Sunday, June 20, 2010

Made a New Blog for Explicit Stuff

Well today really started late. I woke up at 9 and started to write my blog until 11. I then decided to go down for some breakfast and apparently it was bagels, mmm I love bagels!

That is where I stopped writing this post last night to do something I will blog about at the end of the post; actually I might set up an explicit blog to put that part of the post lol.

So I ate my bagel and then got the main and found that I had received the ASSSCAT DVD, I absolutely love the show they recorded, and I NEED to go to one of the shows when I am 18 and able to go. When I was done watching that I came to my dad and told him I needed to go to Fry’s, but he is working on this thing that he says is the most minimal of a computer, ad it kind of is. It is a chip that can send Morse code if attached to a HAM radio or whatever can send Morse code. So he is working on that and does that for around a half hour.

So we leave at 1:30 and I decide I want to go to the farther away one because I have no idea where it is, it takes an extra 15 or so minutes. Halfway there my dad starts to freak out because he is saying it is taking too long, My mom and dad are leaving for Italy tomorrow and they needed to go to Santa Cruz and pack, so we get there and I buy my dad what he wants and tell him to pay for the new Family Guy DVD and the new American Dad DVD and I will subtract it from my allowance. So I am lucky and have enough money to buy my dad what he wants; an 8 GB micro SD card with adapters to make it larger and a USB SD card reader. We then leave and get home way faster than it took to get there; we got home at like 2:50.

So I got home and had a sandwich with roast beef, turkey pastrami, and Virginia ham. I then wait for my parents to leave so I can go and buy one more gift for my dad. So at 4:40 or so I leave for the Hallmark store. The second I walk in I am surprised by how much Christian paraphernalia is in that store, I never knew they were that religious of a store lol. So I go and buy an All Star Dad mug because my dad has been asking for one for a while. I also buy a stupid card; I hate cards, just send the money or give a present, cards really do nothing for me, I mean even just call me that is better than a card and I hate phone conversations with relatives.

I then drove home and I watched American Dad for a bit and then left for Father’s Day dinner. At 6:35 I took my grandma and we left for dinner at this really nice restaurant. It was really good food. I got Gazpacho, a Baby Spinach salad with prawn on top, and a Summer Squash Ratitouille. For dessert we shared a Goat cheesecake that was actually really good, I was surprised how good it was.

Okay here is where I say you all go to One Step Forward Explicit if you want to see what I wrote in there, but if not have a good day!

Life Putters and Wanders,


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