Saturday, May 8, 2010

Santa Cruz

I want to start this post off by saying thank you to Adidas and Anonymous for reading all my posts, has my tone changed over the months, what about the writing, do i look fat in this blog?

Wow I guess I could talk about today, but let me skip to the good part.

Woke up, had breakfast, went to Santa Cruz. When I got there I was dropped off in downtown, so if you were there between 12-12:45 you may have seen me, I was in a sweater and shorts, both black. I really have to say, though, that i am surprised by how many gay looking people there were in Downtown Santa Cruz, and there is a saying that kind of goes around the school that all guys in Santa Cruz are gay (of course they do not mean all all), but I am starting to believe it might actually be kind of true.

So I went to every place that sells CDs in hope of finding the new Train CD to get for my mom for Mother’s Day, yeah it was no where to be found! So I then decided to go and get jewelry for her and on the way this guy from the ACLU asked me “Do you have a minute for gay ri—“ Right then I said “no”… “—ghts…oh okay have a good day” Yeah I was pissed at myself right after that, but then I thought, “Wait I am only 16 there is really nothing I could actually do because y name on that petition would be useless” and I still believe that, I just wish I did give a minute to him and try and help our cause in CA. So I then got the jewelry and my parents picked me up.

So we went to the beach house we have and git ready to have lunch, so I went to 7-11 to get some food. I got Monster Imported, it is better than normal monster, a burrito (had to heat in oven because the microwave broke), and a slurpee.

So yeah went back had lunch, did some homework, and then left. When we got home we had dinner and then I made cookies for dessert, they were oatmeal chocolate chip and they kind of were screwed up, but good. I then watched Doctor Who; it was a great episode with the 2nd best villain behind the Dialecks, the Weeping Angles.

I am currently talking to Glen and I am about to watch QAF the UK version.

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. Don't you hate it when you get surprised by someone like the ACLU guy and you answer before you have time to think about it. Oh well, next time.

    Yes, I've been here from the start. I think you sound a little more relaxed about life in your writing lately, now that you've connected with the blogging community.

    Sometimes I think about asking how much cardio you are doing in your workouts, but I don't want to sound like your mom lol. But remember to change all you need is a simple plan, and to stick to it.

  2. I think you've settled into a style, all right....

    I'm not sure that a 16 year old's name on a petition would be useless. But all too often we just walk right by these petitioners. No major harm done - it made you think and maybe next time you'll pause to offer some support. So the good has been done!



  3. OK, I looked into the UK version and didn't really like it. Charlie Hunnam was nice to look at though.
    About Santa Cruz... I've also heard about the gay thing. That's why I tweeted you that I'm jealous.
    You were dressed in black? I like that.
    I would have loved to taste those cookies. you have to make em for me one day. Do you have any siblings?
    Your mom has a good taste in music (judging by one music group).

    Who is Glen?

  4. Glen is a blogger, this is his blog, he has not updated it in a while.

    Also I have an older sister who i really do not get along with.


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