Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Need Sleep

This to be quick, so I will just summarize.

The depressed feeling has not gone away and I doubt it ever will for a long time, but I will get used to it.

So today we came back to the school n the bus. We left at nine, had a lunch stop at 11:15, and got back at 4. It was raining when we got back so I got a ride back to my house from a friend-ish person.

At home I had a nice explosion.

I then watched the last 4 episodes of Lost, which were really Good, except the ending was a little meh, but it is definitely a show that is worth seeing.

I then watch Glee after trying to do math HW, but my brain won’t work after the trip. The episode was amazing though.

I am currently watching the season 2 finale of QAF.

Some awesome stuff that happened today:

· Seeing Lost

· Watching Glee

· Learning the local well known opera house is putting on “La Boehme”

· Getting an unexpected @ tweet by a porn star

·Finally getting a chance to watch QAF

· Everyone that commented on my last post!

I really want to that thank you very much to everyone that wished, thought, or commented on my last post, truly than you.

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. Glad you made it back safely and had a pretty good evening. I hope the next few days are good ones for you. A good summer is coming up.

  2. I was going to comment on the last post, tabbed and everything so I could go back and comment, but I must have fallen asleep or something.

    Look, depression feels like it's going to last forever. Trust me I've been trying to get over a boy for the past two weeks, and it's been really really hard. I saw him again on Saturday and it really upset me, so on Sunday I did nothing but mope. I was thinking oh great, how long will this last... Well, it lasted until Family Guy that night.

    These past few days I've sort of woken up out of a depressed feeling (although today admittedly I feel myself slipping again).

    The point being: it will go away, sometimes you have to force it away by keeping busy and distracted, but keep at it. You will feel better, and then you will feel worse, but hopefully with time the feeling better part will outlast the not feeling good part.

    As for the loner thing, that's my conundrum. I've always said that I would be perfectly fine on my own, but I'm come to realize that I'm a horribly dependent person. My solution: force myself to hang out with people. I know you're still in high school and the variety of people you have to hang out with is pretty limited, but once you get out of there that will change. Find some wonderful new friends, and make the effort to keep those friendships alive (even if you feel you are making all the effort).

    Oh god, I think I've rambled on far too much.


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