Thursday, May 13, 2010

STAR Testing: Day 2 of 2

Today was nice. Once again my alarm actually worked!

So I had my last day of STAR testing and think I did well. The science one went really well, the first part took me half-an-hour I think with the second taking like 45 minutes. Then we had a fire alarm go off so we had evacuate the building, but it was short and fake and we went back in and took the English STAR test and of course it took forever because of all the stupid passages you have to read and I am a slow reader.

So after all of that I had weightlifting for an hour and a half, which was good and fun, got a good workout in. Those are really going to be needed because Spring Practice begins next week and I need to be ready to do whatever coach tells us to do.

So I then went home and finished season 1 of Queer as Folk, and the show is just so great I love Emmett played by Peter Paige and Justin played be Randy Harrison, but yeah I really recommend the show if you ever want a good show to watch. Well that is it for me tonight.

Life Putters and Wanders,


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  1. lol thats funny about the fire alarm-- i remember the tweet.

    you should take the which QAF character are you test. I got michael which is ok by me because he's a sweetheart :-) i think in reality im more a mix between ted and michael. Im as serious as ted about work and culture but not nearly as cynical. but I do have the self-deprecation down :-)

    Its interesting that you tweeted you didnt think there should be so much blood. I really had never thought about that before. The first two times i watched it i was with friends and there was a mood and a whole ambiance to really highlight the mood of the show and I cried both times at the horror of what happened and why.

    To each, his own of course :-) I just thought it was interesting since you mentioned the other night that you didn't get affected sometimes. Not that thats a good or bad thing, just interesting. we're all unique and wonderful snowflakes blah blah blah whatever ;-)



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