Monday, May 31, 2010

The 7 Hour Conversation

Well I want to make this quick, I really want to talk about today.

So I woke up at like 8 and read tweets an started tweeting. I soon got an invitation to join a conversation with Nic and Dominik. At first ir was slow but then Village Boy (also named Dominik) joined. Soon it grew and grew and went from I think maybe 10 till 3, so it was five hours. I left twice.

The first was when my dad asked if I wanted to drive to Home Depot…

HOLY FUCK, I just looked at the conversation again, it started at 8, so it was a 7 fucking hour conversation!

…so I drove and we bought random stuff.

We then got back and I only had a few minutes because I said I would drive my sister to the airport. So I got back and it took 15 minutes to read their over 550 messages, yeah kind of crazy how it was still alive at 1.

I then left for the airport at 2. My sister and my mom fought a bit in the car, but they eventually shut up by the time we got to the airport. I then got some In n Out for lunch and headed home.

When I got back it turned out the conversation had dies, but it was an interesting conversation.

After that I started to work on homework. After watching the new United States of Tara, which was amazing, I started to watch the last 5 Nurse Jackie because I have missed them and it is also an amazing show.

Umm well that is it…wait I have to say one thing, Dominik and his boyfriend are such a cute couple, this is Vboy and I do not his name that I am talking about. But yeah Germans named Dominik are usually very hot from what I have now learned.

Well I am really tired and if you want to learn some kinky stuff check my twitter timeline.

Life Putters and Wanders,


P.S. Sampson is better and back to his normal self

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Check Twitter

Ugh I don’t know why, but I just do not want to post today. I am not in a bad mood, just still a little jolted because my dog had an epileptic seizure.

So yeah sorry, I just am not in the mood right now, but if you do want to know what happened to me it is all on my timeline of Twitter, so look there if you want my day.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fuck I Am Tired

I feel like keeping it short because I already wrote a big post today.

So I woke up early and wrote my last post.

I then had some delicious French toast and watched some TV.

At 2 my dad and I left for Fry’s, Big 5, the Dollar Tree, and Safeway. At the Dollar Store we bought some dishes that we needed because we broke the old ones.

At Big 5 we bought a canopy for the dogs to keep them from the rain when it starts to rain again and a new BB gun.

At Fry’s I bought the fifth season of Nip/Tuck, the Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, and an iPod Touch for my sister.

At Safeway we bought dinner and other stuff.

We then came home and watched Doctor Who and Chuck, followed by dinner.

After that I read “The Kite Runner” for a few hours. Now, time for bed.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Yesterday Today

Wow why the fuck did I wait till 12 to start writing my blog post for today?

So I woke up at 7 and remembered that my sister came home last night with her boyfriend, I also forgot to post that. I then go and read tweets till 7:30 and eat some breakfast and leave for school.

My first period was Spanish. We started off with the usual boring stuff, but after the first part we went on to another session of picture viewing. This time it was about Francisco de Goya. He got half way through the presentation when the slide machine, yes my teacher still uses slides, so one of his slides got caught in the projector and he was un-able to fix it. At the end if class some other students and I went up to try and help. I recommended using tweezers to pull it out, but they were too short and thick. My teacher then thought about what is longer and thinner and then pulls out a knife and easily takes the slide out.

Right after that happened I had to rush to the last rally of the year because I need to finish this active student thing which I had two left to fill out by the end of next week. So I go to the rally and as it begins that turn off the lights and everyone starts chanting “GO HOME FRESHMAN!!” It was weird they started with that because the freshman usually provoke us to make us start chanting. Then the show portion of the rally began and it was a countdown of the songs of this year, the list went:

7. Baby-Justin Bieber-they did very little dancing for this number, but I mean that kept it short, so I was happy

6. Telephone-Lady Gaga-the dancing was mediocre; they did not really show emotion or anything in it

5. Evacuate the Dancefloor-Cascada-the song was the best part of this one

4. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)-Beyonce-the dancing was mediocre, but of the usual choreography, but it was made up because they had a guy in the usual outfit, and he was just funny

3. Blah Blah Blah-Ke$ha (feat. 3OH!3)-Again okay dancing, but I mean they had girls if Ke$ha costumes so it was good

2. Break Your Heart-Taio Cruz-They did a lot of okay dancing for this one

1. Bedrock-Young Money & Lloyd-yeah I hate the song, but they actually sung this one, and I mean the entire song, I have to say this one guy on Rally Commission can actually sing, like he has a good voice

After that they did some games. The first was a hot dog eating contest with girls. They started and the senior threw her opponents’ off the table and took hers over to the senior section and started giving them out. In the end the juniors won, which never happens. Then they honored a teacher and athletic students that are going to play in college, we have one going to Stanford, one going to Brown, and one going to somewhere else big. Then there was a game for siblings, which was glow in the dark so I had no idea what was happening. After that everyone moved to where they will during next year’s rallies. I went and got my Active Student form signed and left.

