Sunday, May 23, 2010


Fuck I have a lot to talk about and I really want to write this quickly.

So I did not fall asleep until 2:30 last night. I then woke up a 4 for 45 minutes and 6 and 6:45.

I was the first to shower this morning and I was really tired. My room then went down to have a mediocre breakfast from the hotel. After breakfast we left for Universal Studios at 9. We then got there at 10 and my group rushed to get to the Mummy Return ride, which I have never been on. We had to wait in a giant clump at the very top of the escalators that lead down. After a 10 minute wait we ran all the way down the escalators, which is crazy hard when you get to the end of a long escalator because you start to get a little dizzy and the 90 degree angle turns into a 110 degree angle from the look of it so I was like fucked up near the end and I had to feel that way 4 times. But it all paid of and we were like the third group to ride it, and there was so little of a line that we quickly ran around the building and only had to wait for one ride to go before we got back on.

After that we did the Jurassic Park ride and only had to wait for three rafts to go before we went, It was fun, not a scary or long as remember it, but it was fun, also the fall was not great.

So while there we had to work on an assignment for school where we had to take pictures of Signs of the Times so I took both pictures of clocks and LA stuff. So while in the part I started the assignment by taking a few pictures.

So after taking a few pictures I went on the Simpson’s Ride and it was the general consensus of the group I was with that it is the best ride at universal Studios. We then took the tour which was really fun and I have a few videos of it I will post on Twitter.

After the ride we went and took a class which was fun-ish.

Following that we left for Miceli’s and we had some pizza, which was really good and the waiters and waitresses are great singers, one was just so hot, like just great looking, and I have a video of him I will put up here, if it wll work. The set list for the dinner was:

Random Opera Song-Waitress

Seasons of Love-all waiters and waitresses

Somewhere Over the Rainbow-waitress

Hopelessly devoted to you-waitress, I got a great video of it also she touched my arm

Got to Find My Corner (I think)-old waiter

Use What You Got (I think)-hawt cute waiter

After that we went back to Universal for a few more hours where I played air hockey with someone in another group. In the second game against him I was behind 1-6, I then came back to get the score to 6-6. Then my opponent had the puck and did something really stupid and shot the puck right out of the rink. So I went and got the puck, syched him out, and scored the winning goal, so I was syked that I had actually one.

So we then had to leave and on the way I saw a sign that said tour dates and I saw Glee was May 20-22, so I tortured my group to know what day it was, and of course it was the 22 so if I was not playing air hockey I could have seem Lea, Jenna, Chris, Harry, Mark, Dianne, HeMo, Corey, Dijon, and Lauren (Vocal Adrenalin person, ex-SYTYCD contestant).

So we now are back at the hotel and I am sleeping on the floor tonight, so I am going to get to that now.

Life Putters and Wanders,



  1. you have sooooo much fun in ur life. u do things that i can only dream about. I'm happy for you, but sad for me.

  2. Sounds like a fun day, sans the regret of missing Glee :-)


  3. Nice post, enjoyed reading it. Thanks.


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