Sunday, June 6, 2010

Awesome GYC Dude!

Umm let me address a comment I got from yesterday’s post. I pig in the blanket is a hotdog rolled in a croissant, but I did a corn bread type coating instead.

SO today I slept in late, and then had pancakes for breakfast.

I then went upstairs and procrastinated for a while. I then watched Nip/Tuck and finished Season 5, so I now just have to wait for Season 6 on DVD, but OMG it is such a great show!

So I then got to talking to this guy from the GYC and he is so nice and awesome, and Asian (did I mention I think I have a thing for Asians). So we have some stuff in common and are really nice. It was really fun to talk to him.

When we finished talking me listened to old Nerdist podcasts and one had a friend of mine from the Football team’s uncle as the main guest, which is awesome.

After that I had dinner and watched the end of the MTV Movie Awards which I object to completely for so many reasons.

I am now watching Season 2 of 24 and studied a bit for my first final which is tomorrow at 8, but it is my only final tomorrow so I am happy. Well that is it; I need to rest up, talk to you all tomorrow!

Life Putters and Wanders,


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