I then had Media where my partner and I have a finished revised rough draft of our brochure.

Then during lunch I got to see what Kathryn did with Bri today because it was Senior Slave day, did I mention I nearly got run over 3 times by people in wagons having their slaves haul them? So Bri was like dress as a modern Pippy Long Stockings, with the best part being a strip of tape across her breasts (Bri has big boobs) that said “My eyes are up here!” it was just so hilarious because it kind of actually just draws your attention to the tape/boobs and not to the eyes, and it was hella funny having people come up to read it. We then went down to the field and hung out till lunch ended, I studied a bit for a math test, which I was still not ready for.

Now Math, when we got in I learned that there was a worksheet she gave out on Monday that I did not have, so I was screwed for one question on the test. I was then given the packet to do over the weekend; I do not think I will do it at all. We then had the test; everything was going well until I got to the problem the packet was about. I did three different methods until I figured one made the most sense and actually gave me an answer that seemed to be what she was asking for.

After that I hung with Kathryn a bit after school. We went to Starbucks and I tried the new Soy Strawberries & Cream Blended Crème Frappachino and it was delicious!

I then went with her to a friends’ house to retrieve a notebook they use to write messages to each other in. She spent like two minutes looking everywhere, so I decide to go and help her. The message said “On top of the wall of the mailbox”, so I go and look there and there the notebook is. So I go to Kathryn and say “Follow me”. I say the message again and point as each part comes up, so I first point at the top of the wall, then at the wall, then at the mailbox. When I am done I point back at the wall and give her the notebook.

I then went home, tried to do a World History SAT Practice test, but it was too boring and my mom came home with Middle-Eastern food, so I went up and ate. After that I took a shower and got ready to go to a Media awards thing for the Media class.

So we got there on time. I took a seat where the other Media people were. It started off with an introduction to the program and how it is like a school with-in a school. We then moved on to the awards. I was nominated twice because I had two things I worked on nominated. After all of the sophomore awards they moved on to the juniors. This one guy had a great animation that he did in 5 days or something because the original one got corrupted. Then a short film form the film class won, which kind of almost killed me because it was just so well done and amazing…and it had…Abner as the lead role, yeah enough said, but it was really well done and the guys that did it worked really hard from what we saw and it was voted the best of all the winning projects. Then there was a Multi Media Journalism award that was given to Abner’s group, it was also just really good and informative, so yeah. They had an Industry award given by professionals and a leadership award that is now named after a student that helped to create the Media program, but could not join it as a student. When it was over I went and got my active student form signed by a teacher and I now have it filled out and left.

When I got home I watched Bill Maher and then went to sleep. So yeah that was my day, yesterday, so there will be another post later today about today.\

Life Putters and Wanders,


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tiring Day

Hmm another really tiring day in my life.

Today I woke up at 7, said fuck it, got back up 15 minutes later, I then read last night’s tweets and came down at 7:30. I had little time to eat so I had a nutergrain bar.

I then went to school where we dissected Bacon some more. While dissecting her I found some excrement and yeah I was just surprised that they did not wash out in one of the 5 rinses it went through.

I then had English where I took a reading quiz, had a group discussion on “the Kite Runner”, and getting back an essay I did in class and got an 84.66% on.

I then had History where learned about the Taliban, how we untimely fucked everything up by leaving Afghanistan for Iraq, and how the Taliban is recruiting kids in Pakistan. After that we started our last unit on China.

I then had football where we started with weightlifting and then went on the field. We did both Offense and Defense, it was our last Spring Practice for the year. All we have left is maxing on Tuesday and Thursday.

I then went home and watched Top Gear and then the new season of So You Think You Can Dance, I love that show so much ever since season 3, mean it is just so amazing.

I am now watching the 3rd season of QAF.

I thought I would have more to actually post but I cannot think of anything, so good night,

Life Putters and Wanders,


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2009-2010 Football Season Almost Over

Well today was kind of a mix of things.

I woke up at my normal time and worked on some math homework, but I guess I had a lot of it, so I did not eat anything for breakfast.

I then went to school and was bored as fuck in Spanish because I did not have the homework because I was not there at class on Monday.

After Spanish I went to Science and started to dissect a pig with a group of people from my Media class who also went on the LA trip. We named her Bacon and I did almost everything. I cut her up, I tied her down with rope, and I even named her. The one thing I did not do, that I was kind of sad I did not get to do was break her jaw and cut her face to be like the Joker’s.

After that I was feeling really weird in my stomach region and I was wondering if it was because of the pig dissection or because I was just hungry. I eventually learned it was because I was hungry, but I mean I did not really know which it was.

