SO when Katie found that she started to laugh historically, and of course she had to find it right as the teacher is looking at her, but the teacher was like, "THAT IS ONE OF MY BUSINESS!" But Katie did love the gift.

Well that was the best part of my day,

Life Putters and Wanders,

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keeping It Short

Okay I need to keep tonight short.

· Woke up really congested

· Went to school and had a girl chase me into my first class trying to pinch me because I was not wearing green

· Shot a project

· Saw a REALY CUTE guy who is just so AMAZING, but he is STARIGHT why do all of the best guys have to be straight UGH!!!!

· Learned I fail at basketball

· Learned high school people are crazy

· Hung out with Katie and Swiss and talked about boys and everything and her relationship problems

· Found I had Katie’s wallet so I decided to give her some cheap presents, I think it total they cost $2

Okay well it is pretty much it. For the cavemen thing my serious oen was they compromise, one climbs the tree, the other shakes him down, after the fisrt gets the apple. The second eats the first and has the apple for dessert.

My fake one is they compromise and both get the apple. Share it. Then have hard sweaty hairy hot cavemen sex on the ground for months at a time while waiting for more apples to blossom.

Life Putters and Wanders,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Hungry French Cavemen

Okay today was well, okay.

· Woke up at 7:00, thinking it was 6, because of stupid DST, so I went back to sleep.

· Woke up at 7:15 going, “HOLY SHIT WHAT TIME IS IT!?!”, thinking it was like 8 or something, so thank god those 15 minutes felt like 2 hours lol

· Went to science class and talked to my partner while watching a movie, and we were talking about the migrate workers for some reason, I really forget how I came up, and we were thinking what if we just used other countries as cheap laborers, I know my morning mind is STRANGE! And we were saying like how things would be different and we were yelling out, in the WORST French accents EVER, “Duck, duck, we eat the duck?”, “No don’t eat the duck!” and “Frog, frog we go kill frog for frog legs?”, “No don’t kill the frog!”, I know! And the teacher is staring at us deadpan, and asks if we are on crack or something ROFL!

· Then I had English and we were talking about human nature, and I want to share this story with you, and I want you to finish it, but like summarize what you think would have happened:

There are these two hungry cavemen looking for food. One on the west side of a forest named Willy, and one on the East side of the forest named Ethan. They are both looking for food and come upon a large tree in the forest, where one the tree’s highest branch is a juicy red apple. They both see each other on the other side of the tree, and are the same distance away from the tree.

What happens?

· I will give my impression of that in my next post, okay?

Well that is about it for today, now I have to go and pick my mom up from SFO, and incase some were wondering, SFO is San Francisco International Airport.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Monday, March 15, 2010

Still Sick

Well today is one of those days where I just don’t feel like blogging, but I am.

I think I am only blogging right now because I kind of promised myself to post every day, but I mean only if I am able to use my computer and wifi.

Today was normal except that I was Sleep-deprived and pretty sick the entire day

My Highlights:

· Finding a lab that I got a 100%, but science teacher marked me as only getting 2/26 points, which brought my grade down by TWO letter grades.

· Taking a hearing test in a van that can only be described as the NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Lover’s Association) van of choice, and I think I failed it because all the sunds became like white noise in my head and it really confused me so I was like raising my hand for like 30 seconds at a time because my mind was replicating the tone it just heard, LOL, so I think I might be certified as an idiot or partially deaf, IDK.

· Learning that Syracuse got a #1 seat in March Madness

· Going to Starbucks with Katie, and Katie’s friends, shit, what about Swiss LOL whatever. So I went to Starbucks with Katie ad Swiss, I forgot to mention Swiss knows I am gay because she is the observant one that figured it out for Katie. So really I think it is AWESOME to talk about hot guys with them because we all have a little different tastes, but I don’t feel the need to discuss that right now.

· My final highlight of the day is watching the new episode of Chuck because, well, it was AWESOME!

Well I am pretty out of it for now, well good night, or good morning, or merry afternoon, or good brunch, or nice evening!

Life Putters and Wanders,


Sunday, March 14, 2010

For My Own Pure Vanity

Yay I think I am getting better!

Time for the usual bullet point list of what I did today:

· Woke up at 8 wait no it was 7, wait SHIT daylight savings time, okay it was 8

· Had pancakes with the family

· Drove mom to the airport again, this time she actually got to NYC

· Watched 7 hours of Band of Brothers because it was on demand

· Got a new hard disk for my laptop, how I actually have memory to save things and not have to delete them when I am done with it

· Watched the new episodes of Family Guy and The Simpsons

Okay today was also quite awesome for reasons that are for my own pure vanity.

Okay so since there was not a lot to talk about and I do not want to talk about something weird, nor do I have the time, here are two pictures

Life Putters and Wanders,

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Hate Being Sick

Okay might as well start by saying I am sick, my symptoms are a sore throat, and EXTREME congestion, and a lot of sneezing! UGH I hate it :(!

Today started badly, I woke up at around 2 after falling asleep at 12:30ish, and I was up until 4 and woke back up sometime in the 6th hour.

Then I drove my mom to SFO to go to New York City for a business trip, but BOTH of the flights she tried got cancelled, so she is going to leave tomorrow instead.

Then I went to a local Starbucks to meet up with Katie and this is a summary of what happened:

· She wrote an essay

o I did some math homework

· She talked about her boy troubled

o I listened and helped her while looking for some hotties

· She went on Facebook

o I went on Blogger

· She noticed a hot college guy

o I noticed him the second he walked through the door and had to be careful to not to have him notice

· She wanted me to tell her about my blog

o I showed her my blog

· She was flattered

o I was happy she was not mad

· She was loud when talking about my sexuality, although she did try and cover it up

o I was scared she would yell it out to the whole world

· She had fun (I think)

o I had fun (even though I felt I was dying)

After that I went and got some delicious to go Greek food. Then I went and watched Paranormal Activity, it was actually really scary because of the way it was SO realistic!

Even though I was sick today, it was one of my better days!

Life Putters and Wanders,