Friday, June 4, 2010


Wow I really left this to the end of the day today.

So I woke up, read tweets, and ate breakfast.

I then went to school and had Bio. Today we had a sub for our sub for our teacher, yeah kind of a conundrum, but it was kind of funny. I worked on this study card we get to use on the final while talking with a senior who is kind of awesome, he is a big tech geek and has a lot of connections with the tech people at the school and he also kept the class today interesting for me.

I then had English where we talked about our books and my group really loved The Kite Runner but near the end we had little we wanted to talk about so we started looking for good quotes for the essay we have to write about it on the final.

We then had History where we learned about how crazy Tiananmen Square and how terribly polluted China is. But the real highlight of the class though was when a student sneezed and my teacher said, “You just had an orgasm!” Everyone was like WTF. So then the group with the person that sneezed started talking (they are the only really talkative people in my class) started talking about it and I have no idea what they said but it got out of hand and the girl that sneezed got offended. So my teacher allowed her to slap the guy that offended her, it was really funny, but yeah that was History.

We then did not have weightlifting till 3 so I went with a football friend to the smoothie place and got some smoothies. I got this really good tropical one that tasted so much like the delicious Banana Milkshake from the Falafel Drive-In (which is one of the best falafel places EVER near me) and then worked on my brochure a bit more when I got back.

I then did weightlifting. I maxed at bench with 185 lbs and did 360 for back squat.

After that I went home and did some homework. At 8 I watched SYTYCD and I was just waiting for Billy Bell to show up, I love him he is so cute and amazing. I really hope he makes the Top 10, but I guess I will know next week.

Well I am really tired and it is 12:20, so good night!

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. Sounds like another good, full day.

  2. Crazy. A teacher told a student that she had an orgasm because she sneezed? And the teacher allowed a student to slap another? That would have gotten my teacher fired -for sure- at my school.

    Peace. Oh, and I love Falafels too. I make my own.


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