Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two Days!

So today was good, I woke up and shit what did I do this morning. Okay well whatever I got up, read tweets, watched wait no I did not watch anything…I don’t think, okay fuck it I went to school at 9 and took a giant Spanish exam that was just plain hard, but I think I did well

I than had Tutorial and met with Kathryn and Bri and learned that someone is going to be REALLY naughty and Bri was having intense craps, you know…wait you are all gay or bi how would you know…well she had those cramps, you know, inside her. Yeah I would hate if that happened to me, and when I said the worst thing that happens to us is we get blue balls, she nearly slapped me and then got a nice cramp and swore, yeah I love my dick, just saying.

I then had media class where I worked on my final project and started to format it into what it will be in the end.

Then there was lunch where it started to rain.

After lunch I had math which I think is probably the craziest class in this last part of the year. So we started off learning about multiplying matrices again. In the middle a student was asked to do stats interviews. We continued when 5 minutes later the same kid was called by different stats kids. After the student left my teacher went on a mini rant saying, “If any more stats people ask for (student’s name) I am going to give them a random student and corrupt their research.” She was kidding of course but it was just really funny at the time. Class then went on as planned when two women walked into the class and got some keys out of the teacher’s bag and walked away. We were all like who is that, so my teacher answered, “That was my sister.”

We were all like what? She has a sister? Then we started guessing who is the older one, when she just plain asked the class their opinion on who is older. I said my teacher was older, but I am a terrible judge of age, especially with women. Well of course I was wrong and she is younger, but whatever it was funny either way. So she then started talking about her sister and how she loves to run. Someone asked if she does marathons, and the answer was no, she does triathlons. We were all like those are way fucking harder than marathons, and I am sure they are probably one of the hardest things anyone can do. And then my teacher started to speculate how her sister got there, she originally thought she run, but then remembered she was wearing Uggs and would NEVE run in Uggs. At that comment this kid that says the strangest things spoke up and said, “Are Uggs those fur boot things?” Everyone started laughing and he was embarrassed, but did not feel abuses, but I mean it was just funny and my teacher said yes, but then everyone was still laughing and decided to take a break. After that we actually learned stuff and school ended.

I then had football, but it was all defense, which I hate, I just do not being on defense it just is not fun and I just prefer my position on Offense, especially since I think I am good at that position.

After that I went home and did some homework. After having dinner I went to Target to get some stuff I need for the LA trip in two days, I cannot wait, I really hope I can post while there, but if not I will still write a post every night and just post it when I get back.

Well it is midnight so:

(Maybe too many piercings (not maybe at ALL))

Life Putters and Wanders,


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