Monday, June 7, 2010

The Media Building

Wow well today was nice, mainly (entirely) the beginning of the day other than watching Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara (both amazing) and getting the latest Glee album (incredible).

So I woke up and made breakfast and went to school. I got to school and this girl I used to like a bit (until I figured out that vaginas=eeww not for me) and she took my arm and pulled me to where the class was, and I was like OMG Jocelyn you know school does not start for another 10 minutes. Jocelyn was like, “What? Really? Hahaha!” So we then talked about how we were worried about the History final and if we both did the Teacher Evaluation because if everyone in our class does it we get 5 points extra credit on the final. We both did it.

When we got to class we started asking everyone if they did the Teacher Evaluation. There were two, so I went and rushed to the Media room to print out 3 copies in case anyone else for it. When it was supposed to print, the printer stopped working. I spent a minute trying to get it to work, but I eventually gave up and went to my English teacher because he has a printer. I got lucky because he let me use his computer and printer because I have been responsible all year.

So I got them o the two people that needed them and we started the final. It took around an hour and a half for me, but I feel I did well. After the final my teacher asked if anyone wanted to see their current grade without the final. So I went up and he said, “You are going to get an A unless you really bombed your final.” I was ecstatic, so I am definitely in APUSH, speaking of that I have a topic I need to research over the summer. My research is on the Dredd Scott case and the Kansas Act, I think.

After that we had a break and I met with Kathryn and helped her find someone to fix her designer glasses. After break I had Media where we watched our final projects. In the middle we took a tour of the new Media building built for the program I am in. So we had to go through the woodshop and be careful because it is still under construction. So the first room was crazy. It had three walls, one for Multimedia Journalism where there will be a news desk. A full wall of a Green Screen that is 40-feet long, and a third was that is good for a black wall. There is also a 10 foot high door that can fit a car and makes it possible to create full sets to be filmed with.

In the next room there is a sound stage that will be a dead room with a TV and stuff to create audio recordings that will match the lip flap of the video. It will also have hanging microphones and the window to the control room is double-pane bullet-proof glass which is crazy awesome.

Then there is the classroom which is nowhere near finished but I was told it will be very collaborative.

So we then went back and finished watching videos. I learned all the details of the new iPhone 4 and I so want it. I then got out and hung with Kathryn at Starbucks then came home. I slept for a bit and then did all the stuff at the top and studied for Math.

Well I am tired and have 2 finals tomorrow so need sleep.

Life Putters and Wanders,


P.S. Word stop fucking crashing you piece of shit crappy piece of software that I am dependent on that needs to stop fucking up!

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  1. That media building really sounds great.

    I hope you do good on your remaining finals.


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