During lunch I got to eat and got my yearbook. In it there was a picture of Pete where he just looks great, too bad nothing will happen with it since he is graduating, but I mean it would have been fun to actually talk to him in person and be his friend.

I then had math where all I really did was do a worksheet and work on history homework because my teacher was gone and we had a sub.

After school I had my second to last Spring Practice for football, so I am kind of happy. At the end I got to order really cheap cleat ($42) that are actually recommended for lineman from a Nike rep because my school is now Nike sponsored.

I then went home, read some Kite Runner, and watched a great episode of Mythbusters.

I am now getting ready to go to bed so goodnight.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Need Sleep

This to be quick, so I will just summarize.

The depressed feeling has not gone away and I doubt it ever will for a long time, but I will get used to it.

So today we came back to the school n the bus. We left at nine, had a lunch stop at 11:15, and got back at 4. It was raining when we got back so I got a ride back to my house from a friend-ish person.

At home I had a nice explosion.

I then watched the last 4 episodes of Lost, which were really Good, except the ending was a little meh, but it is definitely a show that is worth seeing.

I then watch Glee after trying to do math HW, but my brain won’t work after the trip. The episode was amazing though.

I am currently watching the season 2 finale of QAF.

Some awesome stuff that happened today:

· Seeing Lost

· Watching Glee

· Learning the local well known opera house is putting on “La Boehme”

· Getting an unexpected @ tweet by a porn star

·Finally getting a chance to watch QAF

· Everyone that commented on my last post!

I really want to that thank you very much to everyone that wished, thought, or commented on my last post, truly than you.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Monday, May 24, 2010

Depression (beat) Depression (beat)x4 Depression

I am depressed, severely depressed right now.

I know I should be talking about how awesome Fox was and how I saw Matt Groening and a writer of Modern Family, but no.

I should be talking about the Grammy Museum, or getting some awesome sushi, but no.

I am just depressed.

The reason why is that I just feel lonely and un loved, yeah it is nothing new, but really I almost missed being bullied like I was in elementary school because it meant people noticed you, now I just feel ignored and I am starting to hate it.

I have always been a loner; I used to love it, now I just need someone that is there for me when I want them. I do not have that person, and I really want them to be tangible, I want to feel them touch my hand and say they understand when I feel sad, laugh with me, and just connect with me. I do not get that from Kathryn because she is self-centered, but I already know that and it is just a part of her personality and I am perfectly fine with that part of her, even though I hate it when I get into these moods.

So what brought this one was that after another tiring but fun day in LA, the last day, we came back to the hotel and people went into the pool. So I decide to upload my pictures to the computer of one of the teachers because they want them, but there is a line. So I am waiting and watching the guys in the pool when I see Abner, the guy I am infatuated with, in the pool, so I follow him around from where I am standing and I just start to feel an utter sadness start to creep in. I really wanted that person there with me, I wanted to talk to them about this, I want them to understand and help me, I want them to try and get me close to Abner. But that person is not there, that person is not real in my life at the moment, that person is somewhere else, that person is doing something else, and that person does not care for me whoever he/she is. But another thing that brought on my depression is what I dreamed last night.

Last night I dreamed that I was waiting for something in a line or something. It involved a counter like thing so it could have been a bar, which makes sense. So Abner was in front of me and he eventually looks behind at me and I think we start making small talk or something when I think he asks me if I am gay or I just said that I am gay (but I think it was the first) and I tell him that I am gay. He then asks me if I have a crush on him. I say yeah I kind of do think you are really hot. He then gets a slight smile and walks away, which just made that dream so amazing. And today I was talking with WhyCantI16 about this and he said that when you dream of a specific person that means that they went to sleep thinking about you. I have to say that f that is true I think I will die, I mean in am not a catch in any sense of the word, I am not attractive, I do not have a great personality, I hate myself, I judge too much, and I just am flawed in a way that ruins me for others. So that is why it is a godsend if it is true.

One other part of my depression is the usual need for a boyfriend because I want to feel love, not just know that a person feels it for me.

Well that is it about me depression. I am sleeping in the bed again, so I am happy about that. Tomorrow we have a 6 hour drive back to the Bay Area, so I am going to do as much HW as I can on the way. So good night

I hope he thinks of me when he falls asleep because I will be thinking of him,


Really Tired

Wow I am really tired right now.

So I wake up at 4 with bad leg cramps in my left leg, why is it always my left? I then managed to go back to sleep until 7. I stayed on the ground for another hour until we went to breakfast.

