Friday, July 30, 2010

Well I Am Now Out To Another Person!

Well I just got motivated!

So life has been good lately. Football is going well. Internship is still fun, though boring at times. I actually am getting a life lmao! I am sadly sick, but whatever I will get over it quickly I hope!

But none of those topics are my motivation for blogging today. My motivation has sprung from and unlikely occurrence that happened last night.

So 10 O’clock last night I was watching Nip/Tuck because every season has not been put on Netflix Instant Streaming. As I was watching the first episode of the final season, I got a phone call from Nick asking if I want to go and hang with him and Mark at Mark’s house. So I was like, “Hell yeah!” and got dressed and ready to go, but knew I had to ask the parents. I first ask my dad who was fixing the old microwave we have that was broken…wait breaking new, it broke again! So I ask him and he says the usual, “Go ask your mother.” I then head to my parent’s room where my mother is in her recliner on her computer watching some reality show (I think). I ask her if I can go and she give3s me a, “It is your choice; I don’t think you should, but it is your choice”. (I knew I would get that answer) I slowly start to leave when she says how I am lucky because the parents would not have let my sister go at this time and she decided to give me a 12 o’clock curfew. I then continue to slowly leave the room when she says she really thinks I should not go because I am sick and should not be (possibly) contaminating/infecting others. I then go to the kitchen to get the keys, again slowly, when my mom walks and talks with dad about the idea and finally they decide I am not going to go because I am sick.

You all have no idea how happy I was when they FINALLY said “No!” I mean not only was I asking for it by how slow I was leaving the rooms/house, but I just really wanted a definitive answer. I truly love when my parents actually make parental definitive decisions because that like NEVER happens! I then pout back the car keys and head back up stairs and start watching the rest of the Nip/Tuck episode.

When the episode was over I decided to check my Gmail and saw I had one new connection request on the GYC. The guy was cute and I hope he messages me since he lives right next to me lol. But while accepting the connection I saw I just received a new message. So I go and click on the icon hoping it was the cutie I just accepted giving a hello message, but nope. I was in for a surprise.

The first thing I see is the profile pic and the guy looks cute, so I click on it and look at his profile and I look at the picture in a larger frame and the guy looks a little familiar. I then hop back to the page with the message and read it, the message reads:

Hey... surprising to see you on here. Yeah, kinda cool to know that there are other gay people @ [name of my high school]

My response to the message to the guy was:

Yeah lol. [name of person that looks similar to the guy] is that you?

My actual response (that I posted on Twitter) was this:

UMMM UMMM UMMMMM!!!!!! FUCK maybe or not IDK! Someone from my school just found me on the GYC!

SHIT!!! That mean he just found my blog!!!!!!!!

Yeah I was definitely freaking out. To calm myself down I go and watch some more Nip/Tuck and fall asleep amazingly.

When I wake up it is 7:35 and I instantly go and check the GYC and see I have a message and it is him telling me I am correct and that we should talk on AIM. We then talk for like 3 second when he has to leave to go hiking, so he gives me his cell phone number to text. We exchange 3-5 texts before we stop. Since it was the morning I was neither nervous nor scared, I was just like, “Holy fuck is my phlegm yellow AND brown!”

I then looked at Twitter and say Nic asked if I wanted to talk, so I got on Skype and we did, but it was with Lunty and VBoy (SMEXY) joining in lol. After a while Nic had to go for a bit and the convo kind of lulled.

I then decided to go and take some more Sudafed and make some food. After a bit of decision making I decided on pancakes. Not regular pancakes though, banana-macadamia-nut-blueberry-chocolate-chip pancakes. I made a regular recipe and was able to get 8 pancakes out of that. I ate 3 for breakfast with sugar-free syrup and they were delicious, though a little burnt sadly!

After breakfast I went back up stairs and talked on the convo for a bit more. In the middle I decided to watch “Dead Snow” a foreign film about Nazi Zombies, it was okay, good for not paying much attention though! While watching the movie, Shaun decided that he now hates me because I am weird and is no longer going to talk to me. At 1 I decided I was hungry again and decided to make some food. After a 30 minute search I figured out what to make. I made Spaghetti with turkey tomato sauce. It was delicious! Yeah I think I can cook lol, but I mean I was just in the mood for cooking today hahaha.

When I was done eating the delicious food I prepared, the Skype convo ended and I decided to watch a Lisa Lampanelli special that was On Demand. I loved it! Lisa is so offensive in the most perfect way that just makes it too damn funny! Oh and I love her gay jokes! They are too damn funny and kind of correct at times lmao.

