Monday, May 31, 2010

The 7 Hour Conversation

Well I want to make this quick, I really want to talk about today.

So I woke up at like 8 and read tweets an started tweeting. I soon got an invitation to join a conversation with Nic and Dominik. At first ir was slow but then Village Boy (also named Dominik) joined. Soon it grew and grew and went from I think maybe 10 till 3, so it was five hours. I left twice.

The first was when my dad asked if I wanted to drive to Home Depot…

HOLY FUCK, I just looked at the conversation again, it started at 8, so it was a 7 fucking hour conversation!

…so I drove and we bought random stuff.

We then got back and I only had a few minutes because I said I would drive my sister to the airport. So I got back and it took 15 minutes to read their over 550 messages, yeah kind of crazy how it was still alive at 1.

I then left for the airport at 2. My sister and my mom fought a bit in the car, but they eventually shut up by the time we got to the airport. I then got some In n Out for lunch and headed home.

When I got back it turned out the conversation had dies, but it was an interesting conversation.

After that I started to work on homework. After watching the new United States of Tara, which was amazing, I started to watch the last 5 Nurse Jackie because I have missed them and it is also an amazing show.

Umm well that is it…wait I have to say one thing, Dominik and his boyfriend are such a cute couple, this is Vboy and I do not his name that I am talking about. But yeah Germans named Dominik are usually very hot from what I have now learned.

Well I am really tired and if you want to learn some kinky stuff check my twitter timeline.

Life Putters and Wanders,


P.S. Sampson is better and back to his normal self

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  1. I just finished reading 'The Kite Runner'. What a great book! I lucked out and saw the movie first. It is a great movie by itself. But seeing it first gave me an outline for the book. Then the book filled in amazing detail. It would not have seemed as good to do it the other way around. Thanks for telling me about this book. You have enriched my life!


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