Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pride Tomorrow!

Well I am going to focus and write this post in one try and not tomorrow morning.

So I woke up at 9 and read all the tweets until 10 lol. I then worked on my blog while waiting for the US soccer game. I completed it during the game and started to play with myself while watching it.

During the game I started talking to this guy on Twitter, he is cool and has made me do some sexual stuff for him lol. The only problem is that he speaks very broken English so I have to speak my broken Spanish lol. I was also talking to Erik for most of the day, he is awesome, and also he has an amazing body. One other thing I think I have a BIG thing for Asians, so if you are Asian and not over the age of 19 call me lol.

So I did nothing until 6, yeah not even eat lol. I then came down and did the cat litter and dog poo, made corn, and then ate dinner. At 7:40 I left to go to the mall and I kind of failed a lot in my driving to get there. I just made all of the wrong turn’s lol but I eventually got to the mall. So I was searching around for an hour for the clothes and could not find anything, so I texted Rik, Erik, and Kathryn. None of them were of help so I continue wandering around when I start to feel thirsty, so I decide to one of those pretzel places and get lemonade. While waiting for it this woman comes up next to me and she looks familiar, but I just can place her. I then think she looks like Kathryn so I ask, “Kathryn?” It takes her a minute to place me, but she eventually realizes it is me and we are both like OMG, It was funny I mean I was just looking for her help and there she was lol. She was working one of her two jobs and she was running errands before the job ended. I waited for her to end and she agreed to help me go shopping. We decided to get the pants first so we went to Hot Topic. In there she knew the people at the counter and asked for them to help me, and they really did. They gave me a pair of skinny jeans to try and I showed them to Kat and the others and they said they looked good so I decided to buy one. I then wondered if I should get a belt, Kathryn advised it, so I got an awesome rainbow belt, ugh love it!

We then went looking for the v-neck, but all of the shops were closed so we met up with her dad and went to the Cheesecake Factory and got a seat at the bar, since I was not too hungry I decided to get a fire-roasted artichoke and water. During that Kat and I caught up and talked a lot, I love hanging out with her! When we were done I went to my car and drove home, this went smoothly and I got home, checked out the GYC, checked Twitter, and then walked the dogs. After walking the dogs I went and started my laundry which I figure I will finish tomorrow morning. I am still talking to Rik right now and I now know I am going to meet this guy who I have a bit in common with during Pride, so I guess it is really good I am going to Pride lol!

Now time for the challenge, parents.

Dear Parents,

I love you both, but you know you get on my nerves sometimes, but now that I can drive I can go away from the annoying house so I am happy. I think you are great to be so open and not strict, but I feel you needed to have some ore restrictions on me in my early days, but whatever. So umm you will never see this and I will hopefully never come out to you both unless I get a boyfriend, but I guess if that is soon then you will know then lol.

Love you both,


Life Putters and Wanders,


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  1. How do you think they will react when you come out to them? If you think it will be bad, then I would wait until you don't live with them.

    Have fun at Pride! Take lots of pictures!



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