Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Bus to LA!

So I am currently on the bus to LA and it is 5:39 at the moment.

The Media teache3r has just started “The Bourne Identity”, and apparently he is putting French subtitles on lol, so one here speaks French. So yeah I have actually never seen the movie before, so I guess I will tell you how it is when it is over.

Well I guess I might as well start from the beginning of today. I woke up at 5:40 just because that is the way my body decided to be. I stayed down reading tweets and watching Futurama. At 6:40 I got up and finished packing. When I was I done I went downstairs and had breakfast and got ready for school.

So as usual my first lesson on a Friday is Spanish. We did a bunch of activities and then we got an Art History lesson. The lesson was really good, mainly because my Spanish teacher is one of the best History teachers I know. We learned about El Greeko, whose real name I forget, and his portrait of “The Death of St. (shit forget his name as well)” and the painting is just really great and awesome. The second was, shit I can’t remember his name either, ummm he did “The Ladies’ in Waiting” and it is okay not one of the best pictures I have ever seen.

So after that I went to the Media room to procrastinate for a good hour. Their best thing found was the new logo on Google; I played it so many times.

After tutorial worked on the3 final media project with my partner and we are almost done with a rough draft, after that all we have to do is edit it and create a bibliography for it.

Following that I had lunch with Kathryn, Bri, and Raven and we ju7st talked about random stuff when Ryan came in and got Kathryn pissed off, so that was a little annoying, but whatever she was just in an unhappy mood from what Ryan told her.

After that I had math which was not that fun, just long, but I did learn that my class is there weirdest class that my teacher teaches.

So after that I went to get some copies of the math homework so I can do it on the bus and went to get my luggage.

While waiting for the bus I learned that two of my ex-crushes are going on the trip. One has a girlfriend that is on the trip with us and I am not really too attracted to him anymore. The second is one that I still just cannot believe, he is just so cute and I cannot believe there is someone as cute as him and he seems really smart, also I instantly got a gay vibe from him, but I do not think that anything will happen from it because I have only talked to him once, but he has an amazing voice and personality. Okay enough of that.

So the bus came an hour late so it is not expected that we will get to the hotel at like 11 or 12.

So some weird things that happened while on the bus so far:

· A fellow lineman was dared to give me a lap dance, loll and it was one that I am kind of friends with, but still lol.

Well I will add to that as the ride continues, but for now this is it, of course there will be more later this is just the end of the current part of the post.

This is the second part of this post (which of course is one long post) so yeah I am writing this at a different time than the first part.

So yeah it is now 8:40, we just had a dinner stop for forty-five minutes, but before I get to that I have some things to add to the list.

· On the way we had a giant back up that lasted around 40 minutes. When we finally got to the end of the block we saw it. The first traffic block we saw what was that the police has pulled over these people with a car and were searching the trunk and these people had a shit load of surf and wake boards, so yeah we figured they did something quite legal. The second was that a sanitation truck flipped and there were feces everywhere and yeah it was kind of gross.

· Some people bought some condoms and are planning on filling them up and leaving them in public places, I mean gross, but mm, but lol

Okay now back to the post. Currently they have “Men in Black” playing, but I really do not care about that movie and find it kind of boring. Oh yeah so we kept driving until we reached a place to buy food. It had an In n Out, McDonalds, Jack in the Box, and a whole lot of gas stations.

So some people and I want to jack and had some good food…shit someone just saw my netbook, they did not read what I was writing, but they commented that I have Windows 7. Okay back to it, so we got some food, then we went to Starbucks where I got to tweet one tweet and get the tweets that I wanted to read. I then went to a gas station to get some more food to eat on the last 5 hours of the bus ride. What was awesome was that they also had Imported Monster which was awesome and delicious. But oh yeah so this guy I was with was told to buy condoms for his friend so he did and the friend bought them off of him for $2 more.

We then went back to the bus and finished “The Bourne Identity” which was good. I am now currently listening to “The Glee Club” which is a good Glee podcast is cool.

Well I think I will post one last time before we stop or when we get to the hotel, so this will be just a bit longer. Talk to you when I decide to (even though you will just keep reading).

It is now 12:15 and I am in the hotel room. We have wifi! So the end of the ride here was greatish. I decided to watch the rest of “Men in Black” because that really is the best part.

After that I kind of felt lonely and really wanted to hold and be held by someone. I eventually got over it by listening to Black Kids. They are an awesome band that everyone should listen to, in my opinion.

When we got to the hotel we had top wait on the bus for our room keys. Once we got those we went to the room and leanred that there are only two beds, so we are going to alternate who is on the floor and who is in a bed. I think my roommates are cool even though I cannot understand one and the other a few of you have seen in a video I posted of me and him for our Spanish project a month ago.

So I should be getting to bed, we have to get on the bus for Universal Studios at 9 A.M.

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. This is so interesting to read! Thanks for taking the time to write it. I hope you have a really awesome time on your trip. I'm looking forward to hearing all the details. I hope you find a way to get and give some hugs.

  2. Umm Black Kids FTW! *rushes to turn on some Black Kids* (wow that could be read wrong).

    Thats another reason I love Black Kids -- so many great opportunities for double entendre :p :p

    Unfortunately I missed all of their shows when they did the Partie Traumatic tour, but they should be coming around soon hopefully!

    Your trip sounds fun-- and the lap dance? does that just confirm that everyone kinda knows your gay? Thats not a bad thing at all :p

    Have fun!



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