Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tired and can't think of a title

Okay I am WAY happier now, except for the part that I am congested again.

I am really happy that school has been easy lately because well I have absolutely no idea why, lol.

Okay wow I have a lot of stuff to not talk about because I have nothing.

God my life is boring, sorry, I really try and keep it simple because as you saw when it got complicated, I went into a depression, so clearly what I have been doing has helped.

Well if anyone wants a great band to listen to I recommend She & Him because Zooey Deschanel is awesome and their music is just SO great.

On random news my dad read a fortune cookie and it said something like “Buy someone special a loving present” and he said well we should get HMG a prostitute, and to fain my straightness I said YES!!! And my Mom like glaring at my dad after that so that was the real highlight of my day.

Life Putters and Wanders,


  1. No one said it had to be a *Female* prostitute... :P

  2. nothing is good, sometimes, especially if things are going well... On the hooker front, yeah, I guess that's kind of funny, although those kinds of statements from Dad assume a lot, don't they?? At least he's not driving around with you, asking what you think about some 'hot chick' that you go by like my dad did.... Oh well, have a good day in school, and enjoy the momentum shift!! luv, tman<3


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