Tuesday, May 18, 2010

List of things to do before 30

It just seemed like today was shit for everyone else except me, I am guessing because I like the rain and try not to let things really get me down when it is rainy.

I woke up a little late (only ten minutes) and got ready for school.

I went to school and took a quiz in science. In English we discussed “The Kite Runner” for almost an hour. For history we did this mock-United Nations thing for Zimbabwe where I represented China and I have to say I totally won in my group. Then we learned about India post-Imperialism.

After all that I had football where we lifted for 40 minutes, then another football player and I went to the smoothie place and I got a Red Bull smoothie that is just too delicious, it tastes like the old Strawberry Dreamin’ from Jamba Juice except with a twinge of Red Bull flavor. We then walked back to the school and went to the field and got ready for practice.

We started at 4 and went on till 5:45; all we really did was practice types of blocking and learned two more plays.

I then went home and worked on homework until Glee was on. Tonight’s episode was just so amazing and perfect, it really is just one of the best episodes they have done, I just absolutely love this show and know that it may be flawed, but the flaws are nowhere near ruining the show for me.

So now I really want to see Les Miserables. Hmm I think I will make a list of things I need to do before 30. I guess I will start it here and put a bar for it up after I post this.

List of things to do before 30: (Order Does Not Really Matter)

1. Go to Pride in SF

2. Go to Pride in Las Vegas

3. Go to Pride in New York City

4. See “Next to Normal”

5. See “Rent” live on stage

6. See “Les Miserables” in London on the West End

7. Live in New York City for at least a year

8. Have sex

9. Have a boyfriend

10. Go to a gay club

11. Go to Las Vegas pat 21 and have fun

12. Travel around Europe for a month

13. Take a Latin class

14. See Lea Michele live on stage

15. See Jonathan Groff live on stage

16. (If possible) see Lea AND Jonathan live on stage

17. Kiss a boy I truly love

18. See Chris Colfer live on stage

19. See 8 Broadway shows in one week

20. Live my life

Well that is it for tonight, only THREE more days till my school trip to LA!!

Life Putters and Wanders,


P.S. According to my post thingy that blogger has this is my 100th post, but in reality it is only my 95th post, any idea for my 100th?


  1. Lol I dont think "take a latin class" and "kiss a boy i truly love" can be on the same list :-)

  2. It's good to have a list of goals like this. It gives you something to aim for, targets for the future, and it gives you many reasons to keep on plugging away at life.

  3. I am sure you'll achieve many of these things before you turn 21! Hope u have a blast in LA!

  4. I LOVE Les Mis! I saw it 4 years ago. I'm going to see Rent next summer as well, not Broadway mind you, but the theater at which I work casts a lot of Broadway actors.

    I'm glad you set the list as things to do before 30, that's actually a good way to do it.

    I don't know why, but that list made me happy! :)

  5. Thank you everyone for commenting and Rhythym I am happy to have brought a smile to your face especially with everything you are going through.
    Oh and Timmy if you are reading this I did not rip off your thing, though you dd tell people to make lists like you did, I actually mentioned having this list (though did not create it then) in a comment I left on John Doe's blog, so just thought I would explain.

  6. I think "have sex" should be after "have a boyfriend" and not before. Just a suggestion. Lol ;] =P

  7. Well asch92, like i said earlier at the top of the list, there is no order, it is just a list of things i really want to do. But yeah i completely agree, it is just that sex came to my mind before commitment.

  8. I posted you a link to the article you wanted to see as a comment on that post. =]


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