Thursday, May 20, 2010

There Better Be WiFi When I Get to LA

Today was a really long day.

So I woke up on at the normal time needing another hour of sleep, but no such luck.

I went to school and forgot to take my phone. The first thing I did was take a giant Science test which I think I did will on, I had better have gotten an A- on it. I then learned that I will be missing the first day of a two day pig dissection lab because of the LA trip, which I will get to later.

I then had English where we talked about different situations that involve cultures conflicting and stuff. At the end of the class we got back the two essays that we wrote that all of the English teachers graded. I got Approaching proficient for the first one which I wrote in the Fall Semester and Proficient for the one I wrote a few weeks ago. The thing was that I did not really give a shit about the grades, what I really wanted to see was whether they said that my handwriting is worse than a two year old using their teeth (because usually it is, I think I have what is called, the handwriting of a doctor), and I was amazed to see that the box for illegible was not checked, so I was actually really happy when that period ended.

Time to pack; I will continue this after I shower.

Okay back. So I then have History where we learned about the craziness of India v. Pakistan and went through a short history of each country. After that we started Afghanistan and learned about Charlie Wilson and how he helped the Muhajideens win.

After that I went to the library to do some math homework for an hour until football started, after that we practiced for around an hour and a half, then we ran 500 yards, and we then went up and weight lifted.

I went home, did laundry and I am now watching QAF getting ready for bed.

So now the LA trip. I am leaving tomorrow right after school at 3. When we get there have no idea when I will find wifi to publish the blog posts I will make while there, and yes I AM going to make posts every night, but yeah I just do not know when I will be posting them, so there might be a bulge of them on one day, but I am not going to break my record of 93 days I think at the moment. So yeah expect me to post while I am there, but only if I have wifi.

Well I guess I should have a farewell jack off, so good night.

Life Putters and Wanders,


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  1. I hope you have a great trip. I will be watching for your posts from there if you are able to make them.


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