Thursday, May 6, 2010

Surprise Test!!

Wow nearly forgot to blog today!

So I woke up at usual time. I checked Twitter, reviewed the Science HW so I would do well on a quiz (the actual homework), and had breakfast.

I got to school and instantly forgot everything I was about to get quizzed on, so I looked at someone taking a different HW option to get the answers and I eventually did well on, but in the middle of the entire Sophomore class of students in my science class were called away for STAR Testing which I had no idea I was taking today, but I did well and finished in 45 minutes (it was the Life Science portion of the test)

Then I had English where I took a reading quiz and had a giant group discussion about “The Kite Runner”.

Then lunch. I met with Kathryn and we talked for a bit. She told me that T-CUNT-Face now knows I am gay because he asked Kathryn and she did not say anything ( that is what she told me, but if she told him ANYGTHING I am going to kill her), so my reply was that I am okay with that because the whole school figures I am gay. And her response to that was, “Then why not come out?” Yeah my response was go, FUCK NO! I mean you all must understand why I said that right, I mean I hope you do…well if you do not I will tell you why. There is a clear and distinct difference between everyone thinking you are gay and everyone knowing and you acknowledging you are gay. I just am happy with everyone thinking I am gay because it does not mean I really have to come out because everyone pretty much knows, I just do not have to approve it. I just like the way that situation works.

Then I had History where I learned about how close we came to having the world blown up in a thermo-nuclear war in the 80’s, so yeah holy shit is what I was thinking the entire period.

Then I had a lot of running and was left with 25 minutes to go the smoothie place with football friend, and we left with 15 minutes to go and got back 10 minutes late. We were ratted out, but coach did not care because he is just kind of awesome and happy as long as we do the exercises he tells us to do.

So I then went home and that is really it.

Life Putters and Wanders,


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