Friday, May 14, 2010


Wow I had to do some random shit to get word to start working again. Okay well overall today was good with one big dip happening in the middle of the day that was my fault and I wanted it to happen even though it hurt someone.

So today started off with my alarm working (yay 3 days in a row). So got up and went to school where I talked to Nic a bit on my iPod Touch during Spanish. I then had a mandatory meeting for this LA trip I am taking with my media class, which reminds me that I should upload four pictures to my iTouch so I can blog while there if I get wifi. But yeah I have the smallest all sophomore room, so I am happy and the roommates are cool. We are getting tours of Universal Studios and taking a workshop there and Fox Studios. We are also going to a resuraunt where Broadway actors are waiters and opera singers are waitresses. So yeah I cannot wait until next week.

I then worked on my final project and got the notes on how to do fair games.

I then met with Kathryn during lunch with Bri and Kat’s cheer friend, we then went to the field where I did my homework and studied a bit for a test I had right after lunch. I then lay down with them for a time and had fun just relaxing.

I then took the math test and I think I did well.

I then got a ride home from Kathryn.

Then for dinner I was told to make some hamburgers so I decided to make some fries because he had some potatoes and those went well, then I made the patties. By then it was 6:45 and I was like okay dad is not going to get home any time soon so I might as well go AND MAKE THE BURGERS ON MY OWN, YEAH THAT WAS A BAD IDEA. (I hate caps lock)

So I went and grilled the burgers and disaster, two of the patties lost half of their meat because they fell into the BBQ and I was like fuck it, so I put them together, so I then made some hot dogs my family had left and had dinner. After dinner we watched the rest of last week’s SNL that was the best of the season with Betty White being absolutely amazing! Then I watched Real Time with Bill Maher which was good tonight. So that is it for me now, okay ttyl.

Life Putters and Wanders,


P.S. I almost forgot, I want to thank gayboi so much for sending m all of those awesome pictures!

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