After breakfast we went to this animation seminar that was interesting. I really have to say that amazingly cute and awesome guy has been everywhere and I mean I just want to get to know him, but I am not the type to start something, I really rely on them coming to me and initiating, I am just a really shy guy when it comes to strangers, but I will talk to people I know and I mean I can really talk a lot. The one thing is that I really do not have like friends, I wish I did, but I just so not.

Back to today. After the seminar I took a shower was then rushed to go to Santa Monica Pier. I went with this other person and we bought all day ride passes to the little theme park area of the park. We first went on the roller coaster which sucks, then this spinny ride, then the free-fall machine twice in a row, the swingy dragon ride, which is like the pirate ride at most places. So there is actually a story to the dragon one and it goes like this.

The other guy and I were planning on going back on the roller coaster when I saw there was actually someone that was attending the ride. So we went there and were let on. Right as she was about to start the ride some people came and wanted to ride as well. Soon more and more people came and there was a long line, so yeah I really felt like a trend setter today because of that.

After that we went to Johnny Rocket’s and had some food for lunch. When the check came we were discussing how to pay tipping came up and the other two that we joined with were such assholes and they were just so against tipping the waitress because they felt it is a fast food restaurant, which is so wrong it is a restaurant for sure, but yeah it just pissed me off they were being so stingy, what was kind of funny was that one is Jewish and the other is Asian, so I guess some stereotypes are just correct for certain people.

So after that we went to where we were having dinner, I ate just ab9out nothing there, and we played some more air hockey and pool. In this pool game I played I was paired with a teacher against two other students, and after the break I was up, so I go to aim and there is a chair behind me that the stick hits, I then hit the cue ball by accident, so lol yeah I suck at pool, just saying.

We then went to Comedy Sports which was really fun and funny, one of my teachers got brown bagged ( brown bag put over his head for saying something obscene), but I really wanted to see ASSSCAT at the UCB because it just seems awesome and we could have probably got in if only a small group went.

After that we went back to the hotel. An hour ago I started to play poker for a while and it was fun, I eventually lost, but I was just doing it to make the game end.

Well I have a private, exclusive tour of Fox tomorrow so I will go to bed now, so ttyl.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Sunday, May 23, 2010


Fuck I have a lot to talk about and I really want to write this quickly.

So I did not fall asleep until 2:30 last night. I then woke up a 4 for 45 minutes and 6 and 6:45.

I was the first to shower this morning and I was really tired. My room then went down to have a mediocre breakfast from the hotel. After breakfast we left for Universal Studios at 9. We then got there at 10 and my group rushed to get to the Mummy Return ride, which I have never been on. We had to wait in a giant clump at the very top of the escalators that lead down. After a 10 minute wait we ran all the way down the escalators, which is crazy hard when you get to the end of a long escalator because you start to get a little dizzy and the 90 degree angle turns into a 110 degree angle from the look of it so I was like fucked up near the end and I had to feel that way 4 times. But it all paid of and we were like the third group to ride it, and there was so little of a line that we quickly ran around the building and only had to wait for one ride to go before we got back on.

After that we did the Jurassic Park ride and only had to wait for three rafts to go before we went, It was fun, not a scary or long as remember it, but it was fun, also the fall was not great.

So while there we had to work on an assignment for school where we had to take pictures of Signs of the Times so I took both pictures of clocks and LA stuff. So while in the part I started the assignment by taking a few pictures.

So after taking a few pictures I went on the Simpson’s Ride and it was the general consensus of the group I was with that it is the best ride at universal Studios. We then took the tour which was really fun and I have a few videos of it I will post on Twitter.

After the ride we went and took a class which was fun-ish.

Following that we left for Miceli’s and we had some pizza, which was really good and the waiters and waitresses are great singers, one was just so hot, like just great looking, and I have a video of him I will put up here, if it wll work. The set list for the dinner was:

Random Opera Song-Waitress

Seasons of Love-all waiters and waitresses

Somewhere Over the Rainbow-waitress

Hopelessly devoted to you-waitress, I got a great video of it also she touched my arm

Got to Find My Corner (I think)-old waiter

Use What You Got (I think)-hawt cute waiter

After that we went back to Universal for a few more hours where I played air hockey with someone in another group. In the second game against him I was behind 1-6, I then came back to get the score to 6-6. Then my opponent had the puck and did something really stupid and shot the puck right out of the rink. So I went and got the puck, syched him out, and scored the winning goal, so I was syked that I had actually one.

So we then had to leave and on the way I saw a sign that said tour dates and I saw Glee was May 20-22, so I tortured my group to know what day it was, and of course it was the 22 so if I was not playing air hockey I could have seem Lea, Jenna, Chris, Harry, Mark, Dianne, HeMo, Corey, Dijon, and Lauren (Vocal Adrenalin person, ex-SYTYCD contestant).

So we now are back at the hotel and I am sleeping on the floor tonight, so I am going to get to that now.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Bus to LA!

