Saturday, May 1, 2010

Work, Work, Talk, Relax

So today I had community service with the football team I woke up at 6:30. Then I talked with Nic , with a hint of Dominik, for around an hour, and then I got ready and left.

So I got to the meeting place at the local community college and met with the team and other volunteers where were separated into groups. My group got to ride in the big truck and drop off planks, tables, a strawberry sink, and tents. It was actually quite fun, so I was happy and after 3 hours of work (when I was supposed to leave) another football player and I were offered to go to the local Safeway and get carts.

So we were driven there, we hoped out and were told to go get 5 carts each, after a lot of struggle to get 5 good ones I got mine in a row and started to wheel then and crashed. Then I continued and had to avoid giant pillars and then navigate up a wheelchair ramp (where I ran into a pillar, of course). Then the wheels stopped working because they are attached to a distance monitor so they do not leave the store, so we had someone unlock them. Finally we loaded the carts into the truck (even though one went rolling away and nearly causing an accident).

When we got back we worked with some cute guys for another fifteen minutes and got the hours form, they gave us 5 hours though we only did 4 and ¼ hours but I am not complaining.

Then I came home dead tired,l talked to Nic and Lloyd, got into a few debates, and then just relaxed for the remainder of the day.

Now it is ten o’clock and I think I am going to watch “A Nightmare on Elm Street” for the first time ever, so ttyl.

Life Putters and Wanders,


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  1. I was obsessed with Nightmare on Elmstreet series when I was really little. My mom was out one night when I was like 5-6 yrs old, and my dad let me watch one of them on tv with him. I distinctly remember, before the movie started, taking my teddy bear (called "ted" no less) walking upstairs, opening up the clothes dryer door and throwing him inside audibly saying: "this is *not* for you". lol little kids are funny.

    then I bragged at school about watching it and the other kids and I would act out the scenes. Im sure the teacher was really happy my dad let me see it :-) Oh and I had many nightmares because of it.

    I want to see the new one...



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