Monday, May 24, 2010

Really Tired

Wow I am really tired right now.

So I wake up at 4 with bad leg cramps in my left leg, why is it always my left? I then managed to go back to sleep until 7. I stayed on the ground for another hour until we went to breakfast.

After breakfast we went to this animation seminar that was interesting. I really have to say that amazingly cute and awesome guy has been everywhere and I mean I just want to get to know him, but I am not the type to start something, I really rely on them coming to me and initiating, I am just a really shy guy when it comes to strangers, but I will talk to people I know and I mean I can really talk a lot. The one thing is that I really do not have like friends, I wish I did, but I just so not.

Back to today. After the seminar I took a shower was then rushed to go to Santa Monica Pier. I went with this other person and we bought all day ride passes to the little theme park area of the park. We first went on the roller coaster which sucks, then this spinny ride, then the free-fall machine twice in a row, the swingy dragon ride, which is like the pirate ride at most places. So there is actually a story to the dragon one and it goes like this.

The other guy and I were planning on going back on the roller coaster when I saw there was actually someone that was attending the ride. So we went there and were let on. Right as she was about to start the ride some people came and wanted to ride as well. Soon more and more people came and there was a long line, so yeah I really felt like a trend setter today because of that.

After that we went to Johnny Rocket’s and had some food for lunch. When the check came we were discussing how to pay tipping came up and the other two that we joined with were such assholes and they were just so against tipping the waitress because they felt it is a fast food restaurant, which is so wrong it is a restaurant for sure, but yeah it just pissed me off they were being so stingy, what was kind of funny was that one is Jewish and the other is Asian, so I guess some stereotypes are just correct for certain people.

So after that we went to where we were having dinner, I ate just ab9out nothing there, and we played some more air hockey and pool. In this pool game I played I was paired with a teacher against two other students, and after the break I was up, so I go to aim and there is a chair behind me that the stick hits, I then hit the cue ball by accident, so lol yeah I suck at pool, just saying.

We then went to Comedy Sports which was really fun and funny, one of my teachers got brown bagged ( brown bag put over his head for saying something obscene), but I really wanted to see ASSSCAT at the UCB because it just seems awesome and we could have probably got in if only a small group went.

After that we went back to the hotel. An hour ago I started to play poker for a while and it was fun, I eventually lost, but I was just doing it to make the game end.

Well I have a private, exclusive tour of Fox tomorrow so I will go to bed now, so ttyl.

Life Putters and Wanders,


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  1. I love hearing all that you do, please keep it up. I hope the leg cramps don't bother you any more.


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