I then went upstairs when that was over to watch some more Nip/Tuck. In the middle of an episode I got a call from the dude asking if we could meet at a Starbucks or something to chat. I told him I could not because I am sick, but that I probably could tomorrow. So I think we are going to meet tomorrow and talk about being gay and everything. So yeah please try and keep me up to blogging about it, PLEASE?!?

I was soon called down to help the parents with something and I fed the dogs. We then had sushi for dinner. After dinner we watched “Whip It” which is such an awesome movie. When that ended I went back to my room and watched some more Nip/Tuck and set up a Dropbox for Oliver so he can easily get his Queer as Folk fix!

Well I am going to say that is enough for tonight so:

Life Putters and Wanders,


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Got Motivated!

Hey everyone! Please try and make me blog every night! You know I want to; I just want people to motivate me to!

So today is a nice one to talk about because well it summarized everything that happened over the past few days!

Today I woke up at 8 or so and decided to start to get ready for meeting Rik and the dentist. So I went and got some laundry ready (including my black with teal striped v-neck) and put them in the washing machine. I then went up stairs and showered…which reminds me I need to get more body wash! I then went back downstairs with my toothbrush and the black skinny Pride-jeans. I printed out directions to every where I am going while down there. I also brushed my teeth so they looked freshly clean for the dentist. At 10 the laundry was done and I left the house.

I got there a few minutes early and waited a while to get seated. But I was at least entertained by some fish in a nice aquarium. There was this one that was really interesting; it bullied others and had this like seas anemone type thing that he would roll it; I was really interested in him! I was then called in at around 10:55 and I had a panoramic x-ray, which was my first. It was odd, but nice and much easier than usual x-rays. This weird panel thing went around my head and scanned my teeth; it was cool though! I was then taken to my chair and I waited for a while to actually get an assistant to clean my teeth and when she was about to start, she stopped. I then waited a bit more and my dentist came and did all the plaque stuff and everything. He then told me my teeth were good; no cavities, but I have to get my wisdom teeth removed :-(!!

From there I left for Rik’s house. It was complete fail! I went too far on the first try and then went on the wrong road the second lol, but I did get there at like 12:07 and I parked and he came out of his house. He looked way different than I thought, but he did say we looked like crap (he kind of did, I think he should have at least shaved!) So we walk to a park and I am just awkward and shy! (I just am I really am!) So we talked (he talked; I said “yeah” a lot) and it was just okay. I don’t know, I was just too awkward in my opinion, but I was quite clumsy as I usually am lol. At 1 I left gladly and left for my internship.

So I get there and I am instantly put up to help with everything because we had this guitarist from Sacramento come down and record here. So I start by getting the guy’s set list, then I check the mics, then I help with the Character Gen so we have good opening titles, then I m put on the board and we start to record. While I was working down in the studio these two new cute Asian guys were on two of the three cameras. I think I will talk about what we did yesterday now because I found it interesting and I mean hell it is what I want to blog about!

So yesterday we had a singer and his 4 back up dancers come in. So the guy’s name was Xavier and he was clearly gay (I think, lol) and his one male back up dancer, Karl, was also extremely gay (again from what I can tell). Karl was wearing a nice graphic tee, some shorts (I forget), had weird hair cut for his blond hair, and wore a these Dorothy suspender straps! I am sorry but I am guilty of laughing a bit. Xavier also wore a very pink leather (IDK) jacket. So the two new Asians were behind me and they were talking about the guys (gays) and were saying like they are hot and stuff like that. I thought they were gay and out! I was so happy! So I started to loosen up to see if they had enough gaydar to notice me and maybe talk to me!

So yeah we recorded Xavier and his dancers and it was actually okay, I liked his music! The dancing was also okayish, but still it was good! I was on audio the whole time. And yeah that is what happened yesterday pretty much. The only other thing is that we recorded two takes of it and yeah. WAIT!!!! Okay so one thing I forgot to say. So I talked to Mark after the internship about them and asked if there are gay. He said, “Wow no! There are totally homophobic!” Yeah I think I am really bad a reading sarcasm, but then again I was not looking at them when they said what they said, so who knows?

So back to today, I just really think the two Asians are so cute. One is like just the perfect type of hunky and seems nice. The other is also nice and has small, stud earrings that actually work well on him! So yeah I just am going to still be a little gayer than normal and see what happens incase Mark was wrong.

