Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Interning and Football: Day 1

Well it is 11:10 and I need to walk my dogs soon, but I really want to blog about most of my day today before I do that, then I will finish after I walk my dogs.

So today I wake up at 8 something and check the blogs. One of the blogs I see that got updated is Aaron’s. He is an awesome Aussie who had a really good body and I have been trying to see what he looks like to confirm with him that he is cute, though he does not think so. Oh yeah have I ever mentioned that it pisses me the fuck off when really cute or hot people think they are not hot or cute when someone like me is clearly not cute or remotely hot! Yeah it really pisses me off!!! So I check his post (which he posted at 6AM my time) it has a picture of his face! OMG yay, but to take the goddamn picture down 15 minutes after posting it!!! :’( I was actually kind of pissed, I mean I even told him to do that, but I thought he would post it at a reasonable time where I could see it and give warning and I mean he KNOWS I wanted to see it really badly, but it just really pissed me off!! Yeah I was sad and angry!

I then checked my email and saw I had received and email from The GYC. So I look at it and it says that Wkboy714 has submitted an entry into my profile. So I was like wow is that really the blogger Wkboy and I look and it is! Also he has a picture up on there, he is REALLY cute, so that definitely helped me get over being pissed at Aaron. I then looked at some more emails and caught up on tweets. I then decided to take a shower and shave. Right as I was about to step in I remembered the dogs downstairs. They had not been let out and I nearly forgot about them! So I threw a robe on and let them out and fed them. I then came back in and checked to make sure they did not do anything in the house; they did nothing thank god!

I then go and take my shower and shave and take 15 minutes to figure out what to wear since today is the first day of my internship at the local television station. So I go down to have breakfast and the maid is apparently here, so I talked to her for a bit, then ate a bagel, and watched an episode of Top Gear. At 9:45 I left for the local community college. I got there and parked in the front; mistake number 1 (I think that was really the only mistake lol). So I go looking for the library and I cannot find it (though I have been in it a few times), so I asked a bunch of people and I eventually found it. I then have to ask two librarians where the studio is because I have no idea. I find it and find that there are 11 other Media students taking this internship as well. So we have to sign a few papers and stuff. We then get a meeting about what we will be doing there for the next two months and it seems really fun. Each week we are going to make a show that chronicles what we are doing there and we are going to help get sponsors and stuff, oh and record live music. So umm I doubt this will work, but if you are a band in San Jose or near there and you have appropriate songs to sing, hopefully original, send me an email if you want to possibly be recorded and get on a television station.

Okay it is 12 and I got to walk my dogs I will finish this post in a few minutes! (Like you will notice I did anything because you will keep reading!)

Back I saw this neighbor I used to have a crush on got into the car of someone who was clearly smoking weed and he was totally sneaking out.

Well back to the internship (fuck it is 12:45) so we start and we say what we are interested in doing, I forget what I said yes to lol. We were then told each week one of us will be the director and take over the filming of an episode in a show that chronicles our time there. We then were told to set up and act like we were writing on stuff for camera because they wanted that type of footage. While doing that I talked to Mark, a friend that I started t fall out with, but I think we are better now. So we were talking and he pulls out his phone and shows me a text he planned on sending to this girl (who I actually am currently acting like I have a crush on her because she actually is kind of pretty and nice and I need someone to say I have a crush on lol) and it says, “I truly believe Patch has a crush on you…” When I read that I went, “He has a crush on me?” In a surprised, but not flattered voice, but just kind of matter-of-fact way of asking voice. Mark then told me to look closer and I saw it was to Jocelyn and was like, “Yeah totally dude he clearly really likes her.” We never mentioned that I thought it was me. So umm just wondering to you all that read, but do you think I just gave Mark a serious reason to doubt my sexuality (though he does not care, also everyone is sure he is gay, but I disagree, eh is totally bi but towards men, at least that is what I think)?

After that filming I was told I was in charge of getting audio set up for a band that was coming in later in the day. So I set the audio and everything and we brought this Snake cable around the room to where we needed it. We then learned how to roll up cords in the figure-8 way that is commonly used; it is actually really hard to get, but made unraveling a cord really easy. We then set up microphone stands and stuff. We then finished and were released to go to lunch, but told to find the cafeteria on our own. So I decided to offer Mark a ride to a place for lunch, he accepted and this random senior named Nikhil came along as well. We were walking to my car and talking when one of the stuff decided to film us on our quest to the cafeteria, but they did not understand that we were driving off to get lunch instead. So we told him, but he filmed us through the whole parking lot lol. So we leave and we go to this really good Asian market that had the best Snow Bubbles, I got a green apple with green apple jelly one and it was delicious and orgasmic! I also get some random chicken that was delicious and spicy.

We then came back and I learned that when I try to scare people with the way I drive, they feel I am a terrible driver, go figure! We get back and we are told we are doing interviews of us and I am doing the audio. So I learn about that and we do that and it was fun. I then did the interview, screwed up a lot, but eventually finished and did well. I then went to do camera work for 3 interviews, but ended up back in the booth for audio and it went well and was fun, but in the end we were cut off so we could leave early.

So I drive home and get ready for football and tell my grandma what to order for dinner from a local Chinese restaurant and when thinking that football ends at 6:15. So I get ready and leave. I get there and do the workout and it isn’t that bad and we end on time, but we don’t stop, we then go to the field. We were there until 7:30, I was just lucky that I was able to call grandma and tell her not to order until I called her. So we were getting ready on the field and doing warm-ups and this guy who is always cool to comes up and puts arms around my neck and says he is tired, I actually get hose type of things a lot because I am big but he does this a lot and he is cute and I am pretty sure he knows or thinks I am gay, but I have no real idea of knowing that, but I mean I guess things will hopefully be good if I come out to the juniors (my class) of the football team because I think they will accept me, though I am still not coming out to them yet. Not until senior year.

Well we end and I am tired and I call my grandma to order the food, but this dude that I am kind of friends with and I are talking and he says he has to walk home so I go and offer to give him a ride, he is afraid I will lose my license but I tell him I will be really safe and he agrees, so we go and we are there quickly and I was really safe. I drop him off and then head to downtown and get the food and come back. I have dinner with my grandma and text Rik. I eat and finish Top Gear. I then get my netbook and I see Erik send me a message so I talk to him until he has to go to bed. Before he signs off Matt messages me so I talk to him and it sadly went nowhere, but it is cool talking to him. One thing that annoys me about all if the convos I have is that people barely ask me questions, I mean please ask, I want to answer them I love questions. That is why I also ask a lot of questions. Okay well that is enough I need sleep!

Good night, it is 1:37.

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. How long have you played football? Do plan on playing football after you graduate form high school?

  2. That internship sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun, and you will learn a lot too.

  3. You memory and attention for detail always astounds me. And I'll work on not being so self-absorbed and ask a lot of questions. I usually ask so many questions people get annoyed haha.


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