Monday, June 21, 2010

Football and Internship Start Tomorrow!

Time to blog, okay it is 10:15 and I just got done talking to this new guy I will blog about at the end.

So today I woke up at 8 and tried to wake up and at 8:20 I decided screw it and put shorts and a shirt on (backwards of course) and went down stairs and let the dogs out and fed them, got the newspaper, and went to the bathroom, by the end I was till dead, but not enough to fall back asleep lol.

So I then caught up on tweets and saw that iOS4 is out so I go and try to update my iPod Touch on my netbook, authorizing mu 5th computer out of 5 (even though it was already the third, fucking Apple). So I try to do that and it says to transfer all stuff before upgrading because it might erase everything, so I unload it and it erases everything anyways, you know just for fun. I then go to my laptop and start it there and the fucking new iTunes won’t freaking download! I then restart the computer and it works, YAY. I then put my iPod on there and I transfer purchases and do everything and I start it. The entire download and everything took around an hour and a half or so I guess maybe more. So to pass the time I was watching Season 3 of QAF the entire time. I missed the show so much lol.

Okay so I have the new iPod interface and I love it, I have everything down to one page lol, I love that. Also I just noticed the music part looks WAY better for albums! Yeah I love it. So by then it was 1:30 and I decided to look at movie times because I wanted to see Toy Story 3 I look and see one is at 2:35 so I decide to go and get some food and then leave. So I have lunch and leave at 2:10. I then drive and get there quickly and I am buying my tickets at 2:25. In line there was this cute boy with his family, yeah he had nice hairy legs, a beautiful face, and a little stubble, he was just great looking lol.

So the movie was also good definitely worth seeing, I nearly cried in the end, but I refrained but I was really close. I then drive home and watch TV for a bit. I then help make dinner, mainly the mashed potatoes. I mead them really creamy, I put a lot of milk and some butter in it, they were delicious. I then started to talk to this new guy on the GYC, his name is Daniel and he is 15 from Colorado. So we got to talking and he seemed cool, but then he seemed to be like, if this conversation goes well I have a boyfriend, he actually pretty much said that. I was really weirded out by that. We then had the usual Q and A session and it was cool. I mean he really does not care about beauty and body, but I mean even that did not sit right for some reason. He said we were so similar, but the thing is they were trivial things that were similarities; they really did not matter in the way of a relationship and building them around those situations. So it was an okay conversation and in the end he asked what I thought of him and I said, “umm well it is just REALLY weird how you want to be my bf, I have never met you, I don’t really get a personality from these types on convos and you just seem a little weird, but I guess that is in a good way.” The one thing I forgot to say was that, Daniel I hope you read this, that I feel you are a gay that really needs to get out of his shell, I mean like come out to someone or something, I just felt that you were a little constrained and needed to break out and be more yourself in real life then you will maybe be a little more well you is a complete way I would say. But yeah that was my convo with him.

Okay well that is really it, I am currently listening to the Rent soundtrack, and I love “Christmas Bells” so much! Okay I think I will go and walk my dogs and be back to talk to Matt (Rhythym Changes) and Erik, sorry I never asked if you wanted to be under a different name, but you have a bog now anyways so I guess it does not really matter anymore lol.

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. I absolutely loved Toy Story 3. I actually cried at the end though. Not as much as my friend, but cried none the less.

  2. By chance I found you on GYC. :)

  3. @WkBoy yeah I reolied, go look. lol

  4. ahahaha it's completely 100% chill.


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