So I am currently on the bus to LA and it is 5:39 at the moment.

The Media teache3r has just started “The Bourne Identity”, and apparently he is putting French subtitles on lol, so one here speaks French. So yeah I have actually never seen the movie before, so I guess I will tell you how it is when it is over.

Well I guess I might as well start from the beginning of today. I woke up at 5:40 just because that is the way my body decided to be. I stayed down reading tweets and watching Futurama. At 6:40 I got up and finished packing. When I was I done I went downstairs and had breakfast and got ready for school.

So as usual my first lesson on a Friday is Spanish. We did a bunch of activities and then we got an Art History lesson. The lesson was really good, mainly because my Spanish teacher is one of the best History teachers I know. We learned about El Greeko, whose real name I forget, and his portrait of “The Death of St. (shit forget his name as well)” and the painting is just really great and awesome. The second was, shit I can’t remember his name either, ummm he did “The Ladies’ in Waiting” and it is okay not one of the best pictures I have ever seen.

So after that I went to the Media room to procrastinate for a good hour. Their best thing found was the new logo on Google; I played it so many times.

After tutorial worked on the3 final media project with my partner and we are almost done with a rough draft, after that all we have to do is edit it and create a bibliography for it.

Following that I had lunch with Kathryn, Bri, and Raven and we ju7st talked about random stuff when Ryan came in and got Kathryn pissed off, so that was a little annoying, but whatever she was just in an unhappy mood from what Ryan told her.

After that I had math which was not that fun, just long, but I did learn that my class is there weirdest class that my teacher teaches.

So after that I went to get some copies of the math homework so I can do it on the bus and went to get my luggage.

While waiting for the bus I learned that two of my ex-crushes are going on the trip. One has a girlfriend that is on the trip with us and I am not really too attracted to him anymore. The second is one that I still just cannot believe, he is just so cute and I cannot believe there is someone as cute as him and he seems really smart, also I instantly got a gay vibe from him, but I do not think that anything will happen from it because I have only talked to him once, but he has an amazing voice and personality. Okay enough of that.

So the bus came an hour late so it is not expected that we will get to the hotel at like 11 or 12.

So some weird things that happened while on the bus so far:

· A fellow lineman was dared to give me a lap dance, loll and it was one that I am kind of friends with, but still lol.

Well I will add to that as the ride continues, but for now this is it, of course there will be more later this is just the end of the current part of the post.

This is the second part of this post (which of course is one long post) so yeah I am writing this at a different time than the first part.

So yeah it is now 8:40, we just had a dinner stop for forty-five minutes, but before I get to that I have some things to add to the list.

· On the way we had a giant back up that lasted around 40 minutes. When we finally got to the end of the block we saw it. The first traffic block we saw what was that the police has pulled over these people with a car and were searching the trunk and these people had a shit load of surf and wake boards, so yeah we figured they did something quite legal. The second was that a sanitation truck flipped and there were feces everywhere and yeah it was kind of gross.

· Some people bought some condoms and are planning on filling them up and leaving them in public places, I mean gross, but mm, but lol

Okay now back to the post. Currently they have “Men in Black” playing, but I really do not care about that movie and find it kind of boring. Oh yeah so we kept driving until we reached a place to buy food. It had an In n Out, McDonalds, Jack in the Box, and a whole lot of gas stations.

So some people and I want to jack and had some good food…shit someone just saw my netbook, they did not read what I was writing, but they commented that I have Windows 7. Okay back to it, so we got some food, then we went to Starbucks where I got to tweet one tweet and get the tweets that I wanted to read. I then went to a gas station to get some more food to eat on the last 5 hours of the bus ride. What was awesome was that they also had Imported Monster which was awesome and delicious. But oh yeah so this guy I was with was told to buy condoms for his friend so he did and the friend bought them off of him for $2 more.

We then went back to the bus and finished “The Bourne Identity” which was good. I am now currently listening to “The Glee Club” which is a good Glee podcast is cool.

Well I think I will post one last time before we stop or when we get to the hotel, so this will be just a bit longer. Talk to you when I decide to (even though you will just keep reading).

It is now 12:15 and I am in the hotel room. We have wifi! So the end of the ride here was greatish. I decided to watch the rest of “Men in Black” because that really is the best part.

After that I kind of felt lonely and really wanted to hold and be held by someone. I eventually got over it by listening to Black Kids. They are an awesome band that everyone should listen to, in my opinion.

When we got to the hotel we had top wait on the bus for our room keys. Once we got those we went to the room and leanred that there are only two beds, so we are going to alternate who is on the floor and who is in a bed. I think my roommates are cool even though I cannot understand one and the other a few of you have seen in a video I posted of me and him for our Spanish project a month ago.

