Monday, May 10, 2010

Not My Greatest Day

Well today started off terribly, and it went like that for the first part of today.

So I woke up with 13 minutes till school started so I rushed and got breakfast and got everything ready and left right in time to get to school.

I took the usual Science quiz and passed. Then for English we got our tests back and I got an 89% so I was happy…THEN I got my giant essay back and yeah that did not go well, I got a 79% on it, that essay is worth (currently) 30% of my grade, so it went from a 93 to an 88, so yeah I was pissed.

Then had History and learned I forgot to bring a HW assignment, then we learned about how Russia ended the Soviet Union.

Spanish had a quiz and did well, Media worked on my final project, Math got two worksheets to work on.

Then it started raining so weightlifting was postponed half an hour so I walked to the smoothie place and got a smoothie and got back right on time.

So I walked home and talked to one of to one of the newer members of this years football team, and it was a good conversation. So I got home and worked on homework until istory a7, had dinner, did more HW, then watched Chuck, did a little more HW, and then I watched the Pilot of the American QAF, but I was kind of annoyed that since it was almost a carbon copy of the UK pilot Russel T. Davies did not get any writers credit, even though he is not a writer on the show, but it did use A LOT of his dialogue.

Well that is it,

Life Putters and Wanders,


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