So I was on audio for the guitarist, but in the middle Dave asked me to go and work on the other computer in the editing bay to marks and crate chapters for the Xavier performance and chooses which take was better. So I had to re-watch it all again, it was not as funny on video this time and it was before lol, but still it was cool because I think I am getting better at Final Cut, which will really help me next year in Film because I am so going to need to start becoming better at Final Cut! When the guitarist was done and I finished my editing, we were asked to do movie reviews. Mark and I were chosen to give a review of Inception. Yes I saw it on Saturday with him and Nick. We saw it in D-Box seats (Google them!) and I have to say it was one of the best movie experiences I have ever had and the movie was just so amazing. I gave it a 9.5 of 10 because there were a few slight flaws in my opinion, but I mean they just have to be noticed in a review and score of the movie. I thing the movie definitely needs some Oscar nods though! After those interviews internship was over and I went home.

When I got home I felt like cooking for some reason, but my sister took the car so I had to wait for her to get back to go out to the store and buy the food I needed. I got what I needed and ran into three school peeps and then went home. I did all the chopping and stirring and stuff of what I made and in the end I had a nice delicious Picadillo. It was good!

After that I watched SYTYCD and I am now blogging, yay!

Now time for a challenge post (only 1)!

Challenge Day 14 – Someone You’ve Drifted Away From

Dear Jason,

Hey Jason! I am sorry I have stopped talking to you. I don’t know why, but I just started to think we are too different, but it would be cool to hang again! Who knows? Talk to you again hopefully!


Life Putters and Wanders,

Robert BP

Friday, July 16, 2010

Back! Now Keep Me Motivated!

Hello format for my blog Word Document! It has been a while! I would like to say sorry for not using you lately because I really have had stuff to write about, but I just never let myself so that. I really hope you can forgive me and push me to continue using you because you know I love using you to blog, you know it just made my day have an ending that was much needed!

So yeaH I AM BACK AND GOING TO TRY TO BLOG AGAIN EVERYDAY! (Sorry caps lock, but hey I don’t feel like correcting it and that sentence deserves some emotion) I really want help staying motivated for the next few days so I post because I really want to!

So I think I should end my Pride story, but I want to end it quickly so here we go!

I got on a BART 8:40, it was full of gays with one really cute couple in front of me, they just looked amazing. As I rode I got steadily more and more depressed over not meeting Rik. I nearly cried like 4 times, and cried twice (a few tears each cry). The first person I texted was Erik because he is always there for me! So I text him and the convo goes down quickly and I am still really down. Then, as a turn of events, out of the blue, CJ texts me! (I love texting CJ, especially when he is not in his self-centered, spoiled moods, sorry CJ but you are, it is good Kathryn is like that or it would be hard to talk to you, but I do love talking to you and I am so happy about what has happened to you while in DC!) So we talk and he helps me….oh and before I forget, the Tobolowsky Files also really helped, I love the podcast so much! he helps by really making me see I have a crush on Rik, but the thing is it isn’t a crush. I am now 99% sure I was just so disappointed to NOT meet him that I misinterpreted my sadness for love and then blah blah blah, lol. So I am talking to CJ when Rik texts me, and of course I lie a bit (about how sad I am) and we just text and I cry one of the times here.

I finally get to my BART station after transferring where I looked at a cute gay (1/2 of the couple, they are not a couple I guess lol (but they sure kissed like one)). So I go out to the parking lot and cannot find my car! I freak out and call the number they have posted everywhere in case your car is towed (I thought my car was towed). I get no answer so I go to the desk and I am then told that I may be on the wrong side. I am freaking out still, but I go through to the right side and yup there is my car! I was so relieved and happy!

I then drove home and CJ asked me to tell him a story, so I did while I was walking the dogs. I was really tired after that so I went to bed and slept.

Now for the aftermath:

So if you remember I went t searching all over for a Wells Fargo and finally found one. Well my parents found the transaction online lol. So they asked why I was in SF and how I got there. I told them versions of the truth. The whole truth on how I got there and a partial truth for what I did while there. They were unhappy I did it but are not punishing me because I did a good job taking care of everything while they were gone. As a reward (WTF) they are paying for me to see Kathy Griffin and (possibly) Young Frankenstein, but IDK.

Okay think I will dedicate the rest of this post to doing a few challenge days and then I will resume my usual everyday blogging tomorrow and talk about my day (finally!)

AND I fell asleep lol, sorry everyone!

Now for the challenges, I think I will do three today to start catching up!