So I should be getting to bed, we have to get on the bus for Universal Studios at 9 A.M.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Thursday, May 20, 2010

There Better Be WiFi When I Get to LA

Today was a really long day.

So I woke up on at the normal time needing another hour of sleep, but no such luck.

I went to school and forgot to take my phone. The first thing I did was take a giant Science test which I think I did will on, I had better have gotten an A- on it. I then learned that I will be missing the first day of a two day pig dissection lab because of the LA trip, which I will get to later.

I then had English where we talked about different situations that involve cultures conflicting and stuff. At the end of the class we got back the two essays that we wrote that all of the English teachers graded. I got Approaching proficient for the first one which I wrote in the Fall Semester and Proficient for the one I wrote a few weeks ago. The thing was that I did not really give a shit about the grades, what I really wanted to see was whether they said that my handwriting is worse than a two year old using their teeth (because usually it is, I think I have what is called, the handwriting of a doctor), and I was amazed to see that the box for illegible was not checked, so I was actually really happy when that period ended.

Time to pack; I will continue this after I shower.

Okay back. So I then have History where we learned about the craziness of India v. Pakistan and went through a short history of each country. After that we started Afghanistan and learned about Charlie Wilson and how he helped the Muhajideens win.

After that I went to the library to do some math homework for an hour until football started, after that we practiced for around an hour and a half, then we ran 500 yards, and we then went up and weight lifted.

I went home, did laundry and I am now watching QAF getting ready for bed.

So now the LA trip. I am leaving tomorrow right after school at 3. When we get there have no idea when I will find wifi to publish the blog posts I will make while there, and yes I AM going to make posts every night, but yeah I just do not know when I will be posting them, so there might be a bulge of them on one day, but I am not going to break my record of 93 days I think at the moment. So yeah expect me to post while I am there, but only if I have wifi.

Well I guess I should have a farewell jack off, so good night.

Life Putters and Wanders,


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two Days!

So today was good, I woke up and shit what did I do this morning. Okay well whatever I got up, read tweets, watched wait no I did not watch anything…I don’t think, okay fuck it I went to school at 9 and took a giant Spanish exam that was just plain hard, but I think I did well

I than had Tutorial and met with Kathryn and Bri and learned that someone is going to be REALLY naughty and Bri was having intense craps, you know…wait you are all gay or bi how would you know…well she had those cramps, you know, inside her. Yeah I would hate if that happened to me, and when I said the worst thing that happens to us is we get blue balls, she nearly slapped me and then got a nice cramp and swore, yeah I love my dick, just saying.

I then had media class where I worked on my final project and started to format it into what it will be in the end.

Then there was lunch where it started to rain.

After lunch I had math which I think is probably the craziest class in this last part of the year. So we started off learning about multiplying matrices again. In the middle a student was asked to do stats interviews. We continued when 5 minutes later the same kid was called by different stats kids. After the student left my teacher went on a mini rant saying, “If any more stats people ask for (student’s name) I am going to give them a random student and corrupt their research.” She was kidding of course but it was just really funny at the time. Class then went on as planned when two women walked into the class and got some keys out of the teacher’s bag and walked away. We were all like who is that, so my teacher answered, “That was my sister.”

We were all like what? She has a sister? Then we started guessing who is the older one, when she just plain asked the class their opinion on who is older. I said my teacher was older, but I am a terrible judge of age, especially with women. Well of course I was wrong and she is younger, but whatever it was funny either way. So she then started talking about her sister and how she loves to run. Someone asked if she does marathons, and the answer was no, she does triathlons. We were all like those are way fucking harder than marathons, and I am sure they are probably one of the hardest things anyone can do. And then my teacher started to speculate how her sister got there, she originally thought she run, but then remembered she was wearing Uggs and would NEVE run in Uggs. At that comment this kid that says the strangest things spoke up and said, “Are Uggs those fur boot things?” Everyone started laughing and he was embarrassed, but did not feel abuses, but I mean it was just funny and my teacher said yes, but then everyone was still laughing and decided to take a break. After that we actually learned stuff and school ended.

I then had football, but it was all defense, which I hate, I just do not being on defense it just is not fun and I just prefer my position on Offense, especially since I think I am good at that position.

After that I went home and did some homework. After having dinner I went to Target to get some stuff I need for the LA trip in two days, I cannot wait, I really hope I can post while there, but if not I will still write a post every night and just post it when I get back.

Well it is midnight so:

(Maybe too many piercings (not maybe at ALL))

Life Putters and Wanders,


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

List of things to do before 30

It just seemed like today was shit for everyone else except me, I am guessing because I like the rain and try not to let things really get me down when it is rainy.

I woke up a little late (only ten minutes) and got ready for school.

