Saturday, June 12, 2010

It Should Have Been on the List!

Well today started with something that should have been on my list of things to do before 30 because I woke up at 12 P.M.(so Steve you were of course correct!). Today is the first time I have ever done that, and of course I know why, I mean I was up till freaking 4:30 in the damn morning, but yeah my day started off with waking up at 12.

From there I caught up with all the tweets and watched the second half of the Uruguay vs. France game of the World Cup. Of course stupid France had to score nothing, ugh totally screwed up my predictions, but then again so did the tie in the South Africa vs. Mexico game. Speaking of ties I had no idea they did not do over time or shoot outs in the preliminary games, so I did not put any games ending in ties on my prediction sheet, so I am so going to lose the contest.

When the game ended I watched some shows on ESPN and I checked the blogs. Go Timmy for deciding to come out, but, and I doubt you are reading this, do not come out until you are 100% ready for everyone’s reactions, but you know we are all behind you. If only we had a camera crew because your life is so full of drama it would make a great episode of Skins.

Following that I went and took a shower and shaved. I then put some clothes on, by then it were almost 4, so I went down and had some lunch and continued reading Dead and Gone. I now remember how I was able to read 9 of the books in the series in a row in around 4 weeks last summer, they are just SO addicting.

At 7 my mom came home with Cicero’s Pizza, the best pizza in the world. Their vegetarian pizza has jalapeños and we add chicken and artichoke to it, it is heavenly, it really is a revelation, it is my favorite pizza there. While eating the pizza I watched a review of Season 2 of True Blood and just OMG I cannot wait until the season premiere, I really hope Alcide is freaking sexy and I know Alan Ball is going to do an amazing job with the writers and have amazing scripts.

After dinner I watched this week’s Bill Maher, and I guess the audience there really hates Rachel Maddow, mean they gave her a minute long round of clapping. It was a good episode this week and I completely agree with the result of the Stupidest State Competition, they really freaking deserve it, but I will not spoil it for those that have not seen this week’s episode yet.

I then went back to reading when Rik texted ne so we have been texting since 9 and we are currently doing a big Q and A session.

Well I got to get back to texting so good night blogger reader (if people still read this blog)

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. Indeed some people read this blog :-)

  2. I had Hawaiian pizza last night. OMG it was gooooood! Hot, fat thick crust with chunks of pineapple and ham with cheese. Sorry Robert, but Peter Piper's Pizza is the best pizza in the world! Hmmmm try saying "Peter Piper's Pizza" fast 5 times in a row, especially with a mouth filled with . . . . . . . .

    Pizza :)

  3. Robert

    that is a great name im definitely going top try and read this blog more.

    hope all is well

    take care and be safe



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