Monday, May 3, 2010

I Am Really Sorry Nic!

Well today started kind of bad because last night people were bad mouthing the extremely nice Nic over petty stupid reasons and I feel kind of guilty because I did nothing to stop or discourage it, I just hope things get better between him and everyone else, but if not I still want to him to know I am really sorry for Saturday and I am here for you if you ever need anyone (also check the folder I left something for you there).

Then I went to school and had Science where I had a test that I completely B.S.ed so I am definitely going to get a C on that test, I really should have studied. Next I had English where I learned about the crazy Nacirema tribe because we are learning about cultures, if you do not know about the Nacirema you should definitely research about them, they are quite interesting.

I then worked on my portfolio for my Media class during Tutorial, learned about the Cold War in History. We mainly learned about what happened to the Asian countries in the early years of the Cold War and how North Korea is crazy (like I did not already know that). In Spanish we just learned new vocab. Then for Media I finished my portfolio in perfect time. I finally had Math where I learned about combinations and how they are different than variations.

I had weightlifting, walked home, got one of my earbuds stuck in my left ear (it was really annoying), read “the Kite Runner’, watched “the United States of Tara” (which was amazing this week, my only complaint was that Marshall should have either been naked or shirtless when he was jerking off) and “Chuck”.

Well that was my day.

Life Putters and Wanders,


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  1. Hey Robert

    Wow, a pretty busy day! And you still had time to tweet like mad! Excellent.

    And don't worry - Ireland will wait for you!!




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