Wednesday, May 5, 2010

El Cinco de Mayo

So I woke up at my normal time today and went to school. On the way to school I remembered today is el Cinco de Mayo and that means that if I have Spanish then my teacher gives us a History lesson about what happened and why Mexicans (and by Mexicans I mean Americans that want an excuse to get drunk), so I was excited because the thing my Spanish teacher is good at is giving History lessons, I mean he is a better teacher at that than Spanish. And when I got to class I was sad to see a sub (damn it) so instead of getting a History lesson we watched “Hercules” in Spanish, and I just cannot believe I actually used to like that movie, it is such crap. The one thing is that s does seem funnier in Spanish because it just seems like the type of crazy show I would find on in Mexico.

Then in Media Class we watched the other period’s videos and then we split up into groups to figure out the final project which I will probably talk about later when it is finalized. In Math we learned about the difference between probability and odds.

So then school ended and I met up with Kathryn and Bri and they were planning on going to Starbucks, so I was like I will go with you girls. Then it turned out Bri was having her dad pick her up on his motorcycle and Kathryn invited the douchiest most homophobic asshole cunt-face to join us and go to Starbucks, so was like okay I will just ignore him. Then Kat and I got to talking about Glee and at least Cunt-Face did not catch on that were talking about it until we got to Kat’s dad’s car when he started to badger me on whether I watch Glee, and decided “FUCK THIS SHIT!” and walked away to walk home. So I got out my headphones so I could listen to “Run, Joey, Run” (I thought it fit the situation) when I noticed one of the padded parts of eth ear bud was gone. I turned around and of course it was right next to Kat’s car (there goes my defiant walk out). So I go back pick it up, and of course Cunt-Face starts to ask me whether I watch Glee so of course I ignore him. He then calls me something, I truly do not remember what he said, but I did nothing and kept walking. Well I guess I cannot say I did nothing. I was fucking cursing Cunt-Face’s name under my breath as I was walking away, you know saying how he is such a fucking idiot that in 10 years he is either: dead, selling crack on a corner, living in his parent’s basement, or he somehow found a wife that would want to be with him (of course she would be cheating on him, but the point is that he would have found a fucking wife, which is just impossible!).

So I walk away and get to the corner that leads me to my house when Kat’s car is RIGHT next to me, and Cunt-Face is staring at me! I do nothing, but ignore him, until they start to drive by me and he did something (again I do not remember what he did), so I quickly flipped him off. Then I see Bri on the back of her Dad’s back and she waves at me and I just say, “Cunt-Face is such an asshole!” and Bri is responds, “Yeah”. So I just keep walking and I walk home where I did homework and saw the latest episode of “Doctor Who” (BBC America’s latest episode).

Well that is it, I leave you with a second picture, thanks are in order for Mr. Urs who was able to get a screenshot of the amazingly sexy stance that Kurt (Chris Colfer) was in last night while looking back at Sue (Jane Lych)! I never knew he has biceps and I mean that ass, god when the hell will he do porn? COMPELETE JUST KIDDING!!

Life Putters and Wanders,


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  1. Ugh kurt is so hot...

    So did your friends not do something to tell cunt-face to shut up?? Good job on not totally flipping out on him-- probably not worth it :-)

    and lol at having to return to pick up the ear bud... how anti-climactic :-/ I have the bose ear-buds and ive almost lost the ear bud piece a few times now, and I go back to look and surprisingly always find it!

    Stay strong Robert and fuck the haters!



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