Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Profile Pic

Well I guess it is time to post.

So I woke up a little later than usual, but that is okay because we start late on Wednesdays, so I got up at 8 and left for school at 8:40.

As usual I had Spanish today. We did a lot of review for the final and got our current grades going into the final, I currently have an 83.9 or a B, so as long as I keep that I am happy. In the middle of class we were told to put everything away except a pencil, so we were like WTF we have a test. Instead of a test we had more of a writing assessment which consisted of writing 30 sentences. It took me around 30 minutes to complete and then class ended.

After that I had Media where I remembered I forgot to bring the Spring Awakening CD and booklet for Stefanie, so she was sad, but she is like a way larger musical theater buff, but has a terrible way of figuring if a show is good, I mean she has opinions of shows she has not seen, all she has seen of them is videos, which are NEVER the same thing. After that I learned how it will be really hard to get an A- in English and Math even though I have 88 in both classes currently, I better study hard for those two classes I guess. Following all that I worked on the Brochure and it was almost done when he learned of a lot of formatting issues from the teacher, but we are doing fine, just few things we have to do on Friday before we turn it in.

Then during lunch I hung with Bri, Kathryn, Raven and Raven’s bf. We had some weird conversations, it involved vibrating tongue piercings, cunnilingus, blowjobs, and threesomes, and yeah we are a sexual bunch.

In math we did a bunch of review which is really helping, I really need it, I think I can now do Ellipses and Parabolas again, so yay.

After that I stayed after school and worked in my brochure some more and got some delicious Pearl Milk Tea and Hi-Chew (SO GOOD) from the Freshmen class that was selling them while I worked. At 4 I called it quits and left for home.

On the way home I was reading tweets and I say Courage is back, a blogger I sadly missed because right after I started blogging he quit and deleted his Twitter, but now he is back here!

So I came home and finished “The Kite Runner” it was so good. Then had dinner and watched Mythbusters. After that I worked on this paper I have to do after each section of Kite Runner I read, while watching SYTYCD. At the same time I got to tweeting Courage and he seems cool, though he was embarrassed eh was a little awkward in his first few tweets at me, but it was fun meeting someone most everyone likes I the blogging community.

So that is it, you all may notice I have a new profile picture, yes that is me, one of my more flattering pictures and I had no idea I was getting a picture taken of me or I would have like ducked or something, but yeah, I hate getting my picture taken, but I liked this one so I am putting it as my profile picture everywhere. Just so you all know Kathryn took it.

Life Putters and Wanders,


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