Saturday, June 19, 2010

Late Post

Well it is now 9:05 in the morning on the 19th of June, but it is time to talk about what happened starting at 8:30 yesterday. (Nothing really happened yesterday so you can probably skip this post)

Yesterday I woke up at 8:30 and started to read tweets, watch the rest of the U.S. game (that ref. was so blind, if he is the referee for any more games the teams should refuse to play), and texting Rik. When that game was over I was told to take a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup out of the trunk of my car (I have no idea why there was a Reese’s in the trunk of my car, but my dad was the one driving it yesterday) and get the newspaper because I wanted to look at the Friday Fry’s ad.

I then came in and started to look at the ad when my grandma came over and talked to me for 15 minutes just to end up asking to go shopping at sometime past two, that is the only thing that really mattered in the conversation, but I mean I guess that is just how REALLY old people are: talk a lot, get to the point later. When that was over I noticed Doctor Who was on on SYFY (it used to be Sci-Fi but now they decided to go all weird, yeah I do not understand the way companies think sometimes) so I decided to watch it until the England versus Algeria game started, but the episode after the one I was watching was “Silence in the Library”. It is one of the most important episodes in my opinion because in the last series of the show before Stephen Moffat took over as the head writer and executive producer because it left one story line open that will probably span the next few series and probably the next reincarnation (whatever it is called) of the Doctor. The plot line it starts is the one of the Doctor and River Song. If you do not know who she if you should watch “Silence in the Library” “Forest of the Dead” “The Time of Angels" "Flesh and Stone" to learn about her. That is actually what I did today, but I will get back to this later.

So in the middle of “Silence in the Library” Nic tweeted asking if anyone wanted to Skype during the England game so I decided to do that instead. So we talk, but really not about the game, it was too damn boring and NOTHING happened! So we just did a lot of talking about random stuff, but it was a fun conversation. While talking to Nic, I was also texting Rik but kind of forgot about him, sorry Rik! So when the game was over decided to see what was on SYFY and it was still Doctor Who, but it was my favorite episode of it “Midnight”. I really just love the episode, the writing is perfect, the story is awesome, and it really draws on real fear, the unknown, and what people will do in life and death situations. It is a must-see Who episode. While watching it Nic said that he was going to get ready for bed and then come back and talk to me before he falls asleep. He never came back, so I sent him a good night message.

At 3 I decided I wanted to go shopping now, so I took grandma and we went to PW and just bought a bunch of food for dinner, nothing really interesting happened there. We then came home and I ate a salad I bought there and I started to watch The Time of Angels" "Flesh and Stone" two-parter, but I had to help grandma cook, but I mean I like to cook when I do it, so I was perfectly fine with helping her with the manual labor lol.

At 7 my mom, grandma, and I ate dinner, waiting for my dad to come home. After dinner I watched the rest of “Flesh and Stone” and my dad came home, so when it was over we decided to watch “It’s Complicated” which was good, but I mean the best part was having the beautiful eye-candy of Hunter Parrish you know Silas Botwin from Weeds and the final Melchior Gabor in Spring Awakening. Yeah I just love him.

So after watching that, I kept talking to Rik and then this new guy on the GYC. While talking to them Nic skyped me and said, sorry. I said I really did not care because I had to go shopping anyways, but it was really nice of him to tell me sorry. I was then really tired and fell asleep. That was yesterday, so yeah talk to you all tonight!

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. Hey, haven't red all your posts, but hope you're able to deal with all your shit. Do you have a rough time being a gay football player? By BF played football in high school and it really sucked for him.

  2. The guy in the pic is F***** hot

  3. The guy in the picture is f***** hot


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