Friday, June 25, 2010

Really Late Posting

It is late but fuck it.

So I woke up at 9:05 and rushed to take a shower. I do that and then have 5 minutes to eat a bagel and leave for my internship. I get there on time and stuff and we are told to set the room up for a game show. So two other interns and I set up four chairs and 4 Lavaliere microphones for the show. We then had to wait for the intern creating the questions, who then became the host. When everything was supposedly ready we all went down and got miced. We were waiting to get started when we figured out a bunch of problems: 1. No buzzers 2. No way to figure out which category to choose 3. No way to measure points 4. No way to see the question being asked 5. No one on the cameras. We addressed these problems to the people in the booth and they resolved them after a while and we filmed. It went well but the questions were easy at times and we just joked around a lot. We ended abruptly because we ran out of questions and were told we were “cancelled” lol.

We then cleaned up and ha lunch. We got back at 1 and we talked about the upcoming weeks and filming bands. We were then told to do something I forget lol and we were all around one computer where Dave was showing us how to use Final Cut Pro and we cut up this music video a band made in the studio. The song sounded good and we cut n a clip of the drummer and when we looked at him in the closer shot, I noticed how freaking hot and cute he is, I mean I could not stop staring at him when the clip came up! We then ended a little early and I drove some other interns downtown and got ready for football.

I had to pick a friend up so I quickly went home and put shorts on and went and picked him up. We got there on time and started to of the Strength WOD we were given to do, then for out workout we ran 10 100 yard every minute, on the minute. I was tired after but me and the other guy, Jeremy decided to go to 7-11 and get slurpees, they were delicious and I decided to buy an aluminum straw and some Hi-Chew. I then dropped him off and watched some TV. STYTCD was great and wow 6-3 damn the guys really are dominating this year. Also Futurama was amazing. I walked my dogs a little late last night because I was talking to Glen (Euphoria) for a bit, but he kind of went away on me :-(

Well One other thing I have decided to do is try and not JO until Pride so I can have an awesome cum when I come back from it.

One last thing. I have decided to do Erik’s letter writing challenge, so day 1 is Best Friend so here it is:

Dear Kathryn,

You are awesome and I love you, even though you are a big bitch at times, but you know it and so do we and it is just a part of your personality. I think you are awesome and I am really happy that I did come out to you, I feel so much freer knowing someone knows I am gay in real life. I think you are awesome and I hope you read this!



P.S. I still need the $100 for the Lady Gaga tickets you owe me

Life Putters and Wanders,


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