Monday, June 14, 2010


Ugh been tired all day. Okay I woke up at 9 or something today and was just tired. I went down and had blintzes for breakfast. After breakfast we decided the plans for the day. The only thing I was really involved in and I will get to that when it happens.

So I then went and watched some Mythbusters while my dad cleaned the Saab. At 10:30ish my mom and I left. We drove to LG where I am taking my driver’s test and we drove around a bit. We first went to Lunardi’s where they have everything; I mean just wow at everything they have. There we got a bunch if fruit and I bought a low-cal root beer, which was good and definitely better than sugar free.

From there we went to Trader Joe’s and my mom bought whatever she wanted from there. Then we went to Rite-Aid and this one had a Thrifty’s Ice Cream Bar inside of it. If you had not ad Thrifty’s ice cream you are missing out on amazingness, their Pistachio Nut is beyond amazing! There my mom bought some cereal on sale.

After that I decided I needed to go to Border’s and get Dead in the Family, the 10th Sookie Stackhouse novel. So I go there and find it within 5 seconds of walking in, but I had to wait 5 minutes in line because the people ahead of me were so annoying! I then drove home and watched Precious. It is a great movie but a little depressing, but worth watching.

I then went to dead Dead in the Family, but I became really depressed for reasons I do not feel like blogging about, but if you really want to know I will tell you. So to get over it I played MW2 while listening to the Nerdist podcast, watched True blood, and watched the Tony’s. I am now feeling better, but really tired so good night.




  1. Over all, it sounds like you had a pretty nice day. When are you taking your driving test? I hope you got a little used to the area so you will feel comfortable driving around there for the test.

    I thought that was one of the purposes of having a blog like this, to get out in the open things that are bothering or affecting you. If sharing what made you depressed will help you, of course we really want to know about it.

  2. Since you still don't follow me I ask nicely and show in this way I really want to see it


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