I went to school and took a quiz in science. In English we discussed “The Kite Runner” for almost an hour. For history we did this mock-United Nations thing for Zimbabwe where I represented China and I have to say I totally won in my group. Then we learned about India post-Imperialism.

After all that I had football where we lifted for 40 minutes, then another football player and I went to the smoothie place and I got a Red Bull smoothie that is just too delicious, it tastes like the old Strawberry Dreamin’ from Jamba Juice except with a twinge of Red Bull flavor. We then walked back to the school and went to the field and got ready for practice.

We started at 4 and went on till 5:45; all we really did was practice types of blocking and learned two more plays.

I then went home and worked on homework until Glee was on. Tonight’s episode was just so amazing and perfect, it really is just one of the best episodes they have done, I just absolutely love this show and know that it may be flawed, but the flaws are nowhere near ruining the show for me.

So now I really want to see Les Miserables. Hmm I think I will make a list of things I need to do before 30. I guess I will start it here and put a bar for it up after I post this.

List of things to do before 30: (Order Does Not Really Matter)

1. Go to Pride in SF

2. Go to Pride in Las Vegas

3. Go to Pride in New York City

4. See “Next to Normal”

5. See “Rent” live on stage

6. See “Les Miserables” in London on the West End

7. Live in New York City for at least a year

8. Have sex

9. Have a boyfriend

10. Go to a gay club

11. Go to Las Vegas pat 21 and have fun

12. Travel around Europe for a month

13. Take a Latin class

14. See Lea Michele live on stage

15. See Jonathan Groff live on stage

16. (If possible) see Lea AND Jonathan live on stage

17. Kiss a boy I truly love

18. See Chris Colfer live on stage

19. See 8 Broadway shows in one week

20. Live my life

Well that is it for tonight, only THREE more days till my school trip to LA!!

Life Putters and Wanders,


P.S. According to my post thingy that blogger has this is my 100th post, but in reality it is only my 95th post, any idea for my 100th?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fucking Giant Post (1,740 words)

Well today was interesting at times.

I woke up at the normal time, caught up with the tweets and studied for my homework quiz.

I went to school took the homework quiz and thought I got a question wrong, but it turned out I got it right (it was about villa)…but the funny thing is that I got a question I was completely sure was correct wrong (it was about the bile and where it is excreted, so I thought it was the liver, but it was actually the gall bladder, I just completely forgot about that organ in the body). After that we did the study guide which was boring and it was just kind of boring.

In English I took a reading quiz about “The Kite Runner” (finally typed that without accidentally calling it “The Book Rider” because I just read “The Book Thief” a few weeks ago and I just keep confusing the titles, I mean they are “The (noun-object) (noun-adjective)”). We then went on to talk more about “Whale Rider” (wow another one of those titles).

I then went to my History class for Tutorial to work and got caught up watching political commercials that I have already seen once before, but they are just so full of propaganda. Two of them were by Barack and they were just so full of propaganda, but they were well made and one was a remake of the Apple 1984 commercial and it really went for Hilary, but it did not really give a great reason why except that they think she will be a dictator (HA I really doubt that, but whatever it is propaganda for a reason). After that I got caught up taking to a big musical theater in my class about musicals and we eventually got to NPH’s “Rent” (you all better know that NPH stands for Neil Patrick Harris) being performed at the Hollywood Bowl and who was cast in it and I was surprised that Vanessa Hudgens was cast as Maureen. I just hope she plays it well and does not lose the character while trying to get the songs down. Also Wayne Brady is playing Tom Collins 9that should be awesome and I know he can do it because of “Whose Line is it Anyways?” where he did all of those awesome improvised songs), Traci Thoms as Joanne who will also be amazing because I saw her performance of her in “Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway” and she was absolutely amazing as the character, also Gwen Stuart from the original cast, Skylar Austin a Spring Awakening alum (I did not even have to Google him to know that!), but I do not think they have a Roger and I think that NPH is playing Mark Cohen because I hear he is amazing as that character.

Then I had the actual History class where we learned how crazy the inflation rate in Zimbabwe is, I mean crazy, like every day they would print a new note for their currency, eventually the number could not fit on one line, so they started again from 1 (of course meaning one trillion dollars) and went up from there, you know just continuing to sky rocket.

In Spanish we studied for a chapter test we have on Wednesday.

