Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Test of My Tired Brain

I just got home from seeing Iron Man with two football friends; I will blog about that later. So I am now really tired so I might as well test how much my brain remembers of today.

So today started with me waking up (of course) got ready for school, and had breakfast (corn flakes). I then left and had Spanish where we just did a bunch of review and got the Cinco de Mayo talk, which was not as good as it would have been if it was told on the day.

Then I had Media class, worked on the final project and got it finalized. Al the while I learned that there was a suspected bomb found in Times Square, it was a cooler full of water. That actually made me happy because it shows that NYC is really taking any steps possible to stay safe and not be bombed after the failed bombing attempt on Saturday.

Then I had math where I took a quiz I did okay on, I got back a quiz which I got a 40/42 on. Then we learned about fair games (i.e. how to figure out what games you have the best chance of winning money on).

I then had a killer work out for an hour and a half. I then talked with two of my football buddies and one of then said we should see Iron Man tonight, so we made a plan.

I got home showered and had dinner. Then I went and picked up Buddy #1 and we met #2 at the theater. He then got tickets, I still cannot believe we got tickets to the one we wanted. We then went shopping at Lucky’s for theater food, walked back in time to get Icees and we watched the movie. It was really good the acting was great, the writing was okay, the comedic elements were awesome, it was one of the better Superhero movie sequels I have seen. (The Dark Night is the BEST EVER). The only problem I had was that it was annoying that Don Chedel had to replace Terrence Howard because he was asking for too much money, but it was okay in the end, the role just would have worked better with Howard.

So yeah now I am home and dead tired, but buzzed because of sugar and a Monster I had earlier, but still I had fun and I am really happy I got to see Iron Man 2 on its opening day!

Life Putters and Wanders,


P.S. Has anyone here read every single post I have ever posted?


  1. Phewwwww he is one hottie. I would not mind cuddling up with him Who is he by the way any Idea
    Eddie xx

  2. I read every post and will continue to do so.

  3. Hi Robert

    Yes, I have! And I've seen Iron Man 2 as well! Really enjoyed it - thought it was one of the better superhero ones.

    And I loved the Audi R8. Just saw one "in the flesh" here last night - still quite rare in Ireland, and my God they're beautiful!




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