Thursday, June 24, 2010

This One is a Shitter

Well I am pissed right now so this blog better do what it is supposed to and make me feel better!

Okay today I woke up at 8 dead fucking tired and not wanting to wake up. But I kept myself awake and I checked the blogs and tweets. I was really hoping to see a reply from Aaron, but none :-( I then decided to get ready for the internship when Rik texted me so we started talking…oh I forgot to say that he wants to make-out with me because I am so nice to him! So we talked until I completely had to leave.

I get to the station a few minutes after 10 and he meet and Dave, my boss, tells us that we have to set up thirteen microphones and stands and cables for the (My Town) Light Opera, yeah sorry I have no idea what that is lol. So we do that and we have to unravel and hook everything up. It takes around 30 minutes. We then went up to the booth and tested them, they all worked. Then we were told to check a snake cable, so we do that and it works. After all of that we are told to go and measure the snake cable, it is 50 ft long, and mark the amounts of mics, XLR cables, mic stands, and snake cable. We do that. Then we have to put everything into three boxes for the light opera to take.

We were then ordered by our director for the week to set up for interviews again, but we were called out to lunch. Today I decided to eat with the rest of the crew. We went to the cafeteria that had some good food and I bought a gyro, it was not that great but the Tzatztki sauce was amazing. While eating we talked about random media stuff for a while, they also kept mentioning Abner aka fuck-why-do-I-still-have-to-have-a-fucking-crush-on-you boy! So they are talking and this one guy has to leave to go to a class he missed the first two days of, I was thinking that if he is still in the class it is a miracle lol. He then comes back, saying he was not accepted, but I do not give a shit because guess who is with him? Yup Abner….FUCK FUCK FUCK……yeah my heart squeezed a bit and it was fucking annoying, but he still is cute, though not as much as before. Yeah he talks, I talk to him a bit, he is so cool, I might have t eat there every once in a while to get my fill of him! He then has to get back to class and we leave to go back to the internship.

When we get back it is 1:15. We are ready to do interviews so we start. They went well; I was still on audio which I actually really like being on. A funny thing that happened one time was that a guy was mic-ed and sitting in the chair to be interviewed when his phone rang, we decided to record his whole conversation…with his mom lmao… so since I was on audio I was able to turn the audio loud enough to hear the mother lol. I was really funny and awesome; we were all dying in the booth. We then did two more interviews and I was wondering what time it was, so I check my phone and see it is 1:52. I close my phone and then go HOLY SHIT I have an SAT/College meeting to go to, so I tell Dave I have to leave and I rush out and drive to where the building is. Of course I missed it on first try, but I did get it on the second!

So I go in and talk and I get scheduled for my SAT diagnostic on Monday and have another meeting on Friday. I then drove home and saw that Shern skyped me, sorry Shern I wasn’t on and at my internship! I then watched Pretty Little Liars and then have to leave for football. It was tiring; we did some resistance running ad a part of our daily work out. I was tired by the end, but we still had the practice so we do that and it takes a while but we end at 7:45. We then go up to the team room and get out team clothes for this year. I then offered a friend a drive home because he had no ride, so I offered and drove him home, safely today. I then came home and watched SYTYCD and talked to CJ, Rik, and Matt for a while. At like 10:30 Sampson started acting weird, but I had no idea what was to come.

He decided to go into my parent’s room and I decided to follow him and caught him crapping diarrhea all over the floor! I was pissed and threw him out. I then got gloves and some bags and started to scoop it out of the carpet after I sprayed it with febreeze (thanks Matt lol). I then went and badly scooped up the shit into bags and then threw them and the tool I was using out. I then got the rug shampooer and washed the area three times and then cleaned the shampooer.

I am now really tired from writing this and everything else that happened today, also I can barely walk right now and I am nearly asleep. I will now let the shitters in. Good night!

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. You sure do pack a lot of things into one day. I don't know how you do it in the first place, and then remember it all to type it here.

  2. I've said it once and i'll say it again..."EWWWIIIEEE!!!!!"


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