Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Dedicated SVM Reader!

Well I guess first I have to say thank you to everyone that commented saying they are reading! Just telling you all though that I was being rhetorical, I have no idea how many times I have said this, but I really do not care if anyone reads this, I mean my life really is boring, but I guess if I can write blog post for 117 consecutive days, then I am at least in some way interesting. Bu5t I am very thankful for those who read my blog, though I really am baffled that people read it.

Well now to today. So last night I fell asleep at 2 A.M. and woke up at 8:30 and the first thing I did was go OMG I should go watch the World Cup, so I get dressed, brush my teeth, and go to the bathroom, in the opposite order of course lol. So I go down stairs and watch the last 30 minutes or so of the Argentina-Nigeria (I think, I forget)…okay I just checked I guessed correctly. I then had breakfast where something moderately eventful happened…oh and one more thing to add before I describe what happened, I was also texting Rik… So we had muffins for breakfast, I think they were Raisin Bran with banana, you know that sweet and creamy fruit as my local grocery store describes it (I think it is described that way to appeal to the lovers of sweet jizz). So we were having those muffins and I decided I wanted honey on mine, so I go and get the honey. It is solid, so I put is in the microwave for 25 seconds and made it all bubbly and hot. I then bring it back to the table and pick up a piece of muffin and pour the honey all over my hand. For a second I felt noting and then it burned fucking hot, I mean wow! So I go to the sink and wash my left hand and get an ice pack to cool it down. For the rest of breakfast I ate and texted with one hand, which was a little annoying, but feasible. Also I now think I may have a scar on my left thumb. After that I read two chapters of Dead and Gone and then watched all of Venetian Princess’ music video spoofs on YouTube. They are really funny and well done.

I then went to watch the USA versus England game when I saw a tweet from Nic asking if anyone wanted to do a group chat on Skype during the game, so I decided to respond and hosted. Most of the time it was just us but at time two people joined. We talked a lot about who is cute and who is doing stupid stuff. One problem with watching the game and talking about it one Skype is that Nic was around 12 seconds ahead of me, so whenever a big play happened Nic would be yelling and screaming and I would have to wait a while to see what he was yelling about. But it was really fun I hope we can do it again.

After the game I went and read some blogs. One highlight is that Oliver finally came out to Alex after a month or so of failed attempts and Alex took it amazingly! YAY! Congratulations Oliver!

From there I went and finished Dead and Gone, it was a really good novel. I then watched The Sweetest Thing, OMG that movie is so freaking funny! I love all the main characters and I am not going to be extra careful when I give head to guys with piercings (like I have given head to a guy without piercings lol)!

From there I watched a few episodes of 24 and the reader is now in the present, well my present, which is currently 1:35. Oh and one other thing, today I decided to stalk Peter’s facebook pictures because he just graduated (BOOO!!) and wow he looks REALLY good in what he had under his robe lol. Okay well that is it for tonight, so good night!

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. Hey, us people on the internet have a lot of time. Don't be surprised when we spend a few of our minutes browsing your corner of the interweb. Hell, we if didn't have so much time, I need an explanation as to why so many Lolcats exist ;)

  2. Lesson learned: honey + microwave = HOT. I guess your common sense is still developing. Glad it’s not worse. You will gain many scars on your journey through life. Each one is a souvenir of a new lesson learned.


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