Day 11 — A Deceased person you wish you could talk to -- I have no idea who too right this to!

Dear Brittney Murphey

I miss you too damn much! I loved all of your movies and I really am just so sad you could not have done more and you died too early! I also cannot believe how little press coverage you received when you died; I know you were one of many celebrities that die at that time, but hell yours was one of the more shocking ones! I miss you so much!


Day 12 — the person you hate most/caused you a lot of painanother hard one!

Dear (I really cannot think of anyone right now!) person that I will meet eventually,

I really hope I hate you for reasons that are neither selfish nor egotistical. I hope that I can get over hating you, but I have no idea what you will do so we will see.


Day 13 — someone you wish could forgive youI am just getting blanks constantly!

Dear person in the future,

I am very sorry for what I have done, unless I truly meant it and you took it the wrong way. I don’t know what I did yet, but I am sure I can sure I can apologize for it in some way! I hope you will forgive me!


Life Putters and Wanders,


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kevin and Challenge 9 and 10

So I texted Kevin asking if he wanted to meet up and almost immediately I received a text back saying we wanted to. SO we decided to meet where the Backstreet Boys were playing. I went into the crowd and watched whoever was playing waiting to be texted by him or Rik so I can find him/him, but I got sucked into the middle of the crowd and it was so suffocating and ugh wow it was almost terrible, but I eventually got out! And I finally received a text from him he was there. And we kept texting until I knew he was Stage Left and at lamp posts. I then ask if he meant the tall or short ones and he answered the short ones, with the guy “wearing a purple shirt and pink bandana and my friend is wearing bikini top candy and shorts” I then looked to the left and saw them!

So well I see who I think is them so I (awkwardly) go up to the guy in a purple shirt and…forget his name for a second lol *dies*, so I checked my phone quickly and saw a K and remembered his name is Kevin! So I say “Kevin, right?”

Kevin responds, “Yeah! Robert?”

“Yeah! Hi! Nice to meet you!”

“Hi!” Kevin then introduced me to his two girl friends, Alex and IForgetHerName. “We saw you searching for us, but I had no idea if that was you!”

We then talked about a bunch of stuff and it was fun just hanging with people and it really was not extremely awkward lol. So the girls decided they wanted to dance so we went to this Prius booth lol and looked at my phone and noticed that my text to Rik never sent! So I decided to text him and when I looked up they were gone! I decided okay well it was fun meeting him, so I text Rik again saying want to meet, but as I write that I get a text from Kevin saying he lost me and how to find him! So I decide why go for improbable when you already have the constant (that makes no sense I think lol). So I went to them and we danced (well I swayed lol, I have no idea how to dance lol) and then the girls said they wanted to go to the Cat Scratch Club (the strip club they used in Rent the movie for the CSC). It takes us a few minutes and then we find it and take a few pictures of it and stuff, yeah it was old, closed, beaten down, and in a seedy neighborhood, but it was cool seeing it though!

We were all thirsty at that time so we walked to a Starbucks and got stuff to drink and continued on and decided to go to Washington Square Park I think and just sit on the grass and hang. It was fun and just relaxing. While there Alex gave me one of her bracelets she made for Pride. It is rainbow colored and awesome! I wore it every day after Pride until my parents came home; I even wore it during football practice! It just felt awesome having something signifying I am gay on me lol, it was quite validating though no one saw it because I started to wear it as an anklet!

So we just hung for a while and Kevin and the two girls decided they should leave so I said good bye to them because I was really determined to meet with Rik! So I texted him and then called him, I got voicemail instantly! FUCK! I just continued walking until I got to this place where I found had working Wi-Fi and sent him a tweet and everything! While at that place I sat trying to get internet and be optimistic (even though I am quite pessimistic lol), a mother and her teenage daughter (younger than me) ask to use my phone because they need to call someone, so I give it to them (I am really nice sometimes!) While the daughter, who swore a lot lol, was trying to get a ride the mother talked to me and asked how I liked Pride and stuff like that. She THEN asked if I wanted some Tequila LMAO, I was like WTF she has a teenage daughter who must be just a year or two younger than me and she is offering me TEQUILA!?! So I told her I am straight edge. Of course she has no idea what that means so I tell her, I do not drink alcohol nor do drugs. She responded by saying, “That must be hard, how you do it?”