During lunch hung with this girl who is really awesome, her name is Raven and she loves poetry and plays basketball and volleyball…oh and softball, and she is just fun and cool, but apparently she gets on people’s nerves, but she has yet to annoy me. Well she told me that Kathryn was really annoyed at her because I told her to use turn signals while driving. So let me explain this for all of my readers. Kathryn is kind of a crazy driver, I mean based on how she drives when I am in the car with her I feel she is never going to pass her driver’s test, she speeds constantly (but has thankfully cut back on that), she uses the brake to much when she could just take her food off the gas sooner and then slowly apply the brake, and she barley uses turn signals when she feels they are not necessary. So we were driving up this little hill to my house and she was about to make a right turn and she did not have her right signal on, and I said, “You really should signal” (I think)

And then I said she would probably not pass her test if that is how she drove during it and she did not seem pissed. So then I hear from Raven she is pissed at me. I then find Kathryn and we talk and she, thankfully, told me the truth (mainly because I almost always tell her the truth) and she just said I was being really douche when I said that to her and that sometimes I am just a real douche, and I am at times, but I mean in that situation I did have a reason to be douche because I want her to be successful, I mean she has real academic problems, it is really lucky she got into this program where she goes to the local community college for her senior year, I want her to well in school and life and I was also concerned for my safety at that time (I call this ironic right now because as I am typing this “Safety Dance” just came on my iPod) and I just wanted to let her know that she needs to put a signal on, even when you think it does not matter, it is just curtsey and probably the law. So yeah I was like okay yes I am, but you really have to be careful.

Okay I wrote a fuck load already (I am nearly at 1000 words right now), so I will not be too descriptive (I hope, mainly for your sake).

In Media Class we worked on our projects and I figured out I am definitely going to apply for an internship at my local television station because I need something other football to do over the summer.

In Math (damn it I guess I do have some stuff to talk about today) we learned about Matrices and adding and multiplying them when I was called out to do some survey for the students in AP Statistics. Of course the survey was about an evaluation of yourself in 3 qualities:




So I answered it with: A-4 because I feel I am really not attractive at all, but people have said I am cute at times and I have great eyes (Steve look to the end of the post I promise there will be a picture of my eye), I-7 because I feel I am smart in general, but I mean I am not extremely intelligent is all subjects and there are others that are way smarter than me, P-7 because I just feel I am generally nice, but I guess I don’t know I kind of now want to rate myself a 6 in this factor because I just feel I am really flawed in some aspects, also I am just weird, oh and I am a douche (no I am not making fun of myself, if you heard the way I am thinking all of this as I write it I can easily say I am putting everything I just said very matter-of-factly). So I then went back into the class for another five minutes to do notes when this other Stats guy comes in to ask for a student in a really weird way, but my teacher understood because he is just a weird student and she knows him.

Stats guy then came back in and, still acting really weird, asked my teacher, “Do you have any raisins?”

My teacher, Mrs. R, then starts to go to the back of the room saying, “Yeah [stats guy] I think I do.”

“Well if you do not have any it is okay, but is it okay if I ask for a date then?”

The entire class started to die of laughter and my teacher took it really well and had to sit down she was laughing so much. From there stats guy took over the class and told all of the guys why we have to always have to keep a packet of sugar with us at all times.

His explanation of it was that, “If you ever see a really hot girl walking by you, you then go up to her and say, ‘Umm I am sorry but you dropped your name tag.’ And you give her the packet of sugar.”

Once the again the class was dying and then he leaves and we get back to learning, but I mean it just a hilarious interlude to the class that day.

After math I had football from 2:30-5:45 where we did weightlifting, then had an hour break from 3-4, and then were in the field for almost two hours where I learned my stance kind of sucks at the moment, but I am getting a hand of it again, when I make the move for pulling I cannot stay balanced after I take the step and do not start running after, and that this year is just going to be So different from last year, but it should be really fun though.

I then went home and had a plate of cucumber, radishes, bell pepper, and celery with a topping of a purée of lentils (simmered in vegetable bouillon), walnuts, and onion and it was really good. That was then followed up by Shrimp Scampi and an amazing episode of United States of Tara. After that I did some homework and watched the new Chuck, which was also really good tonight.

Right before writing this post I bought the rest of the Glee songs that have been released so far from last week, and all the Lady Gaga, the ones where Idina and Lea sing, and the one with Neil Patrick Harris are all amazing.

So after many fuck ups I have now finished a post I started at 9:30 at 11:15!

In honor of getting through this GIANT post!

Life Putters and Wanders,


P.S. Steve here is my eye, it is not a great picture of it though.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Boring Mellow Day (Edited)

Edit: nearly forgot to add a picture to the post

Today was a little boring. Lots of homework with not so much fun.

I woke up at 8 and read tweet for an hour while feeding and letting the dogs out. I then did some naughty stuff for two hours.

I then had brunch while watching this week’s SNL. That was the followed by working on homework until 5.

After that I watched some QAF until my parents got home with a fuck load of food from their party and it is good food!

So yeah today was boring and mellow.

Life Putters and Wanders,


P.S. Holy shit I never knew how true my ending line is, and I just cannot believe I thought of it myself!