Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yesterday Today

Wow why the fuck did I wait till 12 to start writing my blog post for today?

So I woke up at 7 and remembered that my sister came home last night with her boyfriend, I also forgot to post that. I then go and read tweets till 7:30 and eat some breakfast and leave for school.

My first period was Spanish. We started off with the usual boring stuff, but after the first part we went on to another session of picture viewing. This time it was about Francisco de Goya. He got half way through the presentation when the slide machine, yes my teacher still uses slides, so one of his slides got caught in the projector and he was un-able to fix it. At the end if class some other students and I went up to try and help. I recommended using tweezers to pull it out, but they were too short and thick. My teacher then thought about what is longer and thinner and then pulls out a knife and easily takes the slide out.

Right after that happened I had to rush to the last rally of the year because I need to finish this active student thing which I had two left to fill out by the end of next week. So I go to the rally and as it begins that turn off the lights and everyone starts chanting “GO HOME FRESHMAN!!” It was weird they started with that because the freshman usually provoke us to make us start chanting. Then the show portion of the rally began and it was a countdown of the songs of this year, the list went:

7. Baby-Justin Bieber-they did very little dancing for this number, but I mean that kept it short, so I was happy

6. Telephone-Lady Gaga-the dancing was mediocre; they did not really show emotion or anything in it

5. Evacuate the Dancefloor-Cascada-the song was the best part of this one

4. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)-Beyonce-the dancing was mediocre, but of the usual choreography, but it was made up because they had a guy in the usual outfit, and he was just funny

3. Blah Blah Blah-Ke$ha (feat. 3OH!3)-Again okay dancing, but I mean they had girls if Ke$ha costumes so it was good

2. Break Your Heart-Taio Cruz-They did a lot of okay dancing for this one

1. Bedrock-Young Money & Lloyd-yeah I hate the song, but they actually sung this one, and I mean the entire song, I have to say this one guy on Rally Commission can actually sing, like he has a good voice

After that they did some games. The first was a hot dog eating contest with girls. They started and the senior threw her opponents’ off the table and took hers over to the senior section and started giving them out. In the end the juniors won, which never happens. Then they honored a teacher and athletic students that are going to play in college, we have one going to Stanford, one going to Brown, and one going to somewhere else big. Then there was a game for siblings, which was glow in the dark so I had no idea what was happening. After that everyone moved to where they will during next year’s rallies. I went and got my Active Student form signed and left.

I then had Media where my partner and I have a finished revised rough draft of our brochure.

Then during lunch I got to see what Kathryn did with Bri today because it was Senior Slave day, did I mention I nearly got run over 3 times by people in wagons having their slaves haul them? So Bri was like dress as a modern Pippy Long Stockings, with the best part being a strip of tape across her breasts (Bri has big boobs) that said “My eyes are up here!” it was just so hilarious because it kind of actually just draws your attention to the tape/boobs and not to the eyes, and it was hella funny having people come up to read it. We then went down to the field and hung out till lunch ended, I studied a bit for a math test, which I was still not ready for.

Now Math, when we got in I learned that there was a worksheet she gave out on Monday that I did not have, so I was screwed for one question on the test. I was then given the packet to do over the weekend; I do not think I will do it at all. We then had the test; everything was going well until I got to the problem the packet was about. I did three different methods until I figured one made the most sense and actually gave me an answer that seemed to be what she was asking for.

After that I hung with Kathryn a bit after school. We went to Starbucks and I tried the new Soy Strawberries & Cream Blended Crème Frappachino and it was delicious!

I then went with her to a friends’ house to retrieve a notebook they use to write messages to each other in. She spent like two minutes looking everywhere, so I decide to go and help her. The message said “On top of the wall of the mailbox”, so I go and look there and there the notebook is. So I go to Kathryn and say “Follow me”. I say the message again and point as each part comes up, so I first point at the top of the wall, then at the wall, then at the mailbox. When I am done I point back at the wall and give her the notebook.

I then went home, tried to do a World History SAT Practice test, but it was too boring and my mom came home with Middle-Eastern food, so I went up and ate. After that I took a shower and got ready to go to a Media awards thing for the Media class.

So we got there on time. I took a seat where the other Media people were. It started off with an introduction to the program and how it is like a school with-in a school. We then moved on to the awards. I was nominated twice because I had two things I worked on nominated. After all of the sophomore awards they moved on to the juniors. This one guy had a great animation that he did in 5 days or something because the original one got corrupted. Then a short film form the film class won, which kind of almost killed me because it was just so well done and amazing…and it had…Abner as the lead role, yeah enough said, but it was really well done and the guys that did it worked really hard from what we saw and it was voted the best of all the winning projects. Then there was a Multi Media Journalism award that was given to Abner’s group, it was also just really good and informative, so yeah. They had an Industry award given by professionals and a leadership award that is now named after a student that helped to create the Media program, but could not join it as a student. When it was over I went and got my active student form signed by a teacher and I now have it filled out and left.

When I got home I watched Bill Maher and then went to sleep. So yeah that was my day, yesterday, so there will be another post later today about today.\

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. Man, that's a long post, but interesting. Sounds like a full day.

  2. Tell us how somebody saved your life when you were age 8.


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