I just say “I say no!” lol I mean I do lol, but wow she was kind of weird hahahha. She then asks if I am going to Castro, I have never been (Sorry Aaron!!). She says it is the real place to be for Pride, so I am so going there next year for sure!! So when they are done with my phone they leave and I decide to go get something to eat, so on the way of leaving the area there are people on the top of a thing lol, I have a few pics of it, and the police are coming in like teams of 6 to go and like take people off of it, it was crazy. Right when I saw the cops I went into journalist mode and took out my camera to take videos and pictures of what might happen, but nothing happened and before it was over I started to walk away. I went to an Asian doughnut shop and bought a donut and a coconut soda, they were delicious and I then called Rik one more time then left to get a BART home.

Okay there is one more post I have to do for this, but it should be short and I will right it and post it tomorrow hopefully!

Now onto Challenge Day 9 and 10!

Day 9: Someone you wish you could meet!

Dear future boyfriend,

Meet me already!!!


Day 10: Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to

Dear Mitchell,

Hey Mitch we should so talk sometime, I mean I think Mark might even go to the beach house this year if things stay civil lol, but yeah it would be awesome to talk to you more. You know you are an awesome guy and yeah I know you will make it big in theater or comedy writing, but yeah we should so talk!


Life Putters and Wanders,


Monday, July 5, 2010


Well I want to start off this post by saying I am sorry I have not been posting lately. I have just not been given the time, kind of lol. So these next few posts are going to be the rest of my Pride story and the challenge posts that I have yet to do.

So I had just got off the BART at Embarcadero because that was one of the places Rik told me to get off if I wanted to. I then go looking for a Wells Fargo because I really needed some money. It took me around like ten minutes to find one even though there were banks everywhere lol. Then decided to go to a Starbucks and get a drink while checking Twitter and stuff. I go there and get a Chai iced latte I think, lol it was a week ago, how would I remember such a minute detail? I then go and try to get Twitter and stuff and the Wi-Fi isn’t working :-(! Apparently when I upgraded to iOS4, it forgot the AT&T log in! So when I got a text from Rik saying to go to the Civic Center I was fucked. I had no idea where or how to get there!

I then decided to and follow the big street where the parade clearly went through. I follow it and its progressively getting dirtier and more and more beer cups and bottles are on the ground. I then look far ahead and see what looks like a giant crowd. So I keep going and keep going until I am in the center of a giant crowd. Everyone is going through these gates so I go in and there were booths everywhere and people dressed up (down?) it were crazy. Oh I also saw my first naked penis in real life, it was disgusting! It was the penis of a really fat, hairy, 60 year old, yah never wants to become or see that again!

I then continued to walk around and started to suffocate in the crowd. I had no idea where I was, but I now know I was at the civic Center where Rik was. He actually texted me asking where I was and I said so. He then texted back he was in the same place. I texted "Lets meet now"; it never sent! I was really tired of waiting for him where I was; I was still suffocating, so I decided to go and buy water from Pete’s and come back. He still had not texted me and was not at the corner, so I remembered Kevin, another friend form the GYC who said he would be at Pride.

After much searching I finally found his phone number and decided to text him!

Now for challenge day #8: your favorite internet friend

Dear Noc,

I truly want to say how awesome you are! You are sweet! Kind! And just a plain great guy! You never try and give up on someone and you forgive their mistakes! You know how to joke and we all envy you and Domi! Your blog was one of the highlights of my blog reading! I want to thank you for not only introducing me to SO MANY awesome people but also you were one of the reasons I started blogging! Nic you sent a tweet saying, “Dear strangers, don’t stay unknown!” and my twitter name was mentioned in that tweet! Your tweet was one of the small inspirations to start blogging; I became known! Thank you Nic for being awesome and always staying cool when I made a bad joke! You are lucky and you are kind and you are so forgiving!


Well I think I still have 2 or 3 more posts about Pride to do, and I still have to catch up with the challenge, SORRY ERIK (who I am currently talking to)!

Life Putters and Wanders,


Friday, July 2, 2010

Challenge Day day whatever

Never posted yesterday so here is yesterday’s challenge post.

Dear ex-crush Manuel,

I first saw you in Bio and thought you were amazing and that could not wait to talk to you. Little did I know that later that class we would for only a few seconds? It was cool and I loved your German accent, especially since you were a foreign exchange student, but I did not care that you were leaving I figured that you were cute and that something might happen. Though nothing did and you became Ansha’s boyfriend I was happy you found someone you clearly loved. It was nice having eye candy in Science!


Also yesterday had a lot of Skype convos in the end that have now affected today A LOT!

Well got to go and walk the dogs then do my second post for today to write about Pride Part 3 and today.

Life Putters and Wanders.